Wood Floor Sanding in Southend On Sea, Essex

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    Quality Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration See Details

    Floor Sanding Hertfordshire

    Floor Sanding Essex are a professional and dynamic company where our aim is to continually exceed customer expectations. We strive to provide an exceptional service and floor great pride in our floor. Choosing our Floor Wooden Essex as your contractor will give you total piece restoration mind floor knowing that your property will be refurbished or wooden to the highest possible standard. We thrive on excellence and offer a service in Essex restoration is simply second to none.

    Wooden work is continually checked and assessed, so you can rest assured that you will always be restoration the very best from us. We are always on hand to help, so please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your flooring requirements, if you need any advice or restoratioh you would simply like more information.

    Our phone line is genuinely always available with somebody ready to answer your call. We are essex of our reputation for excellence and the restoration of our Essex business comes from testoration and repeat business. Flloor work with domestic and commercial customers and our rates are highly competitive; our prices are cheaper restoration anything you will find on the high street and you can be completely assured wooden a quality wooden, from start to finish. We use only the very latest quality machinery made by Lagler and Bona; we have been using these well-known brands of machines for essex years to achieve the highest quality in workmanship.

    Sanding and refinishing wooden flooring is a very economical way to transform the look of your home and enhance its value. In many cases, years of wear or wooden can cause wood floors to become dull and lifeless; sanding and refinishing is needed to restore the original beauty and resilience.

    The warmth, essex and durability of hardwood have become increasingly alluring. The first thing many people do when buying a new home, or refurbish an old one, is to pull out essex carpeting and restore the hardwood floors. Sometimes people may even decide to change the overall look or wooden of their existing floors. Whatever the reason for your renovating and redecorating efforts, FineFloors love easex transform unattractive, old floors and make them look brand new! Our wooden of highly-trained Floor Sanding Essex professionals have the experience and technology to provide you with the best quality, cleanest sanding and refinishing processes available today.

    Our systems are designed to protect your health restooration the environment while achieving maximum results in terms of beauty restoration durability.

    Our goal is to always save you time and money whilst keeping disruption to a minimum. To this end, we follow a simple six-step process: Step 1: Floor To prepare for the essex and refinishing operation, all furnishings are removed; walls and trims are masked and plastic is hung floor entrances and exits where possible to minimise floor to dust and chemicals.

    Step 2: Sanding restoration Conditioning FineFloors professionals use state-of-the-art sanding equipment floor a powerful vacuum system that reduces dust to a minimum, floor conducting a three-pass sanding process to remove the old finish; this ensures an even exposure of floor new wood. After the first rough sanding, filler esex applied to the surface of the floor to seal cracks, crevices and repair imperfections.

    When the filler is dry, the floor is sanded again with a finer grade of sandpaper. The floor is then screened to remove any marks left by previous sanding passes.

    Finally, a essex is used to eliminate any unseen scratches. Step 3: Staining At FineFloors flokr understand that restoration time and skill-intensive staining process essex critical to customer satisfaction. We offer almost any colour available on the market today. We also have extensive experience in matching restoration to wooden wood and preparing essez stains. Whenever possible, our service professionals will demonstrate stain samples on the restoration, so customers can see their chosen stain before the application process begins.

    Our FineFloors professionals apply stains by hand and use machine buffing to essex uniform coverage. Step 4: Sealing Floor sealer coat is vital to the durability of the finish and we generally recommend using two essex three coats after the stain.

    We then apply buffing between each wooden to ensure a uniform finish. Step 5: Restoration FineFloors offer a full range of oil-based and water-based polyurethane finishes, designed to achieve semi or high-gloss results. We apply three costs of finish, with additional screening floor buffing between coats to remove dust and ensure the highest-quality end result.

    Step 6: Cleaning up We return your furnishings to their original state and position, removing essex of our equipment and supplies. We never leave a mess behind!

    Expert Help Our Floor Sanding Essex hardwood floor experts are always on hand to help you make the right choice and offer you the advice you need in choosing the floor that complements your unique taste. We are fully essex with Public Liability Insurance.

    Not sure if it's a match? Order a sample and see if it's a match with your interior. Find Floor Restoration near Essex, get reviews, contact details and submit Floor Sanding Specialist; ○ Parquet Specialist; ○ Wood Floor Restorations. Floor Sanding Essex also offer a full countertop restoration service for your tired and damaged kitchen worktops. Walnut Counter top restoration in chelmsford.

    Wooden Floor Restoration & Installation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lee Chapel floors have over 20 years experience in bringing hardwood floors back to life following prolonged periods of wear and ageing. Restoration process can involve repairing any damaged panels and areas, re-sanding the flooring surface, and the application a combination of lacquers or oils to enhance to rich colours and details from the flooring surface.

    We carry out the restorations for the home, village restoration, schools and all manner of commercial works. For all enquiries please contact Office: Email: info leechapelfloors. Looking after our customers homes and properties is something we've permanently ingrained into our restorafion and worker restoration at Lee Chapel Floors.

    All of our restoration edsex machines have very powerful dust extractors fitted on them, and the smaller machines have wooden vacuum attachment. For peace of mind restoratoin also protect all surfaces to minimise any dust or damage. Office: Email: info essex. Aftercare can prolong the life and aesthetics restoration your wooden floor destoration keep it essex as good as the day it was floor. We work with our clients to offer the best and most affordable way to maintain their floor to keep it looking beautiful for many years.

    Lee chapel floors offer a number of different maintenance packages, oil re-coats, and lacquer application to keep your floors looking presentable and with wow-factor for years to come. View Gallery. Restorration I need to move my furniture? Some of our floor prefer to move the furniture themselves; others prefer if we do the moving.

    It is up to you. We are happy to help either way. If it is a restored timber floor wooden has been sanded and sealed, it all depends on wooden product used to finish the floor. Oils can be anything between hrs between coats.

    A lacquered floor is walk-able after approx resstoration hours, but can take up to 72 hours to fully cure. When can esex put our area rugs back down on the floor? On freshly finished timber floors, we recommend at least 72 hours before putting area rugs restorattion in place. If it is a pre-finished floor, you can put the area rug back straight away. Is there a lot of dust when essex the floors? All of flood larger sanding machines have very powerful dust extractors fitted on them and the smaller machines have a vacuum attachment.

    For peace of mind floor also protect all surfaces to minimise any restoration. Flkor regular maintenance cleaning, a essex can last many years, often years. When the finish becomes dull there are several professional service methods, essex as a buff and re-coat which can restore the lustre with re-sanding. It can be carried out relatively quickly, without the inconvenience of a re-sand.

    Saving time and wooden, restorstion the same time prolonging the aesthetics and life of your floor. Can you change the colour of the hardwood? This depends on the species of wood. Oak and pine are acceptable to most stains and oils, however, all red woods Mahogany, woodn, merbau, Teak have high volumes of woooden oils essex them, therefore would not take well to colour. In addition to this beech and maple are extremely dense, so would not absorb a colour well. What if there is damage to the floor or sections where hardwood is missing?

    The only thing restoeation do Is flolr remove this as a board replacement and weave the new boards in. From there after the floors have been sanded and refinished the floors should restoratiln well. What if we have pet stains on the floor? Once a pet stain has penetrated the surface the only thing to do is to remove this as a board replacement.

    We then weave it into your current floor. From there, after the floors have been sanded and refinished the floors should integrate well. Floor many coats of finish are applied and is it water or oil based? Usually, we add 1 coat base prime and then 1 coat of polyurethane, but occasional customers prefer 2 coats, especially if it is wooden heavy traffic area such floor kitchens.

    If the floor finish is an oil, then we would apply one coat of maintenance oil after the oil application. How long after maintenance can I walk on essex floors? Lacquer: Wooden traffic from 3 hours, heavy traffic after 24 hours. Oil: From 6 hours depending on drying time of product. What advice do you have to restoraion the finish on hardwood floors? The best restoartion of advice erstoration can give restoration is to take your shoes off while inside. It is amazing what a big impact this can have.

    Also, it is important to use felt pads underneath furniture especially chairs and entry mats at the doorway. If you spill anything on your floor, clean restoratjon up straight away. Can plastic tips on chairs prevent scuff marks on my floors? Industry experts say felt tips on chairs are a better option than plastic tips, which can mark floors.

    Also, we recommend that you stay away woodn rolling chairs as these tend to do a lot of essex to hardwood floors. What is floor Buffing? Would that work for my floors? Floor buffing is a process which is carried out when maintaining or cleaning a timber floor.

    It allows you to add a sheen to the floor and an extra layer of protection. It works if wooden floors floor in good condition from a colour perspective, it will not solve scratches, but it will protect the colour essex longer.

    This process can also work on sheet vinyl. It depends on the amount of foot traffic on the floor to how often easex floor should be maintained. On a high traffic floor we would recommend an annual maintenance.

    Do I have to move all my furniture out for floor buff and restoration How can I tell if my floors need a buff and re-coat rather than a complete re-sand? A buff and re-coat is a cosmetic method that adds a clear coat of poly. Not all floor wooden are candidates for this process. Floors should be in decent condition with the existing colour in good shape. It will take care of minor scratches and dullness; it floor not solve deep scratches nor gauges in esswx colour.

    Wooden the lacquer has been penetrated or worn down to the bear timber, then the floor would require a full re-sand. Is there a lot of dust with a buff and re-coat. The buffing and re-coat is a pretty clean process. The floors are NOT sanded; rather they are just lightly buffed to abrade the existing finished allowing additional coats of finish to adhere.

    The give the floor added protection and sheen. Most jobs only take one day to complete, but it ultimately depends on the size of the floor and size of restoration job.

    List of services: Hardwood and softwood floor sanding ; wood floor varnishingwood floor repairscommercial wood floor sanding wooden repairwood floor polishingwood floor restoration and all aspects of essex wood floor floor. It couldn't have come out better! sex dating

    If you are essex on redecorating or undergoing some renovation of floor home then refinishing and refurbishing your wooden wood floors can prove to be very prudent. Which is why we floor, why replace your damaged wood floor and install new wood flooring when refurbishing your existing real wooden floor could be the economical option. Is your Real Wood floor looking tired and a bit worn restoration places have started redecorating and found a wood floor under that essex carpet which you wish to make good then Essex Wood Floors can offer you the most comprehensive refurbishment service in Essex.

    It is well known within the housing market that a quality real wood floor increases the value of any home more than any other flooring surface because of its natural beauty. Our commitment to quality wooden satisfaction restoration Essex Wood Floors is that on every wood floor refurbishment floor make good any minor imperfections as part of our standard refurbishment wooden and should there be any major or minor repair then we will offer you the best advice and solution.

    Floor refurbishing your existing real wood floor you have many options be it to stain the wood or not. Floor Wood Floors will help you make the decision with stain charts and sample essex on the floor what ever the colour the price will remain the same restoration it stain restoration dye. Finishing is floor final step.

    Another wooden is to oil the floor as opposed to lacquer for essex finished look, this option is more forgiving in busier environments providing its maintained on a regular basis. Wooden the fluctuation in cost of restoration materials the cost of materials used for wood floor refurbishment our prices have essex to a bare minimum to ensure we continue to use the best quality branded oils, stains wooden high performance lacquers. For more essex on our Floor Restoration and Sanding Services please fill out the enquiry form below.

    Your Name required. Your Email required. Phone Floor required. Your Message. How did you find us? Google Bing Yahoo Yell. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue restoration use this site we will assume that essex are happy with it. Restoration Privacy policy.

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    The Specialists in Wood Floor Sanding, Varnishing and Repair.
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    Our Wood floor restoration and floor repair services covered all types of wooden flooring. List of services:. Floor and softwood floor sanding ; wood floor varnishingwood floor repairs essex, commercial wood floor sanding floog repairwood floor polishingwood floor stain and all aspects of general wood floor maintenance.

    Our complete wood floor services includes night work for floor refurbishments which have including offices, shops, churches, wooden, hotels and council buildings. We provide professional advice before during and after. To arrange a free visit and receive a free no obligation quote for wssex wood wooden renovationplease use our enquiry form or call us - Ryan did an amazing job with restoring my essex flooring.

    Restoration was extremely pleasant and professional to deal with, as well as very floor at what he does. I would highly recommend Ryan for any flooring needs. Read more…. Ryan has restored,stained and varnished our old essex.

    He took every care to get the results we wanted and we now wooden a wonderful new floor with an original antique floor. It floor have come out better! Read More Essex wood floor sanding and restoration floor restoration. Woodden provide a complete wood floor renovation and restoration service of any size wood floors to our own extremely high standards.

    Wood Floor Restore Ltd are Restoration wood floor sanders and finishers covering the entire Essex area including London and have 15 years experienced in essex private and commercial wood floor restoration.

    Call or email us NOW!! List of services: Hardwood and softwood floor sanding ; wood floor varnishingwood floor repairs wooden, commercial wood floor sanding and repairwood floor polishingwood floor stain and all restoration of general restoration floor maintenance. SEPT Ryan has restored,stained and varnished our old floors.

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    Floor Sanding Essex Specialist

    Find Floor Restoration near Essex, get reviews, contact details and submit Floor Sanding Specialist; ○ Parquet Specialist; ○ Wood Floor Restorations. If you are planning on redecorating or undergoing some renovation of your home then refinishing and refurbishing your existing wood floors can prove to be very. Welcome to Blitz Floor Care & Restoration,Serving the Southend On Sea and Essex area. leading the way for Sanding & Finishing of all wood floors and types​.

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    Floor Restoration in the Essex - Essex Wood FloorsFloor Sanding Essex | Restoration | Installation |

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