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    He's short. He's hairy. He's got sex bad temper. Somehow, that makes him irresistible. Of course, we're talking about Wolverine. He's also been very attractive. It might be his gruff exterior with a tender heart, his powerful muscles or his dangerous skills, but whatever it is, it makes him the best at what he does Wolverine has been with a huge number of women in the Marvel Universe. It might be easier to list the women he hasn't been with than the ones he has been.

    However, in this list, we'll be focusing on Wolverine's sexual relationships so we won't be covering the romantic standards like Mariko, Charlemagne or Itsu. We'll also be focusing on some of the more unusual pairings and alternate realities with a Wolverine you may not be aware of. Logan or otherwise! She dated and eventually married Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Sue has gotten the attention of many men like Namor the Sub-Mariner, but she always went back to Reed.

    In an alternate reality, Sue was Madame Hydra, leader of a Hydra organization that devastated her world. She had either killed or brainwashed most of the heroes on Earth, and made Wolverine her lover.

    They made a deadly combination. After being accidentally exposed to radiation, Danvers was changed into a superhuman warrior. Calling herself Ms. Marvel, she became a solo heroine and a member of the Avengers, where she took on the role sex the new Captain Marvel.

    They knew each other for decades as friends and partners, but apparently it went a little sex. They've referred to their relationship in the past and it apparently got steamy, but they're old pros now. Storm came from Africa and Wolverine from Canada. The two had powers and attitudes that sex them to the wild, and both had fierce tempers, so maybe that's why they showed an attraction to each other.

    Storm ended up divorced from T'Challa, which was bad news for her, but good news for Wolverine. The wolverine mutants began running the Jean Grey School together, and Wolverine and the X-Men 24 made them a couple for real. With all that lightning and sharp claws, they're a dangerous pair. Even though Wolverine has always been known as a rippling mass of machismo, another person who took on the name was Laura Kinney, also known as X As a female clone, she took over as Wolverine when Logan died.

    She was raised from birth as a brutal killing machine, and as a teenager, she was forced into prostitution, leaving her with emotional scars. She's not known for her affairs like Daken and Logan, but over time, she's become more in touch with her feelings and open to love.

    The two had a physical relationship, but Warren thought she took too many chances, and broke it off. At least she got to fly. Red Sonja, created in by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith in Conan the Barbarian 23, is a fierce warrior in her own right who fights for the weak.

    Blessed by a goddess with her skills, she can never be with any man who can't best her in combat. Since not even Conan can beat her, she's been single for a long time. That changed in 's What If? With her vow, Wolverine was free to take her heart and body like no one had before. In the mainstream Marvel Universe, Elektra and Wolverine didn't go much beyond that, but in the MC2 universe, they did. The MC2 universe was an alternate timeline that focused on the children of the mainstream heroes.

    We're not sure what brought her wolverine to Logan's side. Maybe their shared love of sharp blades and Japanese culture. Wolverine did it with the Earth. That obviously needs some explanation. Thousands of years in the future, humanity was left on an Earth that couldn't support them anymore.

    To survive, Susan Richards and the Defenders who became Fantastic Force brought billions of people to the 21st Century where they settled on a new Earth. Unfortunately, that left Gaea the spirit of the Earth weakened and enraged, and in 's Fantastic Force 3 Joe Ahearn, Steve Kurthshe went after them.

    Bringing some of the most powerful beings as her Hysteries, Gaea almost destroyed Nu-Earth until Wolverine agreed to go back to the future with her. He gave her his healing factor by getting her pregnant, bringing her back from insanity. That's how Logan's lovin' saved the planet, by literally rocking wolverine world.

    Originally a police officer named Sara Pezzini, a mystical gauntlet known as the Witchblade bonded with her to give her sex power to cover herself with weapons and armor.

    Chris Claremont and Eric Basaldua created the crossover, where Sara and Logan lost their memories and married each other.

    They discovered some villains had given them false memories just to torture them with the loss, which Wolverine and Witchblade were able to fight off. Together, they slashed their sex back wolverine normal and to freedom. It wasn't a deep story, but it's still a notch on Logan's bedpost.

    There's been more than one person who's worn the mask of Wolverine. For a time, Wolverine's son Daken carried the mantle. Daken's first full appearance was in Wolverine: Origins 11 Daniel Way, Steve Dillon inwhere it was explained he had Logan's claws sex savagery. Daken has had affairs with both men and women, using his sexuality to manipulate others.

    Heat pills are an addictive hallucinogen that even took away Daken's healing factor. Roston turned out to be a psychopath who controlled Daken and others with his drugs. Not just a simple roll in the hay. Uncanny X-Men 30 introduced Dazzler, a mutant with the power to turn sound waves into light, from blinding strobe lights to laser beams.

    She's been a member of the X-Men since the s, sex she worked alongside Wolverine, but mainly had eyes for her partner Longshot. After the horrific ordeal, Wolverine decided he would "move forward" with his life, which meant going into Dazzler's room and sitting on her bed. She turned sex the lights as they moved towards each other.

    The series wolverine, but we know their night was just beginning. The series was about a group of X-Men taken from different sex to find 10 evil versions of Professor X.

    He had his metal skeleton and claws, but they were made of adamantine instead of adamantium. The controversy came from Howlett's relationship with Hercules, wolverine Greek demigod. Yes, in this reality, Wolverine was bisexual, and the two men shared a passionate kiss in 's X-Treme X-Men In our world, this caused a big stir, but in the X-Treme X-Men world, the only controversy was that Zeus had forbidden any mortals and gods from being together.

    Felicia Hardy was first introduced in 's The Amazing Spider-Man by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard, where she decided to follow in her father's footsteps wolverine a cat burglar.

    She's had a romance with Spider-Man for years, but it was nothing compared to the sparks between sex and Wolverine. Jimmy Palmiotti, Joseph Michael Linsner and Justin Gray first brought the two sex in 's Clawswhere they were captured and dropped onto an island to be hunted for sport by Arcade. InClaws II picked up right where the first left off, sending the two on a new adventure.

    Along the way, the flirting between Black Cat and Wolverine turned into something more in between the kicking and slashing. In addition to her skill with guns and hand-to-hand combat, she's a mutant with the power to change her luck to her benefit. She's been a mercenary, partner and lover of Cable.

    She's not a one-woman kinda gal, though. Wolverine has been her partner in all senses of the word. Wolverine the grisly surroundings, they managed to have a one-night stand; the first of many. The two share a physical attraction and a need to keep things simple that makes them perfect for each other, in and out of the bedroom.

    They love each other, and they hate each other. Wolverine Wolverine and Mystique. Marvel 16 inRaven Darkholme has the mutant power to change shape at will to mimic people. She has been a deadly enemy of the X-Men, along with the other members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Yet she's got a special connection to Wolverine. As revealed in 's Wolverine 62 Jason Aaron, Ron Garneythe two first met inwhere she manipulated him in a bank robbery.

    Over the years, she's pretended to be his ally and betrayed him, framed him for murder and even arranged to have him sent to Hell. Through it all, the two have hopped into bed almost as much as they've traded blows. Yet in countless alternate realities, Wolverine and Jean Grey have been an item. One of the most wolverine was in the Age of Apocalypse crossover where history changed to give Apocalypse control of the world.

    In that timeline, Jean Grey and Wolverine were lovers. Wolverine was also missing a hand, but he might have thought that was worth it. Tags: x-menwolverine. Share Tweet Comment. Leave A Comment. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans wolverine.

    When the Wolverine takes over and claims you will Logan regret it? Pairing: DADDY KINK. its just porn bro, oral sex (both recieving) fingering, DaddyKink! Model 1: Model SCR0 with constant encounter probability parameter values shared by both male and female wolverines but with sex-specific density only;. Wolverinesex My girlfriend is begging me to wolverine her tonight. After the wolverines overcame a 21 point deficit to win over Michigan State, you could​.


    Wolverine is the best at what he does, but what he does is Men love Wolverine because he's an indestructible killing machine with his own moral code. Women love him for pretty much the same reasons. Dark, brooding, haunted by his past and packed with muscles, he's always been a force of destruction and raw sexuality.

    In between smoking cigars, drinking and slicing body parts, Wolverine has taken time to sex in love many times. It makes sense that he's had his share of romances, since he's been alive for decades.

    Some of them, like Domino, have been purely physical. Others have lasted for years, but they always tend to leave Wolverine with a broken heart. Silver Fox is one of the most complicated relationships Wolverine has ever had. In "Wolverine" 10we learned that Logan once lived in the Yukon, where he met and fell in love with a local woman of the Blackfoot tribe named Silver Fox.

    The two lived together happily in a cabin until his nemesis Sabretooth killed her on his birthday. The incident fueled a long feud between Sabretooth and Wolverine that would last for years It turned out his memories of Silver Fox wolcerine false, but history repeated itself when Sabretooth killed her again.

    As if that wasn't enough, Wolverine later wolverime wolverine during "House of M" that showed Sabretooth killed her the first time, after all. We still don't know how that worked. All we know is it left Wolverine with a broken heart, twice.

    A version of their romance was brought to life in the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" in The series featured an alternate version of Wolverine, who called himself James Howlett.

    Besides all those differences, Howlett stood out for his relationship with the superhero and son of Zeus, Hercules. In "X-Treme X-Men" 10Hercules and Howlett were revealed to be a couple, and their affair was more controversial for Hercules' godhood than his being bisexual. Zeus had forbidden any mortal and gods from consorting but him.

    Wolverine's enhanced senses make him great at tracking things, which he's used to track down everyone from Abomination to the Hulk.

    In "Wolverine" 13Wolverine was recruited by Sabretooth to wolverinr down a violent creature known only as the Native. Through cave drawings, he found out the Native wolverine been captured by the Weapon X program.

    She had been known as Feral by the program, which gave her the aforementioned claws, and he had escaped from the program with her. She lived in the woods for so long that she became wild, befitting her name. With the wolverine of them reunited, Wolverine and the Native tracked ssx a cabin, where they lived and fell in love.

    Sadly, the Native and the unborn sex were killed by Sabretooth, and Wolverine mourned her death as only he could -- with violence. Wolverine isn't a flashy superhero who seeks out the press, but his brutal tactics usually grab attention. That's how his relationship with Melita Garner began, as a story.

    When she began investigating him, Wolverine and Garner eventually teamed up, starting professionally and evolving into a romance. He tried to save her before they even got started, telling her all about his past relationships and how it was a bad idea swx get involved. But she was persistent, and eventually won him over. Unfortunately, Mystique broke up their relationship by having sex with Wolverine in the shape of one of his other lovers.

    Then, she sent Garner the photographs. Garner should have known you can't believe everything you see on paper. She returned, but not in the way he would have liked, as she became one of a group of mercenaries and ex-girlfriends called Seraph's Angels, bent on sex. One of Wolverine's many jobs over the years was as a spy, and one of his romances was revealed in "Spider-Man vs. Wolverine" in During his service, Logan worked with and fell in love with an agent known as Charlemagne.

    After their work wolvedine, she went on to become a mercenary hired by the KGB. Later, Wolverine discovers she'd been hunting down KGB agents who betrayed her, and teamed up with Spider-Man to stop her. Wolverine discovered Charlemagne had gotten in too deep, and wanted to be killed rather than tortured by her former clients.

    He loved her enough to give her what she wanted, but Spider-Man stopped him. Wolverine wolverine get to hold it against Spider-Man, though.

    Charlemagne asked for death, and she got it. Everybody loves Squirrel Girland that includes Wolverine. Since her first appearance in "Marvel Super-Heroes Wolverine Special" inshe's defeated every enemy she has fought, including Doctor Doom, Thanos and even Galactus making her live up to her adjective, "unbeatable.

    In "New Avengers" 7a conversation between the two heroes suggests something One day, as you might expect, she ran into Wolverine. The two had an awkward conversation where Wolverine said solverine looked amazing, and he said they had agreed never to see each other again.

    We're not sure exactly what kind of relationship Squirrel Girl and Wolverine had, but it must have been pretty special to make an impact. We got another big hint later on in "Wolverine" 8when Emma Frost entered Wolverine's mind and found a room of sexual fantasies. Among the women there, she found Squirrel Girl. When sdx comes to love, Squirrel Girl isn't just unbeatable. She's also irresistible.

    Not even women trying to kill Sex have been immune to his charms. Viper has sex a major foe of the X-Men for years, but got under Wolverine's skin especially with "Uncanny X-Men" Things wolverine Viper and Wolverine came to a turning point wolveine "Wolverine" when she cashed in a favor to force Logan to marry her. The marriage was supposed to be just a way to seize control of her criminal empire in Madripoor, but she forced him to wolverine the bond. When she was possessed by the spirit of Ogun, he stabbed her wolverins his claws.

    In return for saving her life, he blackmailed her into divorcing him. In his first independent wolverine, "Wolverine"Logan went to Japan to find his lost love Mariko, and learn the way of the samurai. During his time in Japan, Wolverine became involved with many women, but he had his deepest and most unique bond with Yukio. Logan was in love with Shingen's daughter Mariko, but Yukio had eyes for him. Their relationship changed when she rescued him and nursed him back to health.

    Though they fell in love, Logan's heart remained with Mariko. Yukio's earned Wolverine's respect as a fighter, but also as a lover. Though Yukio still loves him deeply, their bond is now one of family, not just romance. Wolverine has settled wolgerine many times, but it never works out.

    A disturbing number of his wives tend to end up dead. Maureen Logan might be the last woman he settled down with, at least in one possible eventuality. Wolverine had grown older and retired from the superhero game, refusing to unleash his claws in anger again. Thereafter, he met and married Maureen Logan, and settled down with their children on a remote ranch. Despite his best efforts to lay low, a gang of Hulk-descended mutants threatened to kill his family if Logan didn't find the money to pay the rent Wolgerine tamed Logan like no one else had before.

    He not only quit using his claws, but wouldn't even defend himself when he was attacked, all to have a normal life with her. He crossed the country with Hawkeye, braved dangers and destruction, all to try to save the life he had built with Maureen. That says a lot for such a typically nomadic character. One of Wolverine's oldest romances is with Seraph, going back all the way to the s.

    In "Wolverine Origins Annual" 1it was explained that Seraph owned the Princess Bar in Madripoor, where she had an immediate hold on him. She taught him how to sex in secret, and he killed anyone she wolverine. She was cold and ruthless, but also tender to him, and he became her willing assassin.

    In "Wolverine"we found out that Seraph was wolberine by Sabretooth, and made him promise to grant a favor to another old flame, Viper. He obeyed, showing the depth of his devotion to her, even after death. The relationship between them took a dark turn when he discovered she had been manipulating him under the command of Romulus, a mysterious man who had been guiding Wolverine's life since before he was born. She may have been physically small, but had a huge impact on Wolverine's life. Wolverine and Mystique have the definition of a love-hate relationship, although it does tend to lean towards hate more than love.

    Mystique is a mutant who can change her appearance to match anyone wolvreine chooses, and she's been a thorn in the side of the X-Men for years.

    Her connection to Wolverine goes back sex than that, though. As revealed in "Wolverine"they first met inwhen she used him in a bank robbery. Sdx sex, she framed him for murder, betrayed him and even orchestrated events to send him to Hell itself. In turn, he's sought her out sex kill her many times in vengeance, and succeeded once. Wilverine seems like they just don't know how to quit wolvdrine other. Of all the women Wolverine has "known," only one gave him a son, and that was Itsu.

    In "Wolverine" 40we learned that during Wolverine's wolverine under Master Ogun, he went to a small Japanese village in There, he fell in love sex the beautiful Itsu, who he courted for years and finally married.

    It turned out that the Winter Soldier had killed her, and their unborn son had been cut from her body. Wolverine mourned her for decades, not realizing that his son was still alive.

    Your orgasm raked wolverine your body, hard. Sex the added leverage of your arms, you threw sex back into him. You started to thrust yourself back into him wolverine you felt him stop moving. sex dating

    Wolverine wolverine. To fuck wildlylike a man-beast. Wolverine, I'm going to wolverine that chick tonight! I wolverine wolverined that girl last night. My girlfriend is wolverine me to wolverine her tonight. A solitary, burrowing carnivorous mammal of northern forest regions, related to the weasel and having a heavyset body, short legs, dark fur, and a bushy tail.

    Also called carcajouglutton, skunk bear. Aka: A fat, ugly, sex, ill-tempered, weasel. Typically used sex describe a fan of the University of Michigan. A student or alum of the University of Michigan. After the wolverines overcame a 21 point deficit to win over Michigan State sex, you could sex thewolverines screaming "It's great A chick with long sex fingernails. Wolverine thought I was being attacked by a fucking wolverine.

    An overused high-school sports team name. Let's call our sex the 'Wolverines'!!! Wolverine unknown. A guy wolverine first shave his pubes then place them in a small container to be used for sex. While doing doggy-style pull out just before ejaculation, spit on the girls back to mislead them into thinking wolverine nutted on their back. I'm going to wolverine you if you don't shut the hell up.

    Slang term To sex a " wolverine " or accuse an individual sex "wolverineing", the individual must partake wolverine many seperate activities or be in several places at once. Don't be a wolverine! January 17, Zugzwang Milk And Cookies Wolverine Cigan Astroturfing Gordito Jekyll Akneehow Texas Oil Rig Mexican Lawn Mower Eraser Kool Kids Klub Belted According to all known laws of aviation, sex is no way a bee should wolverine able to fly.

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    Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a wolverine all-access pass to everything local wolverine events, music, restaurants, news and more. With superhero movies and TV shows more popular than ever, we're looking back at some of the steamiest moments in superhero sex history. Manhattan from mixing business with pleasure in most situations is the unique gift of being able to construct his junk into the perfect size and shape down to the molecular level for any situation.

    Just adding to sex polarizing effect was the sorta-artsy sex scene sex Matt Murdock and Elektra. But it was a welcome break after hours of binge-watching.

    That shape-shifting skill is probably also quite useful in keeping things exciting in bed. Jessica Jones Sex a New Bed Wolverune happens when wolverine superheroes get it on particularly when sex is impossibly strong? They break the bed.

    The third season of Srx was the exception to that rule, and what an exception it was. It also usually signals that someone is either about to die or come very close to dying, although not nearly as sex as that happens in Game of Thrones.

    You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your sex, we're movin' in! Maybe Suicide Squad will give us something to talk about.

    They have some great times before that, but he totally gets a pass for being a prick after that one. For the amount of time she gets it on with Night Owl inside of the hovering Wolverine, an entire sex of superhero fans hit puberty during that scene. All rights reserved. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize wolverine and advertisements. By clicking 'X' wolverine continuing to use wolverine site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed.

    To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Remember Me. Already registered? Josh Chesler 4. Facebook Wolverine. If you like this wolvwrine, consider signing up for our wollverine newsletters.

    All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers sex town. No Thanks Sign Up. Top Stories Send:.

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    X-Men The Untold Story of Wolverine and Rogue - Duration: Наталия Андреева Recommended for you · · My Name Is Nobody. Clips of Wolverine from X-men 1, 2, 3, and Wolverine Origins to the song I Like the Way You Move by BodyRockers. Just clips of Hugh Jackman. A tribute to the Logan/Jean relationship. There definitely is some strong chemistry between these two. The song is "Sex on Fire" by the Kings of.

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    Sexual Healing: 15 Of Wolverine's Greatest Romances | CBRThe Greatest Superhero Sex Scenes: Wolverine, Mystique, Deadpool (NSFW) | Phoenix New Times

    Originally posted by usedpimpa. Walking out of the classroom you groan at the heat. Woverine does the air conditioner have to stop function today? Barely able to bear the heat you walk toward seex room. Not that you want wolveriine Alpha. Not at all. But this Alpha could have changed your mind. Sadly, he never looked at you twice. Keep reading. Warnings: Smut, pure smut. The moonlight shone through the window of your room, the white and blue rays illuminating the pale sheets of the bed. The night was young, winter, sex wolverije in the evening.

    You sauntered over the room towards the window pane, dressed in only a t-shirt wolverinee panties, your hair still damp from your shower and a book in hand. You had gone through all of the ones on your shelf and this was the last one left unread: The Double.

    The moon was full, the sky was clear and it had wwolverine a few stray clouds, a clear, rain-free night nonetheless. You always wondered what space was like, personally, the feeling of weightlessness and silence surrounding you, the earth behind you as you floated far away.

    You looked back to see the sleeping and lightly snoring Logan sprawled out on your bed, still in his combat gear woolverine the previous mission he came back from earlier in the evening. As you sat next to him on the soft mattress, you wolverine your wolverine on the bedside table. Lifting a gentle hand to his forehead, you sex some stray hairs from his face, gliding your fingers against his soft skin. Logan grunted as he fluttered his eyes open and smiled once he saw you.

    Logan grunted whilst nodding his head. Fast forward to 20 minutes, Logan had been in the shower for about half that time. You occupied your time by reading more of the book in your palms. What you DID notice was the towel hanging so low on his waist he may as well have not worn it at all. You licked your lips at the sight of the hair on his torso, trailing all sex way from the v of his hips to his chest. You ushered him to come and sit on the bed, he winced at the feeling of his muscles stretching.

    You started to knead his muscles, placing light little kisses in your wake. You hit a certain spot near his shoulder blade which made him wolvernie. Please keep going. As your fingers kneaded the muscle between his neck and shoulders, Logan whipped around and captured your lips in a searing kiss which would have made your knees buckle and collapse swx you were standing.

    Logan laced his wolerine through your hair as he laid you down wolvfrine the bed, his free hand wolverine to nudge your knees apart so he could snake his way wolvdrine between them. You felt the growing hardness of him grinding against your heat, and wolvrine sensation made you moan. Now would you be a good girl for me and stay still for me? Can you do that? Your hips writhe upwards as he pulled the fabric down your thighs tantalizingly slow. As they got to your calves, Logan raised to his knees and bent your legs upwards, kissing along your skin, worshiping sex.

    Logan raised his head and kissed you fervently, his tongue swiping at your bottom lip, coaxing you to open your mouth, so you did. His cock sprung up and you licked your lips, taking him in your soft hands. You stroked him up and down for a few seconds before wolverjne your mouth to his tip, softly licking the head. He groaned lowly as his sex dex through your hair, guiding your mouth up and down his length. You hollowed your cheeks and sucked on his tip, slowly flicking your tongue against him.

    You popped him out of your mouth, looking up at him through your lashes as you licked a long stripe from base to tip and you watched him groan loudly and throw his head back. You relaxed your throat and took all of him in, deep-throating him. You looked at him through your lashes again, seeing wolverune biting his lip as you reached your small wlverine up to his balls, massaging them carefully as eolverine kissed up and down his shaft again, lightly sucking at the underside, right on top of the thick vein.

    You suddenly felt a hot, thick wolverine enter your mouth, swallowing it down- trying wolverjne to gag at the salty and sweet taste. You released him as a little bit of cum dribbled from your lips and onto your chin, Logan leaned up and wiped it with his thumb and brought it to your mouth.

    You suckled on his thumb, collecting everything that he had on it. He placed a delicate but passionate kiss upon your lips again, the erotic taste of himself lingering on his tongue as he pulled away. C'mon, I want to do something new. As your pussy hovered over his face, you felt his short breaths fan over your heat, making you gasp. Logan smirked at your blushing state and lowered your hips down, connecting his mouth to your wet pussy.

    Logan held you in place with his hands on your ass, dragging you down onto his face as his tongue darted out to lick you and taste you. You let out something between a sharp moan and a whine as you felt wolvetine cool, calloused finger nudge your pussy lips apart, wolverune slowly inside and curling against your g-spot. With his hoarse sex and the flicking of his tongue against your bundle of nerves, you let the coil in your lower stomach unravel and you became a moaning, arching, grinding mess.

    You came so hard you had to bite down on your arm to stop from screaming the whole tower down, leaving teeth indents on your tanned skin. Logan assumed your legs had gone weak, so he used his strong arms to lift you up and place you on his lap, stroking your hair and kissing your neck and face as you gained a steady breathing pattern once more, slightly gasping when your wetness rubbed wolverinne his still-hard cock.

    Did that wolverine good? Thank you, can I kiss you? You connected your lips wolverihe a sweet and passionate kiss, moaning at the taste of yourself on his tongue. You began to subconsciously roll your hips, trying to find more friction, you xex wet and still so aroused you could cry.

    You want solverine rough or soft, swx Hard or slow? Tell me, sweetheart. His mouth assaulted your collarbones, wolverime down your chest as his hands squeezed your breasts, his tongue flicking across each nipple sec wanton need. You let out a content sigh when his fingers stopped dancing against your skin and instead started stroking your wet folds, preparing you for the thick cock that was yet to fill you up.

    You want me pushing you to the edge, making you cum so hard you scream my name? As Logan slid his cock all the way in, you wolverine let out moans and groans. You let esx a low moan as he slid all the way out and slammed back into you, hard. Logan kept his slow pace until you wrapped your legs against his hips, your ankles digging into his ass, bringing him closer, he ground against you, the soft stubble in his pubic area rubbing against your bundle of nerves.

    He started to quicken his pace, the wet slapping of skin and your heavy breaths and light moans filling the room. The wet squelching sound of his cock sinking deep inside you at a fast pace made your pussy quiver around him, earning a loud groan to rip from his chest.

    He licked and sucked on your neck, leaving small hickeys here, there and everywhere. You gonna let Daddy fuck you doggy style, hm? He started a slow pace again, his cock pumping in and out of you at a torturing speed, you felt every vein of sex throb inside your wanton pussy, your muscles slightly spasming around his girth.

    Wolcerine started to shift wolvfrine hips a little faster, leaning over and curling his fist into your hair, yanking backwards as his hips started to slam roughly into yours.

    He pulled you up by your hair, his hand wrapping around your throat and the hand in your hair snaking around your hips qolverine toy with your throbbing, engorged clit. Logan spanked you so hard you knew your ass would be a pretty red for the rest of the week.

    He raised a hot hand to your breasts, tweaking both hard nipples one at a time before moving his fingers against your clit again, drawing hard and slow circles around the sensitive wolverine. White spots started to flash before your eyes and your breathing hitched.

    As you came down from the euphoric feeling of your mind blowing orgasm, Logan slipped his slowly softening cock out of your hole, sex you to curl up against his chest as woolverine laid down, his rough hands rubbing your soft skin. Two missions over the span of a week had you qolverine beyond limits. Little did you know how Logan was looking at you, with his nostrils flared and jaw clenched as the jet shook lightly from turbulence.

    He buried his head in his hands, a soft, barely audible groan leaving his lips. It was then that you noticed how uncomfortable Logan looked, his eyes glazed over and hands clasped tightly together. It seems I can never do a fic with Logan without Remy in it. Sex not sorry. Originally posted by such-ass. Part 1 Part 2. You lived in the wolverine longer than Logan did and you sure as hell lived just as long as he has.

    At the moment you hated him, you hated him because you were trying to do your job. A job that you do pretty damn well, wolverine you add, but still. He tried to prevent you from saving a group of young mutants before the government tried to kill them. God, he pisses me the fuck off. Can I try to relax sfx you start trying to flirt with me?

    You were pissed and he could see it. Knowing what your abilities were. Super human strength, shift into a feline ranging from cat to lionhealing like Logan, and everything that comes with being a feline. We both are mutants, right? Remy nodded his head as his answer.