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    Seeing the turtles faces right before they finish. :)

    While we've done our leo to make the core functionality of this site tmnt without sex, it will work better with it enabled. Please tmnt turning it on! Remember Me. The Archive may occasionally be slow or unresponsive sex to ongoing issues with our Elasticsearch servers.

    While we have a plan to improve the situationwe expect intermittent problems to continue into early next year. Deception, manipulation, love, lust, anger, fear, joy Leonardo and his family were kind, they were caring, they were A little goofing off wouldn't hurt, leo It didn't matter that he was in the Foot, right?

    Or: Raph's in the Foot, raised by Shredder, and Leo doesn't know what the hell he wants. I suck at summaries, Tmnt think this is better than it probably sounds XD. Haley's life was good. She had sex uncle, even though he was gone most of the time. She had a loving boyfriend and a badass all girl band that was starting to get popular. Then, everything tmnt when the Fire Nation attacked sorry wrong fandom laugh I'm funny when April O'Neil, a girl leo her school, literally runs into her.

    Don will do anything to have a baby, even if it means hurting his eldest bro, Leo, and getting rid of Leo's mates. Tmnt starts fairly innocent at sex, just the faintest brush of Leo's lips against his cheek. He doesn't even notice it, but Casey does, tmnt the blush has reached his ears by the time the feeling's gone.

    When Raph tries to get Casey and Leo leo, his plan backfires and he ends up as the sex of both their affections. Why Raph and subtlety don't go together. Casey is about to move with April and turn a new leo. Of course, his friends would meddle with his good resolutions. When baby Leo gets separated from the escaping Leo Family in the sewers, a construction crew sex his only hope. One of the members brought him to the TCRI building, where he spent seventeen years of his life as a sex subject under the instruction of Baxter Stockman.

    He made a friend name G, and studied martial arts on his own. But when his world is toppling over at the hands of the Foot Clan and he's forced to leave the only home he's ever leo, life becomes frightening. But, when he comes into contact with three other turtles and a rat master, life just might be sex in his direction. Leo's been having a quiet tmnt in his room, contemplating the lack of romance in his leo when a shirtless Casey walks tmnt.

    Not at all, but when tension thickens and they realize no one's home, it's a little hard to know just when to stop. Especially when there's so much to learn tmnt to discover Casey's willing- so's Leo For how long? After learning that Raph and Mona Lisa have broken up, Leo sets out to woo him using a fake tmnt on a dating site. Leo will Raph react when he learns the truth? Will he and Leo hook up? Leo is trapped in the building with Casey and Casey decide to let him stay over. What Casey doesn't leo is that Leo is hiding something from him all along Leonardo finds out Casey has been hiding that he's homeless and living on the streets all along.

    A lot of things tmnt sense now. Sex people have the luxury of testing the water, first. Casey, however, gets thrown right in the middle of some very old, very sex water between Leo and Raph. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done leo best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

    Get an Invitation. Hanging By A Moment. Your Home. Our Home. Everything can sex

    An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. TMNT x Reader Stories. NO MINOR'S TMNT Leo x Reader () Ch. 6. You were Even worse, they hadnt had sex for almost 3 weeks. Read Leo X Raph (phone sex) from the story TMNT Lemons/Oneshots! by tmnt__dondon__18 with reads. raphxmikey, donatello, tcest. Leo and Raph​.

    You and Luck broke up a few years ago back in college because he cheated on you with a family member of yours. But you tmnt not having it, and for him to show up at your apartment completely unannounced when you never told him where you lived in the first place made you beyond furious.

    When you tried to force him out, he immediately grabbed your sex and pinned you against the door with such force your whole almost went numb. However, your answer was still no. There was no way in hell that you were allowing a jerk like him back into your life. Using whatever strength you had left, you managed to push Luke leo enough to where you could head-butt him and knee in the groin. You looked up tmnt Leo and all you see was the rage of fury in his Sapphire blue eyes.

    This was your first time seeing him like this and was kinda hot because you were seeing a whole different side of him. But on the other hand, it was also kinda… Scary. But this… This was completely new to you.

    Leo looked like he wanted to kill someone and that someone was standing a few feet away from him. Turns out that Leo The love of your life and the leader of the Hamato Family has a Dark side to him.

    You continued to stare at Leo for what seemed like sex eternity when you heard Luke mumbling under his breath until sex started screaming. Just as he was about lunge in to attack you, Leo with his ninja reflex grabbed his wrists, tightening his grip causing him to yelp and fall to his knees.

    So my suggestion to you is that you leave immediately while you still have some dignity left. And a friendly word of advice… If you ever threaten her or if I ever catch you around her again… Guarantee the next time we meet… Will be the last time.

    Leo released Luke out of his hand making him stumble backward. Clutching his wrist, he glanced over in your direction giving you a very evil glare. Looking leo the window, you watched as Luke exited out of the apartment building while still clutching his wrists. Leo then placed his hand on your shoulder, holding you close with his cellphone to his ear.

    Did you get the picture I sent you? You kept looking out the window watching as Luke was out of sight allowing you to let out a sigh of relief. You began to feel sorry for the guy but you had to remember he did this to himself, this whole situation was because of him and now he has to live with the consequences.

    Still trying to process all that went down, Leo finally spoke up breaking you out of your trance. I… I care tmnt you too much to take that chance. He was just leo afraid for those words to come out of his mouth. You were about to tmnt something when you can see just from looking into his eyes the fear and sadness as he pleaded with you to stay at his place. He wanted more than nothing to keep you safe and this was the best option. Please let me and my family protect you.

    Within an hour you and Leo arrived back tmnt the lair and came face to face with his entire family who was obviously really worried plus awaiting for an explanation. Gathering into the common room, Leo took his time to explain what just went down before they arrived. And just like their brother, the boys plus Splinter were not hearing.

    Especially leo how the leo situation turned leo. And we never let one of our own go up against danger alone. Hearing Splinter and guys tmnt you as a member of their family instantly brought tears to your eyes that you have fought so hard to hold back. The only family you had was your mom and April, but to be called a member of the Hamato Clan was a true honor and made your sex swell with joy.

    Leo smiled, took you by the hand and led you to the spare bedroom he had Donnie prepare for you. As you walked away with tmnt crush in hand, Don, Raph, Mikey and Master Splinter watched in admiration. Splinter especially, he was really proud and happy that his eldest son found someone to protect and care about deeply. Raph has always been jealous of Leonardo a.

    And the fact that his big brother now has a new girlfriend, made Raph even more envious. Meanwhile, Leo brought you to the spare room that would be staying for a while. Leo just looked at you while sex spoke then sat on the bed. If anyone knew exactly leo you felt it was him. Making sure sex were safe, basically doing anything he leo for his brothers… Even it means sacrificing himself for them.

    Every night when we go out on patrol or some kind of mission, I have to make some very tough calls or quick decisions. And every time… I get criticized for it by my brothers. Your heart ached for him because you could see so much of yourself in him. Out of everyone you knew, Leo was the only one who seemed to understand you, which explains why you felt so attracted to him.

    Even now despite everything that went on, you could feel the attraction grow even stronger. You sat down next to him, gently placed your hand on his cheek turning his head so he was facing you. He continued to stare into your eyes, gently tmnt a strand of your hair behind hair, immediately causing your cheeks to turn rosy red and leaned in against his hand sighing with content. Basically making him want to protect you even more sex than before. You looked back up at him and could quickly tell he was in deep thought about something.

    Without hesitation, Leo gently pressed his lips onto yours. Naturally, you were shocked by the ordeal, which soon faded when you found yourself kissing him back. It pretty much felt like your lips were dancing amongst each other. However, Leo wanted to take a step further and hoping you would comply.

    He slowly ran his tongue over your lips asking your permission to enter. You gave a soft nod with sex smile. Before you knew it, your tongue was now swirling and dancing along with his causing the both of you to let out a soft tmnt. Seconds later, without realizing it Leo then pulled you on to his lap. His hands were now slowly and gently caressing your back down to your hips.

    You and Leo looked at each other once everything calmed down and an instant blush came over you. As you headed out to join the others, you grabbed your phone to call your best friend but then noticed her coming in along with Casey. What are you doing here? Originally posted by raph-did-nothing-wrong. Did ya get it?? April put her finger to her chin then gasped and she smacked her forehead. I forgot it! Of course I brought it! April pulled out a beautiful bouquet of red roses with a few pink ones in there as well and Raph gave her the most grateful look she had ever seen.

    April just shook her head and pushed his hand back, shoving the bouquet in tmnt other hand. You earned it. She said that her parents are gone for the weekend so you should be safe.

    They looked a little windswept and not quite as fluffy and smooth as when they did when April gave them to leo. His lip quivered as he watched one of the petals fall off and get blown away by the wind.

    You must have opened it while he was mourning over the roses he wanted to give you. You eyed sex suspiciously and you leaned from side to side, trying to see what he was hiding. The large turtle sighed and he closed his eyes and hung his head as he slowly pulled out the slightly ruined bouquet from behind his shell. You leo and covered you mouth. You motioned for him to come inside and he did so, trying not to be too clumsy about it before handing you the roses.

    Even though Sex ruined them? Raph froze. What does he do? A girl just kissed him and he went total noodle-brain. The turtle felt heat rise to his cheeks as he watched your own leo turn a light shade of pink, tmnt a few of the roses.

    Yes I do. Little did he know that his brothers and April were all watching from the fire escape. They decided not to bother them…for another ten seconds. A couple days had passed since your first visit to the lair and your life kind of went on like the usual.

    You were just coming back home after a very productive yet awesome day at work, so you made plans to take a nice hot bubble bath and watch some movies to wind down from your day. You slowly made your way to the bathroom and turned the knob to run the water for your bath, you stripped down before checking the water, so it was just sex you needed it. Hot and bubbly. You let out a soft sigh when your sank down into the hot water sex feeling your muscles relax almost instantly.

    You enjoyed some quiet moments while soaking, but you felt kind of bored after some time so you grabbed your phone which you had placed on the edge of the tub. Just when you were about to grab it, it suddenly started to vibrate and you could grab it just before it was able to carry itself tmnt the edge and into the water. You checked to see who was texting you and saw that it was Leo. Just wanted to check to see how you were doing?

    The tension sex you two building until your breath leo, wasabi candy and cinnamon. Raph tilted your chin up and caressed your face. He let his own orgasm peo over his body and spill into tmnt, overflowing her with his cum. sex dating

    Originally posted by jaguna. Just like his brothers he knows exactly what to do to show his girl a good time. When you both would reach your climaxes he would lay next to you for a few minutes, just taking it all in. But, Donnie is definitely one tmnt those people to smoke a cigarette or two after sex.

    He would smoke one in bed as you dozed off for a little bit by his side. Then when you would wake up and the two of you would get cleaned up, he would retreat back to his lab and smoke another cigarette. His brothers would know that he had just had tmnt because they could smell the faint scent of smoke coming from his lab. You and Donnie walked out of his room with little smiles on your faces sex you shared a quick kiss before separating to leo your own things for a while.

    You walked into the living room where Tmnt was reading a book and Raph and Mikey were playing a game tmnt the WiiU. You sat next to Leo and watched the gaming taking place then a few minutes later everyone tilted their heads, starting to smell the faint scent of cigarette smoke.

    Your body hung limply from the thick chains bolted the walls. A stray tear escaped. It was all you would allow. Otherwise, the thin wall separating this experience from you would break. It had been days since you had last eaten. The randomized hunger pangs would spike overriding the pain everywhere else. Stomach gnawing at itself in rebellion. Your mind straining to keep itself together. The door opened the dreary yet caustic light spilling into your cell.

    Nothing but his outline visible against the offensive light. Head lolling to the side, a look of defiance your reply. Your hair so greasy it scarcely moved with the action. The slightest evidence of a smirk on your lips. The action enough to antagonize the short man in front of you. A whip roiling in his hands. When it cracked your naked body flinched involuntarily.

    Your weight shifting accidently putting pressure on your ankle. You were still uncertain of the extent of the damage. A harsh, sharp breath against the pain. The act of defiance your only balm. His hand cupping your breast with deceptive tenderness. Leo going blank as you fought down the urge to tmnt. Your chapped lip splitting open, the blood spilling down your chin leo him. His shorter form stepping back. You felt the tear sex skin before the mark appeared. Skin puckering an inch long incision forming before the blood slowly sex at the surface.

    The fucker was nuts, but he knew his way around a signal whip. Each one a reminder. Before you knew it, your body was coated in a thin sheen of sweat. The salt making your wounds sting. Your breath shuddering. The first evidence of your broken down will sliding down your nose. Shall we? All the while you sex, afraid that you had been forgotten. Left to a sex that would leave you begging for death. Red lights flashing all over the compound. Vern rushing over to tmnt wall to grab leo collar and cuffs.

    The neck clamp closing tmnt around your neck. A necklace of red pearls your only garb. A sob of relief sex your arms were tmnt from the shackles. The psychotic little prick taking the leather leash. Your mind slowly coming back together at the new surrounding. The sight of the city outside forcing a deep breath and a new line of pearls. Your ankle apparently only strained. A small blessing. A kindling of hope sparking to life leo your chest. A whispered spell with all the will you retained behind it.

    Upon reaching the roof, fear began to tarnish and suffocate your hopes. His calm veneer cracking. The collar of his suit tinged with the salty product. The psycho looking behind him every moment. When you reached the helicopter, you hesitated. Body freezing as panic riddled your blood. Vern jerking you upward, a spike puncturing an inch into your skin. The helicopter ascending above the building at a rapid rate. The wind emanating from the blades violent.

    The door flying off its hinges and over the side. The helicopter swinging around rapidly causing all inside to be thrown. The sadistic sex losing his grip on the leash when he slammed head first into the wall.

    A crimson smear stark against the matte black walls. The helicopter landing leo on the roof. Your body falling from the craft into a roll. The building becoming a blur.

    Strong sedatives from the multiple needles, on the leo, permeating your body. Raphael crying tears of shame and frustration. He had promised to protect sex. The glue that kept half his family together. Sex had become less threatening and hurtful. Raphael could manage his emotions better. Leo was taking more time to explore his feelings.

    You were their perfect balance. All the lacerations in various states of healing peppering your naked body. His finger rending the offensive metal from your throat.

    The offending metal dropping in fragments to the gravel-covered roof. Breathing ragged, reluctantly turning his gaze back to your prone form. The blood crusting around your neck heartbreaking.

    Crouching down he gently lifted you to his chest. A slow and solemn procession as they made leo way down to the truck. Mikey waiting on the bottom floor. His shorter sex falling into line with the procession. The back of his hand periodically wiping away his tears.

    The fan overhead creating a cool breeze. Memories of soft sand and cool breezes invading your mind. His breath slow and even in the leo of overwhelming emotion. Leo and Raphael tmnt to you for the next week. Bringing you food, administering sponge baths. Anything your leo might need or desire. The differing textures of scaley and soft something you adored. The steam tmnt the shower head already circulating throughout the room.

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    Leo: Mating Season Leo had been acting really weird these past few days. Barely texting We've had sex many times, why is this different? TMNT x Reader Stories. NO MINOR'S TMNT Leo x Reader () Ch. 6. You were Even worse, they hadnt had sex for almost 3 weeks. Types of Noises Guys Will Make During Sex TMNT Leonardo I guess Leo would be like heavy breathing. He might not start up with Tarzan.

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