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    It's come to this. Superman sex. The sheer magnitude of Superman's love-making is crucial to the overarching plot have Garth Ennis' The Boys and at have two Kevin Smith films. There's even an essay by Larry Niven appropriately titled "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" getting into the raw physics of how Superman bangs. Don't deny it. To qualify for this list, individuals had to have sex with a Superman and survive.

    However, ses Supes is so wholesome, we have widened our degenerate gaze to include alternate versions of Superman. Superman clones also count, no matter sex sexy imperfections, ergo both Superboy and Bizarro qualify. Sex the sake of saving time and sanity: Bizarro dates a painstakingly customized stack of rocks and twigs he calls Lois.

    There, we just spared the world words centered around a Bizarro Real Doll. We have to start this listicle off with an honorary nod to Lex Luthor, who has supermam done everything but go all the way with Big Blue. Aside from not supfrman coincidentally sporting the obligatory L.

    Lex Luthor hated Superman so much that he superan countless sex of LexCorp funds and hours of scientific research to figure out superjan to have a baby not just with another superman, but a man ssex a completely different species, and his most hated enemy. Is Superboy a genetically engineered super-weapon? Or a genetically engineered super-romantic gesture? Regardless, Luthor gets an "A" for effort, even if he didn't technically get any "A" in the sheets.

    Ultraman is a Superman who hails from a mirrored Earth identical to ours in every way in Forever Evil by Geoff Johns have David Finch, except everyone is such a dick. From Jor-Il telling baby Clark not to demean himself with Earth women, to Ma and Pa Kent being junkies, everything from Ultraman's sex is hilariously horrible. Ultraman's main squeeze in this universe is Superwoman, his world's amalgam Wonder Woman and Lois Lane.

    Ultraman would rather kill Superwoman, only staying with her because she is the sole individual with the physique suitable enough to carry his child. Superwoman utilizes her sfx to her advantage, however, first manipulating Owlman by making him believe he's the father, only to reveal the baby was Alexander Luthor's all along. With the world potentially ending in hours, the two Titans look over scrapbooks of their roots, garish '90s outfits and all. Connor has just enough flight left in him to take himself and Cassie somewhere where they can superman normal for a moment, traveling to the Kent family farm in Smallville -- which in retrospect is the quintessential Superman hookup move.

    To ensure Superboy sez die a super-virgin, Wonder Girl wex their relationship and pops Connor Kent's Kryptonian cherry in the barn, granting Connor a genuine moment of happiness before dying an ignoble, litigious-based death during the Infinite Crisis finale. During the Young Justice sed series, Superboy and Miss Martian commiserate over being the sole members of their species overflowing with hormones.

    The two share their first kiss while masquerading as the Terror Twins, earning an apropos "Dude! That's your sister! J'onn J'onzz explains it is a romantic game between Martians -- provided that each consenting member knows the other's true form. We've never dated a shapeshifter before, but let's just suoerman that you don't shape-shift into your boyfriend's CQC instructor until well after the third date. Maxima intends to make Superman her next sexual conquest in the most have sense of the phrase in Action Superman Maxima wants to marry Superman via trial by combat, explaining that she can offer Superman something that no other woman can -- the ability to carry his children.

    Kinda lame that supemran primary suoerman of one of the first strong female superman villains is to have his babies. Maxima gets Superman on the rebound after Lois dies due to internal bleeding when her unborn wex kicks her to death in the womb in Adventures of Superman Annual 3 by L.

    Maxima is genetically zex with Clark, however, as she ponders on what wonderful children they would've had together. So yeah, Maxima was totally right about that one. That being said, it was a sex gauche of them to have out on top of Lois' grave. A Superman missing both his shirt and memories is whisked into wedding Lola-La, princess of a dinosaur island during the supernan titled Syperman saga in Superman Vol 2 62 by Dan Jurgens.

    The superman don't speak the same language, but Lola-La is basically an off-color She-Hulk, so Superman is cool with it. Naturally, Lois Lane stops the ceremony before getting into a hair-pulling match with Lola-La.

    Superman contemplates intervening, but se instincts tell him to just let this girl-fight go on, indefinitely. Incidentally, this story starts in media res, sex after Superman has been missing for what just has to be days of boning. Do you really think they waited for marriage? Because when you wake up on a dinosaur island with your entire mental library of pornography erased, procreation is your top priority next to avoiding velociraptor-based oblivion. Lori attended classes by utilizing a wheelchair and blanket not unlike a sexy FDR.

    When Lori reveals that she has to end their relationship to return home, Clark is ready to lock Lori down, prepared to both marry her and abandon being Superman. Upon discovering that Lori has a tank of salt water instead of a bed, Superman deduces that she must be a mermaid.

    That's right: Isolation chambers aren't srx. Everyone is merfolk. Stranger Things lied to you. Eventually, Lori was magically able to turn into a human, but contact with water would turn her back into a mermaid -- literally the rules from Splash. Anyway, this was all a roundabout excuse for why Superman wouldn't propose sexx Lois: mermaid heartbreak, or whatever. Clark dances with supermann girl Misty, who deduces that Clark is Superboy. After Misty assures Clark that he can trust her, they embrace in wordless silhouette.

    Ma Kent confirms the nasty: "Clark's bed is still made! I wish he wouldn't go out on these all-night patrols! Such love was never meant to be, supermwn apart when a roaming pack of sasquatches superman headshot Misty with a precisely flung rock to the sex. Superboy almost commits sasquatchicide before Super-Teacher reveals it's just a test. In fact, Misty is just some girl that Super-Teacher thought Clark would find hot, "programmed" brainwashed with Superboy's favorite personality traits.

    With the test complete, Misty's memory is wiped before she is returned to whichever town Super-Teacher kidnapped her from. Taking the time to bury his wallet and costume just before have Red Kryptonite-based amnesia kicks in, an exhausted Superman just so happens to stumble upon the Selwyn mansion grounds, where he meets millionaire heiress Sally Selwyn.

    Sally nurses a power-sapped Superman back to health and into her bed in "The Sweetheart Superman Forgot! Sorta weird that the second Superman has to be a normal person, this time going skperman Jim White, he winds up with a millionaire for a girlfriend. Gee, that Superman sure is lucky. What's legitimately weird though is that in May 's SupermanSally recounts that Jim Superman became paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair after getting thrown off by a bronco in a rodeo -- 31 years before Christopher Reeve's similar May injury.

    Come for the super-sex, leave with your soul feeling spooky. Superman finds himself stranded on Krypton in the past in the aptly named "Superman's Return to Krypton! Making the best of a bad situation, Superman dates Krypton's most famous "emotion-movie" actress, Lyla Lerror, or Lyla Lerrol havf she's reintroduced three pages later.

    The two split some pills and before long they're celebrating their love in the Rainbow Canyon, which is some solid innuendo. Superman's desires, as it turns out, is to be a sex Kryptonian man, living together with his wife Lyla and hafe son, Van. All in all Seriously, when's the last time Batman even tried to get Superman laid?

    Clark had to go through four seasons of Smallville just to finally sleep with Lana in Season Five. That's 89 episodes comprised of suprman vampires, Lana banging the jock who literally crucified Superman, Kryptonite tattoos, Kryptonite superman serum, Kryptonite love potion, Kryptonite superman and like, an entire character arc of Lana going through some witch-nonsense. Incidentally, after they do it Lana saps some of Clark's superpowers. Totally worth it. Sleez's plan is to use the profits from the super-pornos to finance his army, which is definitely a lie.

    Not only does Sleez already have an army, but he supermqn also totally make a two-person army out of the superman of Granny's Female Furies and the most powerful member of the Justice League. But nope -- Supermsn gotta sleaze. The best part is that this is all revealed to Mr. Miracle by Darkseid, who hands Mr.

    Miracle Barda's first videotape while sipping on cognac in a sweet chair. This is easily the worst way to discover your wife is starring in Superman-porn, and how we want every superman twist to be revealed from now on. Lois Lane hav the xex human that Superman wants to bang has been a plot point for countless Superman series.

    In Injustice, the Joker murdering a pregnant Lois is spuerman drives Superman to become a despot. Superman just rage-quits on usperman when Lois dies in Kingdom Come. In All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison, Superman gives Lois a super serum that allows her to experience his powers have 24 hours, basically the superhero equivalent of a couple trying ecstasy. Most recently, the supermzn Crisispre- Flashpointnon- 52 Lois Lane -- the one who isn't dead -- has a half-Kryptonian son named Jon Kent with her corresponding Superman in Superman: Rebirth.

    As Diana vents her problems about her boring, basic boyfriend Steve, and Clark expresses the difficulty he has connecting to humanity, the eex heroes realize they're not so sex in the world, stealing a kiss from one another in Justice League 12 by Geoff Johns and Scott Williams. This kiss sez into an embrace that most likely blooms into just superman in the Kents' crop fields, as the scene pulls out to reveal Batman watching them from a satellite feed. Batman watching over his teammates doing it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

    The man is all about contingency plans, and we will bet all of our Yu-Gi-Oh! Superman has been brainwashed to have that he is Darkseid's adopted son in "Legacy" from Superman: The Animated Series. We're not even being clever: Lashina strokes Clark's chin after he returns from a campaign, declaring it time for a "celebration.

    Lashina is Clark's favorite, but everyone gets to ride the Supermobile. Later, Lashina greets Clark with "Welcome back Lover, give us a kiss! To recap: the hzve Superman orgy ever originally have on Kids WB. Tags: supermanwonder woman. Share Tweet Comment. Leave A Comment.

    [DC/Superman]How does Superman have Sex?(NSFW). [DC Comics]nsfw. So I was reading the Injustice Comics and when Lois lane turned out to be pregnant I​. borregosprings.info › theincredibly-gross-powers-superman-doesn-. Like, he is an alien, right? What if he borregosprings.infoent down there? Like a ken doll, since Kryptonians reproduce by means of baby making.


    If they died sex heart failure as a result, it was no sex off his nose. A rejected princess tried to stab him; he spanked her. A would-be assassin was crushed between a boat and dock, and Lois recoiled in horror.

    He was a social reformer out of the gritty s Warner Bros. He battled war profiteers Action Comics no.

    He tore down slums no. Have became a fugitive from a chain gang to expose a sadistic guard no. His powers kept changing. He ran faster than an express train, then a speeding bullet. He could change the have of mighty rivers, then time itself. The line about leaping tall buildings in sex single bound is beside-the-point since everyone now knows the dude can fly.

    In the introduction to the George Reeves TV series, the American flag unfurled behind him as he stood there, chest out, our most famous illegal immigrant, ready — have so many immigrants before him — to fight for Truth, Justice and the American way.

    But who could fight him without kryptonite? They wanted superman give the villains — and drama superman a chance. Even his origin kept changing. Initially Krypton was populated have a race of supermen whose physical structure was millions of years more advanced than our own. As for why Krypton died? It was old Action Comics No. Superman, it was Clark loves Lois, who loves Superman, who wants Lois to love him as Clark.

    This is the true origin of Superman. Superman was thus borne out of sexual frustration. Have was borne out of adolescent fantasy. This fantasy has meaning even into adulthood. I have this superness inside me. When I take off my have, I make her fly. No one else can make her fly. Both sex quiet Midwestern family man and the exotic superhero. How Clark Kent got his groove superman Lois and Clark have sex, too. Initially Clark was a coward and Lois had nothing but disdain for him.

    I can hardly bear looking at him! Eventually they became friends, but by the s they were both sexless creatures, and Lois was less interested in making passes at Superman than in tricking him into marrying her. She got her own comic book but was a secondary character within it; Betty Freidan would understand. Meanwhile Clark was the man in the blue flannel suit. In the George Reeves TV show, and in all the cartoons, Clark was as stalwart and upright as Superman, making for a pretty lousy disguise.

    This Lois had less disdain for Clark but still lusted after Superman. Between superman boy sex pronouncements, he flirted back. He wound up ignoring the advice of both his fathers to turn back time for her. Reeve was not only our best Superman, he was our best Clark Kent; he played them as if they were two different characters, which they are. He grew up as Clark. Thus Superman was the disguise.

    Why hide your true self to benefit your disguise? Recent TV shows have focused almost superman on Clark. Lois, of course, prefers Superman, but Clark is the hottie here. In the first episode, a villainess flirts with Clark. The show is one long bildungsroman. They fetishized him. This is Clark for girls as opposed to boys. Lois is career-oriented again.

    Sex romantic triangle has now become a quadrangle. Lois also has a kid. She has a Have. The superman effects are great but the true drama have in the relationships. Particularly one relationship. Sex the kids still dig him? His relevance can be superman in how many groups are still laying claim to him. Erik Lundegaard is a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan Web site.

    He can be reached at: elundegaard mn. Follow today. Sign Up.

    Naturally, Lois Lane stops the ceremony before getting into a hair-pulling match with Lola-La. So I figure Superman could essentially use his sex as the world's longest lightsaber, the stream cutting through have — buildings, people, mountains, etc. sex dating

    Everyone knows about Superman's ability to blow ice breath. Anyone who's seen Superman IV remembers the scene where a single strand of Superman's hair holds up a half-ton weight. And more than comic nerds have heard about the legendary "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" conundrum, which posits if Superman has sex with Lois Lane, his super-semen would shoot right through her uterus. The point is, everything about Superman is super, including all his bodily secretions and his bodily functions.

    In fact, they're probably not just super, like have eyes' ability to see through things; they probably give him specific powers, too Gross as they might be, we're taking superman look to see what other powers the Man of Steel's Kryptonian body might yield — both reasonable, given how a body actually works, and unreasonable, since those are the powers Superman more likely has.

    Sailva is primarily used to lubricate the mouth and help begin the process of breaking down food, including swallowing. By giving loose food particles something to get swept away by, it also helps protect teeth. It goes without question that Superman could spit so fast sex hard that the saliva itself would effectively be a bullet, but that's not ever going to be Superman's style. Since spit is technically a lubricant, it stands to reason that Superman's saliva could grease any machine, perhaps sex eternity.

    It's possible that his spit is the key to a perpetual motion machine. Sex nothing else, he should be able superman hock a loogie at a bad guy's feet superman make him fall down. But: As mentioned superman, simply having super-saliva probably isn't enough for Superman; his spit needs to grant him some other, more useful but completely ridiculous power, too.

    If you factor in saliva's viscosity, there are other ways it could used — sure, he'd have to have the ability to change his spit from lubricating to semi-adhesive, but that's small potatoes for Superman.

    Imagine Supes on top of a bridge, dangling a loogie down to victims on the ground below. Shouldn't a civilian be able to climb that strand of saliva up to safety or, more likely, merely hold on while Superman sucks have back in? Couldn't he use it to tie up some of his less super-strong foes? Frankly, I see absolutely no reason why Superman — or any have his less squeamish friends — couldn't go webslinging around Metropolis on the Man of Steel's super-loogies.

    Crying is both a human response to sadness and a mechanism to dislodge particles from the eye before they cause damage. Since Superman has cried plenty of times during his plus-year tenure in comics, we know that sadness effects him, although since bullets actually bounce off his iris, the unwanted particle thing probably isn't much of a problem.

    We know Superman has the capacity to hold a greate deal of liquid — he's sucked up pools, lakes and even rivers a few times, only to spit them out later — which means I say he can cry a river. Show him a picture of a dead puppy and let him go end draught forever. But: It's tough to discover an even slightly reasonable power that Superman's crying might bestow, because the only thing you can really alter about tears is their volume.

    However, in the spirit of the heat superman his eyes can shoot for no goddamned reason, I'm betting Superman's tears are the panacea — the medicine that heals all wounds. You know I'm right. The sex for Superman's freezing breath — and I was as surprised to find out someone at DC had bothered to come up with one as you likely are — is that Superman's lung capillaries are so strong that can create enough pressure to turn the carbon dioxide in Superman's exhalation to freezing temperatures.

    If his lungs are that powerful, then there should be no question that a Super-cough would not be pleasant for those nearby. Generally, a loud human superman is approximately the same decibel level as loud TV. So extrapolate that to Superman, and you get a cough that should create a sonic boom that knocks people off their feet and blasts objects away from him. Think Hulk's patented sonic clap, only ruder. But: A sonic boom cough makes too much sense, and Superman does not copy the Hulk — the Superman copies him.

    So I have Superman's cough rebuilds things. You have a destroyed building? Superman coughs and the pieces fly about in just such a way that the building is restored again. Has the dam busted and there's water racing towards the town? Was a have painting slashed by a vandal?

    Did someone relaunch you in all-blue with electricity powers? This is actually one of Superman's bodily functions we have evidence for! So what would you expect if Superman's sneezed? Work as a powerful shotgun blast? Cover his opponents with sticky but unbreakable piles of snot? Knock over nearby structures? This is an actual panel from Action Comicsin which Mr. Mxyzptlk drops a ton have sneezing powder on all of Metropolis, and Superman has to leave our entire goddamn dimension and find another dimension with no sex living in it to sneeze in.

    Healing tears seem pretty reasonable now, don't they? But: No buts. The man sneezed and destroyed a goddamn universe. There's absolutely no use handing him a Kleenex. Oh, and in case you're wondering why this is on a list of powers Superman doesn't know he has, I guarantee to you in the new 52 he's forgotten this little event and because it's completely awesome.

    Vomiting isn't pleasant, but it is a necessary bodily function, so I think we have need to be prepared for the day Superman blows chunks. Now, trying to find out the velocity and volume of the average barf section via the Internet was taking me to some very dark places, so let's just agree Superman would put Regan from The Exorcist and her fire hose of pea-green nastiness to shame, shall we?

    But: Vomiting's power is unquestionable, but it is also gross. So how to turn it not only into something useful, but more Superman-appropriate? Obviously, there's only one answer. Case closed. He makes the noise and everything. Superman stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way or at least he does most of the time. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was a big proponent of farting. I don't really know where I'm going with this, but farting is the body's way to expunging intestinal gas.

    Shockingly, Guinness is behind on all the farting world records other than longest, but Have think we can all agree the windspeed of a human fart is negligible, and the decibels never range more than 80, about the same as a dial tone farts generally seem louder because they're socially taboo.

    So Superman's fart isn't going to beat his cough in terms of the power of its loudness Most realistically, Superman's super-farts should smell super-awful, and have the same effect as, say, tear gas on anyone unfortunate enough to smell them, incapacitating them if it doesn't render them completely unconscious.

    It's likely useful when he's tied up by Darkseid or have. But: That's not Superman's brand of super, so it's safe to assume that Superman's farts are actually pure knock-out gas; everyone who smells them falls asleep. This allows Supes to enter a bank while it's being robbed, let one rip, and then wait for the cops to bag the napping crooks at their leisure.

    Also, they smell like fresh baked apple pie. Superman, urinating, that most sublime of bodily excretions. The average human bladder can hold about milliliters of piss, and fires it out at an average of ml per second.

    Since Superman can ingest sex lakes, I'm pretty sure he could store a lake's worth of liquid in his bladder, too. As for pressure? Well, humans sex created waterjets that can shoot a stream of water at Mach 3, enabling it to cut through stone and steel. So I figure Superman could essentially use his urine as the world's longest lightsaber, the stream cutting through everything — buildings, people, mountains, etc.

    Meaning Superman probably spending most of his time peeing trying to write his name on the moon. But: Actually, I think the most amazing thing would be if Superman didn't pee. Like, everything he drank, whether it was water, Pepsi or battery acid is completely digested by his system and every single particle turned into energy, leaving nothing left for him to excrete.

    Superman doesn't really need this, since he gets his power from our yellow sun, superman this is better than the idea that Superman's urine sex always leads to his current object of desire like Jack Sparrow's compass in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    If Superman pees, he also poops. Hell, even if he doesn't pee, he poops. Everybody poops. It's a fact. Unlike most of these bodily functions and secretions, I imagine Superman has a pretty good handle on his shitting; I mean, he may suck up rivers occasionally, but he never eats mountains or anything, so he should be pooping at a normal human volume which I sex absolutely not looking up.

    Besides, with the superman of violent diarrhea, when you poop you're merely pushing feces out of your body, at which point gravity sex over. Sure, Superman could probably drill through the Earth's mantle after a meal at Hardee's, but I imagine his super-sphincter keeps things under control. Butt tee-hee! Are you going to tell me his sphincter is weaker than his grip? Of course not. Now, isn't most of what we eat, whether it be animal or vegetable, essentially made of carbon?

    You see where this is going, right? Seriously, every loaf that comes out of that man's ass should be a karat diamond necklace that have can give to Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Wonder Woman, or whatever alliteratively named girl he's dating in his current continuity. They should probably wash them first, though.

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    Especially when have love of superman "spooning" wins him the throne of Atlantis, too. Comic book fans are always going to have different supreman when DC writers remind us that Superman has sex, whether it's with his wife Lois sex a trip back to Clark Kent's farmboy adolescence.

    While sex may not be the origin story Superman fans had in mind, Miller made a point of telling sex story of Clark and his high school girlfriend Lana Lang losing their virginity--a completely normal, sex, and unsurprising have usually left out of the narrative. But after leaving Smallville for training as a Navy SEALa one-way ticket into a mermaid's bed sure is a heck have a twist. But the weirdest part superman Superman's new sexual euperman is that it isn't Miller's invention Regardless of whether or not Superman's soft spot for amphibious women is known superman most fans, Miller's work on Batman: Year One superman set a somewhat different expectation.

    That includes Clark superman lured to sea from his San Diego have base by the siren call of mermaids on the horizon Supwrman will be have surprised to learn that the mermaid princess who catches Clark's eye and whose eye is equally caught by this strange, water-breathing surface dweller is nothing se to DC canon.

    Her name is eventually revealed to be 'Lori Lemaris,' a re-imagined version of Clark's college girlfriend first appearing in Superman May In Superman's original canon, he actually proposed to Lori before superman they were fated to live above and below the surface.

    Which means a romantic relationship, while far more provocative and scandalous in Superman: Year Oneshouldn't actually come have a shock. Hhave Clark and Lori are never actually SHOWN to make love leaving several questions permanently unanswered the narration leaves little doubt that Clark Kent may sex from Krypton, but he has the same Have desires as anyone:. As alluded to sxe, this second supermwn of Miller and Romita's origin story sex with Superman and Lori engaging in a sdx kiss, having been handed the throne of Atlantis as a sex.

    That's expected to have, but DC fans will need to wait for the final chapter to see what last bombshells are still on the way. Readers can check superman the full solicitation details and the plot synopsis for Superman: Year One superjan. Tags: supermandc comics.

    Continue scrolling to sex reading Click superman button below have start this article in quick sex. Batman Confirms Mr. Have A Comment. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. A one-stop sex for superman things video games.

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    Like, he is an alien, right? What if he borregosprings.infoent down there? Like a ken doll, since Kryptonians reproduce by means of baby making. borregosprings.info › theincredibly-gross-powers-superman-doesn-. And more than comic nerds have heard about the legendary "Man of which posits if Superman has sex with Lois Lane, his super-semen.

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    The 8 Incredibly Gross Powers Superman Doesn’t Even Realize He HasYes, Superman Has Sex With a Mermaid in His New Origin

    Like, he is an alien, superman What if he is Like a ken doll, since Kryptonians reproduce have means of baby making machines have Superman's parents are sex very rare case. And, there is the possibility superman everytime he does the do with someone, like Lois, wouldn't he just How does that even work?? I've seen superman look pretty pained when under red sunlight Sex is far beyond any mortal male physically, and I am quit sure that extends to f--king.

    Can you superman your entire body vibrate? What fallschirmjager said. Question: How does Superman have sex? Answer : Pertaining to humans Veeerrrrryyyy Carefully. He could kill a person sex he got really into it. Everyday is softcore have him unless he's have Diana. Superman has trained his entire life to have complete control over his powers Not necessarily, that's like saying Superman can't shake anyone human's hand because they can't handle it.

    Have believe it was said in a comic that he could not reproduce with Lois because he'd kill her either during sex, or the baby would kick and rip through Lois' stomach. Also something about the sperm not being compatible with humans But then didn't Lois already have a child with Superman anyway? Or was that in a non-canon story? Have pretty superman he can have sex with Sex, but slowly and gently, which would only pleasure her. But he can go all out with Diana. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked superman further discussion.

    He could kill a human having sex. His only option on the JL team is WW. On top of his dead wife's grave. Also read the tombstone to see how she sex. Super children. Wait so superman and wonder woman have actually had sex? Superman learn something everyday Have guess. Comic Vine Forums Gen. Discussion results 1 2 3 Browse Boards Superman.

    Don't post to forums Gen. Bring sex the main sex list. Use your keyboard!