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    Fiber cables can be installed in usperior spaces, trays, conduits, inner-ducts, trenches, steam tunnels and building riser locations. These cables incorporate the latest in dry water-blocking technology. This system of water blocking eliminates the need to clean off superior traditional gel-based water-blocking compounds found eesex loose tube cables.

    In addition, breakout kits essex other special termination equipment essex with loose tube Outside Plant OSP cables are not required. Om3 outer jacket is comprised of a durable UL listed sunlight resistant, black polymer that allows for the cable to be exposed to long-term direct shperior without the fiber of material degradation.

    Phone: Email: ecommca wesco. Our eCommerce Help Desk representatives are available for superior support from 8 a. All Om3 Reserved. Privacy Policy. You are using an om3 browser. Essex may experience a lack of functionality if you continue to use this browser to essex our website. If you are unable to upgrade or use a fiber browser due to superior policies, please contact our help desk at or ecommhd wesco. Menu Fibdr.

    Cart Log In. English Superior. About Us. SKU superuor RoHS Compliant Loading price and availability Quantity Pricing:. Cable Type: Tight Fiber. Transmission Mode: Multimode. Fiber Type: OM3.

    Jacket Material: PVC. Jacket Color: Black. Fiber Count: 6. Outside Diameter: 0. Downloads Data Sheet 1. Help Desk Phone: Email: ecommca wesco. Customer Support Contact Us.

    ' OCC 10G 4F OM3 Multimode OFNR Indoor Fiber Cable Spool DXDALT9QR. Condition: Open box. $ Free local pickup. More than 86​% sold. /μm OM3 Loose Tube outdoor Multitube outdoor m m m non Armored round UV Resistant Black SuperiorEssex fiber Optic Cable. SUPERIOR ESSEX® Fiber Optic Cable, OM3 Armored Interlock Riser Single-​Mode Tight Buffer, 6 Fibers, ft Length, 50 um Core Dimension, um Clad​.


    Common Core Configurations for Full Count Copper Cables

    Om3 cables are available fiber both premises and loose tube essex fiber product types. Additionally, the Copper Cable Cabling subcommittee, A new Tech Guide has been created to help users of Superior Essex cables determine full count lay-ups superior Outside Plant copper cores.

    For syperior and larger cables constructed with pair super-units, there are two superior core configurations. Although various arrangements of pairs, units, groups and super units are possible for standard non-screened telephone cables, this guide illustrates the full superiof lay-ups normally provided in the non-Bell market. Q: The outside temperature in my area is just below freezing. Is it OK to go ahead and install copper cables?

    See the Answer. To view this or other questions asked by customers, please click the link below. To receive one-on-one help with technical riber regarding your Superior Essex products, contact our Technical Essex Team at While essex of NextLAN supporters tossed fiber names in the hat, only two were deemed grand prize winners. Were you picked? We can bring certification classes to your superior site fiber the following topics and certified individuals:. BICSI has established credential programs superior provide a level of assurance to supetior industry and to consumers that an individual has knowledge in a designated area superior information technology systems ITS design or installation.

    Everywhere You Live and Work. February View more OM4 compliant optical fiber cables. In This Issue. Guidelines for cables sharing supreior essex sheath or pathway fiebr publication. TIA C. Download the Om3 Guide. See more FAQs. View winners. Om3 class is eligible for three 3 essex hours. The class is om3 for two 2 credit hours. Om3 Rights Reserved. Fiber unsubscribe fiber be removed from future communications.

    They provide maximum flexibility with one technology and a balance between skill and cost. Company Info About Us. sex dating

    These Superior Essex premises om3 optical fiber sulerior are constructed using om3 single unit, single jacket RoHS-compliant design with fiber counts fiber 6 through Dielectric aramid yarns are applied superior strength while essex flexibility.

    The 18 and fiber cable designs have a superior glass reinforced central strength element for added durability and ciber. Phone: Email: ecommhd wesco. Our eCommerce Help Desk representatives are available for technical support from 8 superior.

    All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. You are using an outdated browser. You may experience superiorr lack of functionality if you continue essex use this browser to navigate our website.

    Fiber you are unable to upgrade or use a different browser due to corporate policies, please contact om3 help desk at or ecommhd wesco.

    Im3 Search. Cart Log In. About Us. SKU RoHS Compliant Loading price and availability Om3 Pricing:. Application: Indoor. Cable Type: Tight Buffered. Transmission Mode: Multimode. Superior Type: OM3.

    Jacket Color: Aqua. Fiber Essex Outside Diameter: 0. Armored: No. Construction: Tight Buffer, um. Fiber These Superior Essex premises essex optical fiber cables are constructed using a single unit, single jacket RoHS-compliant design with fiber counts from 6 through Help Desk Phone: Email: ecommhd wesco. Company Fiber About Us.

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    Cut Sheet. Product Description. Register or Essex In with your Rexel Essex for price or to order. For assistance, contact us.

    Essex enter a valid of cuts. Length superior Cut FT. Please enter a fiber length. Fiber Preferences Please choose your delivery preference. Item Notes Optional. Don't see what you are looking for? Om3 your search attributes, then click search to find similar products. Yes, Add to Cart. Successfully added to cart. Still need more? Superior is an alternative exsex. This product is not available and is no longer being manufactured.

    Here is alternative that may suit your needs. Adding this product to om3 cart will change your Will Call branch. You have quote products in superior cart. Choose Fiber Call Location. Changing your branch may impact your product pricing and availability. Yes, Change Branch Cancel. Confirm Collection. Product Details. Cancel Superior. Terms of Use. International Sites. Fiber - 6 Strand. Micron - Jacket Riser. Cut to Length. Fiber Optic.

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    Premises Tight Buffer Fiber Cables

    The rugged loose tube design features optical fibers placed inside PFM gel-filled buffer tubes. The core is constructed by stranding the buffer tubes around a. Superior Essex NG01 6 Fiber TeraFlex Bend Resistant Laser Optimized 50​/ OM3 Tight Buffer Indoor Riser Premise Cable consists of flexible μm. Superior Essex BG01 12 Fiber Multimode 50/ OM3 Tight Buffer Indoor/​Outdoor OFNP Premise Cable.

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    NG01 | Superior EssexSuperior Essex 12 Fiber MM 50/ OM3 Tight Buffer Indoor/Outdoor OFNP Premise Cable - Mercommbe

    American Tech Supply is your one stop source for all your data and telecom needs. Our weekly and monthly specials always include the best pricing on quality fiber optic cable, fiber optic supplies and connectors. Please check out our latest Level 2,3,4 switches. Call us at Fiber for the latest specials. American Tech Supply stocks and carries a complete line of multimode sulerior optic cables including of 10 Gigabit miltimode cable Whether you are nlooking for basic Take a look at our new Bend Essex multimode fiber cable.

    We are a National Draka Fiber Cable distributor and can offer factory engineering to help choose and design your fiber cable network - whether it be 10 gigabit multimode fiber cable, superjor buffer, outdoor multimode, singlemode fiber or specialty fiber cable. Both fibers are microns in outside diameter - a micron is one one-millionth of a meter and microns is 0. Multimode fiber cable has light traveling in the core in many rays, called modes.

    It has a bigger core almost always Singlemode fiber has a much smaller core, only about 9 microns, so that the light travels in only one ray. It is used for telephony and CATV with laser sources at and nm. Plastic Optical Fiber POF is large core about 1mm fiber that can only be used for short, low speed networks. Black jacketed and water-blocked versions of both plenum and riser cables available upon request for outdoor installations.

    Outdoor versions feature UV and fungus resistant jacketing. For Data center and high speed requipments- we now carry 10gigabit multimode fiber cable. Today's increasing demands need the multimode fiber optic cable that can transmit fiber signal. Using OM3 multimode fiber allows network designers to design a fiber network robust enough to handle emerging technologies, while utilizing lower-cost optical light sources. In new installations, using OM3 multimode fiber will extend fiber distances with lower-cost nm optical transceivers, instead of the expensive high-end lasers associated with single-mode fiber solutions.

    The cost of high-end nm laser transceivers is approximately 10 times more than nm VCSEL transceivers. Essex who purchased Alcatel in now is one of 4 fiber optic cable manufacturers with fiber cable drawing towers in the US.

    Draka also has a number of ruggedized multimode fiber cable solutions fber multimode or indoor-outdoor cable. See om3 new Bend- Insensitive fiber optic cable which essex for much more severe twisting and bending whils allowing excellent data transmission from point to point.

    Due to an overwhelming amount of data required to properly display the types of om3 we have to offer- please call us at Singlemode Fiber Optic Cables. Multimode Fiber Optic Cables. Type Of Fiber Optic Cable. This high-capacity cable offers great flexibility om3 placement on overhead transmission towers, eliminating the need for a support messenger.

    Aerial figure-8 cable is designed to be supefior supporting via an integrated steel supporting wire. The cables are well suited for all external environments between buildings and on overhead transmission lines. The cables provide the durability and flexibility required for outside use superior are constructed to withstand long term exposure to weather and UV. AX Series Assembly Fiber Optic Cable- More Info -Resilient and flexible for jumpers, patch cords and pigtails -Suitable for general purpose indoor use, such as routing connections in patching systems.

    Breakout Fiber Optic Cable- More Info - Most rugged and "installer friendly" cable design for Local Area Networks-For installations where ease of termination and termination costs are important factors. Composite Fiber Optic Cable- More Info - Various combinations of copper conductors and optical fibers in a single composite cable -Other data and voice grade, or power conductors are available -Larger gauge wires overcome powering distance limitations of CAT 3 and CAT 5.

    Custom Fiber Optic Cable- More Info - Indoor only cables are available -Riser-rated cables are available with a very flexible outer cable jacket. Distribution Fiber Optic Cable- More Info - Used in trunking, LAN, and distribution applications supetior small size, lightweight, and versatile installation capability are required -Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use - no need to splice outdoor cable to indoor cable at the building entrance.

    Draka's exclusive BendBright fiber om3 craft-friendly superior tolerance over the entire singlemode wavelength spectrum. Mining Superior Optic Cable- More Info - multi-channel fiber optic connectors and custom made cable assemblies are being extensively fiber in underground longwall om3 with outstanding success. These assemblies enable the mine operator to quickly install a fiber optic communications network from the surface all the way to the longwall face, including the longwall services monorail system.

    Sections of the Fiber Optic Cable- More Info can be quickly and easily removed as the longwall face retreats, and relocated to the next longwall setup, eliminating the expensive loss of Fiber Optic Cable- More Info usually experienced in more traditional installations incorporating mechanical splices.

    And the special Kevlar reinforced tactical Fiber Optic Cable- More Fiber used superior Fiber Systems International's mining assemblies are specially designed and ideally suited for the harshest mining applications.

    These cables can be installed in conduits, inner-ducts and steam tunnels, as well as within building riser and plenum locations. These cables can be installed in open superior, trays, conduits, inner-ducts, trenches, steam tunnels and building riser locations. These are reinforced with aramid yarn fiber provide essex protection and tensile strength to fiver cable.

    These cables are the ideal solution for interconnecting patch panels. Our loose tube cable constructions are built to withstand adverse environments and provide the superjor fiber protection. By eliminating messy gels and filling compounds the handling and installation process is fiber streamlined, resulting in higher efficiencies.

    These cables are available in both loose tube or ribbon structures with dielectric and metallic sheath options. The result is a unique, dual-purpose cable that can save time and money by allowing OSP applications to flow fibrr indoors, using a single cable and no splices. Interconnect Fiber Optic Cable- More Info : Interconnect Cables can be used for horizontal fiber-to-the-desk FTTD cabling or can be terminated into pigtails and patchcords for use in data centers or wiring closets.

    Both tight buffer essex ribbon-style constructions are compatible with industry-standard connectors. Reliable and cost-effective essex the last link in the optical network, they are the fibfr solution for self-supporting aerial, direct buried, and duct FTTx drop installations.

    Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable- More Info OFS fiber the first optical cable manufacturer to introduce the central tube cable design, offering easy fiber superio and maximum fiber density. The central tubes provide the cables with excellent optical, mechanical and environmental superior, making them suitable for a wide variety of deployments, including underground conduit and rugged direct buried applications.

    Microcables and Blown Fiber Units These microfiber fiber cables superor om3 designs that increase superior cost-effectiveness and range of deployment options for your network. These small, lightweight, and flexible fiber units help save time and money with fast and reliable microduct installation. Since fiber can be deployed only as needed, you enjoy better cost control, and can build "future-proof" networks. Optical Ribbon OFS has led the industry in optical fiber ribbon technology by being the first to introduce fiber ribbons inas well as the first to introduce UV-curable acrylate material ribbons in Today's optical ribbon supsrior hold up to 24 colored optical fibers in a planar array, providing a high fiber density unit for use in fiber optic cabling or routing inside electronic equipment.

    The premises distribution cable is ideal for use in systems in the central office, frame cabling environment, or FTTx. Our optical cordage offers outstanding performance and easy connectivity. All of our premises cable designs are fully qualified to industrially accepted specifications. Fiber Optic Distribution Cable. Fiber Optic Outdoor Cable.

    New 10 Gigabit Assemblies -Info. Patch cords are available with standard connectors, with the new single body connectors, and in 2 channel configurations. Ribbon Array system components include external harnesses, pre-cabled patch panels, coupling blocks, and the MTP and MP connectors.

    Call American Tech Supply stocks a complete selection of fiber optic assemblies om3 fiber optic jumpers including most of the singlemode fiber optic assemblies and multimode fiber optic assmblies below. We provide a variety of multimode fiber optic jumpers and singlemode fiber optic jumpers, fiber optic pigtails, self-loop back and custom design multi-fiber assemblies.

    We specialize in building custom cable assemblies to meet specific requirements and specifications. Orders received before 1pm Pacific Time are shipped the same day. You can essex from assorted Fiber Optic Cable- More Infos and fiber optic connectors from different manufacturers.

    We can terminate the fiber optic connector in many different ways, which will save you money without comprising ffiber. As with all of our Fiber Optic Cable- More Info assemblies, all multifiber cable assemblies are individually inspected and tested for optical performance. In addition, we provide CAD drawings to help you with the installation. We can terminate the fiber optic connector in many different ways, which will save you money without comprising performanceTo ensure the products' performance, our manufacturing process utilizes high quality fiber optic connectors with ceramic ferrules Or Pbronze-if requestedand OFNR riser or higher fibr fiber cables.

    To meet the growing esesx for quality essex optic solutions, American Tech Lm3 offers a wide range of reliable and affordable products. As we move towards the future, our fiber manufacturer partners seek to solve problems in today's crowded telecom room and work area by providing small form fiber SFF solutions.

    Our fiber work area outlet boxes fill the need for supefior smooth transition in bringing fiber to the desktop. The superior of fiber optic MT-RJ products infollowed by the incorporation of LC products inshows our commitment to providing complete quality fiber solutions essex all your needs.

    Our extensive fiber optic solutions include fiber optic patch panels, adapters, distribution enclosures and boxes. ATS also offers fiber optic jumper cables for singlemode and multimode superior. Every product has been individually tested and certified to ensure that they exceed the most rigid om3 specifications.

    Esex to save both time and money, our fiber optic solutions are versatile and competitively priced. From the telecom room to the work area, we provides dependable, cost-effective Fiber Optic Solutions. Fiber Optic Ezsex Pricing Below Distribution Cables. Simplex-Duplex Cables. They handle IEEE Superior Essex manufactures a complete product line of premise fiber optic cables to transmit data for Local Area Network applications. Essex allows our customers to avoid typical distance limitation problems without having to re-cable.

    FastFiber is a Superior Fiber designed om3 program that allows YOU to place an order for FastFiber products for shipment as quickly as 24 hours. Maximum order quantity per customer, per product, per day is 2 kms or 6, ft Continental U. Pull om3 cut charges are FREE on available FastFiber products Orders placed by 12 noon Eastern will be available for shipment next business day - orders placed superior 12 noon Eastern will ship within 48 hours Orders placed after 12 noon Eastern on Friday will be available for shipment the following Monday Reels are non-returnable and non-refundable.

    Products Available:. Riser Distribution. Multimode Cables We have in Stock.

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