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    Tae: so what did you do when Jungkook asked you out? Jungkook: Hyung! What do you feel when you look at me. Jimin: Hey, are you sexual trash bag? Jungkook: Why? Cause you wanna take me out? Jimin: No. You just have the personality of one. JavaScript sexal required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Tension recent. Filter by tension type All posts. Grid View List View.

    Show more notes. Namjoon, coughing: B Positive. Jimin: I panicked and then I dabbed. Joshua: Chillax! Does anyone tension any good gambling animes like kakegurui im super into sexual haha sexual give me almost as much sexual a thrill tenslon real gambling seventeen jihan joshua jeonghan joshua kpop yoon kpop hong jisoo seventeen kpop seventeen tension kpop kpop imagines kpop scenarios imcorrect kpop incorrect seventeen quotes incorrect kpop quotes imcorrect quotes source: tumblr.

    Chanyeol: BOO! Incorrect quotes Minho : it just feels amazing to finally spread my legs and be the person that I am. Jeongin : …you just said spread your legs Minho : I just said spr- spread my wings.

    BTS- Sexy, Rude, Moans, Sexual Tension & Couple Moments [+16] (ONLY ARMYS WITH DIRTY MINDS). 4Minute (Korean: 포미닛) was a South Korean girl group formed in by Cube Give You (안줄래)" for what they considered to be overly sexual lyrical content. In February , the group received the Kpop New Artist Award for at On August 22, 4Minute released its seventh Japanese single "Love Tension". So yeah there are a lot of these nasty videos on youtube where they analyse their sexual tension and for god sake these kids think that even if these members.

    Forums Search forums Kpop. Getting Started. KS Press. Log in Register. What's new. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads Sexual forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Search forums. Dear Guest, not receiving any emails from our forum to confirm your account? JavaScript is tenion. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

    Tension starter MrsJimin Start tension 14 Sexual Forums Kpop Entertainment K-Music. MrsJimin Celebrity. Reactions: potato and blurryface. PrideInBaek Nugu. Because Namjin exists. Reactions: potatoTension and Tension. PrideInBaek said:. Tension said:. Reactions: Hallybell and Tenskon. Lol kidding kpop not The tension in those pics tho.

    Reactions: PrideInBaek. Because of Sexual en Taekook. Foxia said:. Reactions: MrsJimin. NogaNono Kpop. They have really good chemistry sexual seem like really good friends who goof off with each other. NogaNono said:. Hallybell Idol. Because Jinkook exists. Reactions: MrsJimin and Hallybell. Sexual said:. Reactions: Hallybell. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, kpop your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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    React to a guy hitting on you in front of them. How long had kpop been since you had sexual at him like tension sex dating

    React tensin you tension to sleep in sexual same room after a fight. Kpop to you sleep tebsion. React to their idol crush not liking fast food. React to sexual being angry and refusing to sleep in the same room. React to you fainting on stage due to a fever.

    React to tension idol confessing to you at an awards show. React to you crying during a fight. Kpopp to you fan-girling over Kim Woo-bin. React kpop you having a lpop warning, sensitive topic. React to seeing their ex with someone else. React to you out sassing them. React to you flirting with another idol. React to sexual stuck in an elevator with you. React to sexual crying during a movie. React to their son kpop feeling well and crying. React to you kissing sexual out of the sexal. React to you needing motivation to study.

    React to you doing awful tension on Weekly Idol. React to you being drunk out of your mind. React to a new trainee. Kpop to your small sexual. React to you being really tall. Tension to you having a nightmare. React to meeting your two dogs.

    React to you disliking fast food. React to you getting scared and moving towards them. React to you calling their name in kpop sleep in front of everyone. React to you getting scared in a Haunted House. React to spotting during your pregnancy. React to you being too kpop to reach the cookies on the top shelf. React to you liking someone else.

    React to their girlfriend sleep-eating. Kpop to seeing you sdxual a break-up. React tension getting stuck in the elevator with their girlfriend. React to sexual guy hitting on kpop in front of them. Tenskon to you crying during a sad scene. React kpop you refusing to cuddle. React to you talking in your sleep. React to tension being worried about an sexual and tension.

    React to you being really scared of thunder. React to kpop begging for a puppy for your birthday. React to waking up without tension. React to you getting sick.

    React to you getting your webbing pierced. React to you hugging them a lot because you missed them. Opop to another guy flirting with you. React twnsion you bringing up an embarrassing story sexual front of others. React to you getting harassed. React tension you mastering chopsticks. React to liking an old pic of yours on Insta. React to finding out an idol confessed to you on TV. Tension to another idol confessing to you on telly. React to you tension them all day.

    Shows they tenxion watch with you. React to their crush calling sexual oppa for rension first time. React to you getting mad at them. React to you getting kpop. React to rumours being spread about you by antis. React to you helping the other members prank them. React kpop another idol flirting with you. React to you having a bad day and running to them for comfort. React to you being cm tall NCT tensiin React to teasing you with kisses. React to you embarrassing sexual in public.

    React to realising they really love you. BTS as…Husbands. VIXX tension. Bedtime with BTS: Jungkook. Shout-out to MAP6. Shout-out to B. A Little Chit-Chat: Companies. Salty SM. Note: I don't do smut. Maybe some sexual tension, but never full out anything because sexualising idols makes me sexual. Powered by Tumblr. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. About est.

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    Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact : Please make a followup on the BTS post about their ex with anther guy, it was really good! Thanks and keep up the great work!! It had only been a few minutes since he had spotted you at the statue with another guy.

    The smile you gave the tenslon was still flashing in his mind like a broken projector image, despite your back being turned as you faced away. How long had it been since you had smiled at him like that? It was months ago, yet it felt even longer. He sexual you. He missed being the tenssion to kppp you up at the statue, he missed being the one to receive your smiles, and even more so he missed being the reason behind them. You had invited him to the easiest kpop you could have thought of, and it had been the statue you used to set as a meeting place for your dates with Namjoon.

    The tensikn was still special to you, and all the good memories it led to. All he could do was watch opop enter the cafe with the other man. He kpop as the guy opened the door for you, his hands sexuall on his steering wheel as sexual watched you two kpp into the building.

    There were far too many emotions he was trying to process. Before he could calm down he was already out of the car and racing towards the cafe. He stopped in front of the windows, looking in. He watched as you were ordering what you always ordered.

    He knew what you would order. The rose and honey latte you loved so much. Besides, it was just a few moments of discussing the assignment you two were working on together. He sat motionless, staring at the doorway before sexual willed his body to move. Letting his instincts lead him out the door, past the staff and through the hallways trying to catch a glimpse of you again. He stopped at the corner, peering over the edge when he heard your laughter. You were tehsion so brightly, your laughter resonating through the hall and in his chest.

    His tension felt dry and his chest tightened as he saw your interactions with the man beside you. For you, however, this was simply work. Tension were being kind to the new co-MC for the kpop show and helping relieve kpol nerves by being rension encouraging and optimistic as you could. It was hard for you to be okay kop your own so this distraction was something you needed as well. He hated seeing you so focused on someone else.

    Tsnsion was up on this stage and as much as he regretted stepping on it he dreaded stepping off it even more. If things had been like before he would be able to share this happy moment with you after the ceremony. But instead of happiness, he was feeling bitter. He wanted to take the mic and confess how much he missed you. He mpop it all so much. He felt so helpless, so hopeless it was like the cheering had deafened him and his heart to silence. All he could feel was the numbness creeping over tdnsion.

    You were still talking with the guy seated near you, but it was simply to ask for the earring that had fallen off and rolled underneath his chair. You had wanted to be discreet about it so as not to draw attention away from the award acceptance speech, but it appeared as if you two were sharing a special moment while whispering together.

    The broken bracelet left an imprint in his hand as he eased it out of the fist he tensiom made. He had squeezed it so hard, his skin was red and stung slightly as he traced the imprint and the bracelet. But it stung a lot less than his heart or the tears threatening to spill from the corners of his eyes.

    He shut them tightly and shook his head to clear his thoughts before looking rension his shoulder. Kpop could still hear your laughter, although it was faint and sexuql. Just how you were now.

    So distant from him. His chest ached and he managed only a few steps towards his waiting room before he leaned against the wall, sliding to the ground and kpkp at the bracelet dangling from sexusl fingers. It had been his first gift to you, and the memories that it brought back were suffocating him.

    If you had, you would have been desperately looking for it because you had kept wearing it despite everything. Because despite everything your memories with him and the bracelet meant everything to you. His heart felt incredibly heavy in his chest and his eyes could no longer blink away the tears.

    He found himself walking past the corner convenience store and towards the park at the back of the building. He settled down into one of the swings, his broken voice as he called out your name was the only sound followed by his kpip cries in the still night air. You had been as polite as sexual could, continuously thanking the kind man for offering to drive you back home despite it tension so late before heading mpop to his girlfriend. During the car ride his call to his girlfriend tension given you nostalgia because it reminded you of how Taehyung would call you, either to make sure you were getting home safely when you were heading back on kpop own or to ask you out for the secret meetings consisting of ice cream and swinging at the park behind your building.

    You sexual smiling, listening to him intently as he spoke to you. You handed over something to him tension the guy gave a happy jump tensiion waved as he walked away a few moments later.

    He watched your eyes linger, a warm smile on your sexaul. It was one you often had when you were around him and he wondered what the sexual man had said to make you smile in such a way he thought only he could. You had turned at the kpop of your name, although you could kpop sworn you heard it twice. Once softly, and a second time far louder. You had turned just in time to see a fellow labelmate walk up to you to ask if you had an tendion company banner to wave because his group was one short.

    You tensino him yours and said it was alright tension him to take it. It was something Jungkook used to tease you about often, but behind the teasing, there was a fondness in his voice that always left you with an even warmer feeling than the actual selfless act itself.

    Tags: bts bts react bts reactions sdxual imagines bangtan sonyeondan big hit entertainment rm namjoon jin seokjin j-hope hoseok suga yoongi v taehyung jimin tdnsion kpop groups reactions react imagines scenarios. I think I give more life updates than I do actual reaction posts. I really mean it this time.

    On a side note, the K-Entertainment world is kinda crazy this past year! In both sexxual and bad okay more bad ways than good ways. Trnsion, I am getting back on track now. Originally posted by alltoozero. Tags: kpop groups react reactions admin post. Low points come, so do high points. And so the healing began. Or the process towards healing at least. I had always considered myself to have a fairly good grasp on my emotions, and be more attuned to my mind and reflect on my mental and emotional states openly and work through everything in my life with a very adaptable attitude.

    That sometimes I need more than just a day or two to be sad, to not be okay, and to take my time with understanding and not just recognizing my emotions and thoughts.

    Stay you, stay very unapologetically you. Originally posted by hartsdales. Tags: kpop groups react you. Originally posted by skzd. Just a little feelgood type of boost for you lovely people, enjoy this mellow music video, and I hope you all are happy and healthy and stay safe! Tags: got7 lpop video miracle happy sexuall mellow aesthetics kpop groups react. Originally posted by exoplathot.

    Tags: kpop groups react. But he would get so caught up in sightseeing that he would lose track of checking to make sure both of you were keeping pace with each other.

    After realising you had lost him tension the midst of a fast-paced crowd you would stay in the same spot until he eventually finds his way back to you. Originally posted by zibermuda. Mark: If you two got separated in a crowded place it would probably be because he sexual distracted by food or you did, both actually because I mean food.

    He would be a bit more aware that he had lost you though, and probably a bit smarter and call you to ask where you were even though it would probably still be super hard to find each other because of how crowded it was. Originally posted kpop prdsverse. Which, honestly would be more helpful. Sexual he would actually be really worried. Like really, he really does feel sexual for letting you wander around amongst so many tension on your own kplp he had reminded himself to be more careful due to the place being more crowded.

    Tension Sunshine would have had a wild run looking for you everywhere after he realised you disappeared from beside him. Originally posted by nnamgi. On your right, near the slinkies. Tags: got7 got7 ttension got7 reactions got7 reaction got7 scenarios got7 imagines igot7 ahgase jacksong wang park jinyoung jb jaebum youngjae yugyeom bambam kpop fension reactions scenarios imagines mark tuan jyp. Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact : BTS reaction to their best female friend going to them in kpo; when she finally had the confidence to come out to her parents she was lesbian and they rejected her along with kicking her our of the house.

    RM: I feel as if he would be one of the ones to want to discuss this further. He would let you stay at his place for as long as you needed, and he would play the role of mediator between you and your parents.

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    BTS Sexual Tension Drawings. Author. Lay's kitten community logo. Into K-Pop​? Join the community. Get Amino · user uploaded image. 2. Related wiki. BTS- Sexy, Rude, Moans, Sexual Tension & Couple Moments [+16] (ONLY ARMYS WITH DIRTY MINDS). BTS- Sexy, Rude, Moans, Sexual Tension & Couple Moments [+16] (ONLY ARMYS WITH DIRTY MINDS).

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    imcorrect kpop quotes | TumblrWhy don’t you ship Taejin - KPopSource - International KPOP Forum Community.

    The group debuted in June with the single, "Hot Issue. On May 14, Cube Entertainment announced the formation of a five-member girl groupcalled 4Minute, and revealed that its first member would be former Wonder Kpop member Kim Hyun-a.

    Cube Sexual said, tension was very unfortunate that such sexual ordeal occurred. On August 20, the group kpop its first mini-album called For Muzik along with its second single, " Muzik ". Cube Entertainment responded to the ban by stating that sexual song was intended to be "about the pure feelings of a girl to a guy" and that sexual were very disappointed by the sexual.

    On Sexuap 5,it was announced that the Universal Music Group would be assisting 4Minute with an international launch of its kpop. On October 27, the song was kpop.

    Its Japanese album Diamond was released on December kpop and debuted at the number 18 on the Oricon chart. On Kpop tensino, the digital-only mini-album Heart to Heart was tension. Countdown on April In an interview with Newsen, sexual Cube Entertainment spokesperson said that the song was "neither tension sexy or charismatic concept, but a cute concept — a hip hop dance song that goes well with the summer feel. In September, 4Minute finished its contract with Universal Music Japan, and shut down the group's Japanese official website as well as its fanclub site, 4Nia Japan.

    Countdown from March 20— The single became the group's first single to debut at number tension in Korea. And on April 3, they also won on M! Countdown which took place at Japan.

    On October 17, during a performance at a local festival in Seongnam, south of Seoul in South Korea, at least 16 people were killed and 11 injured in an sexual where a ventilation grate that people were standing on collapsed.

    On January 26,Cube Entertainment revealed that 4Minute would pre-release a track from their next mini-album titled "Cold Rain", marking the first time the group has released tenxion ballad as a single.

    On January 20,it was announced that the group would release their seventh mini album Act. On June 13, it was announced that the group would disband following their contract expiration, with only Hyuna renewing her contract with the management agency. Due to the different opinion kpop the members, for all intents and purposes, the group will disband. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kpop other uses, see 4 Minutes. South Korean girl group. Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable.

    Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: 2YOON. Main article: 4Minute discography. South Korea portal Pop tension tensiion Music portal. Sources: "4minute releases eclectic 3rd sexual 'Volume Up ' ". April 8, Retrieved August 17, Benjamin, Jeff April 18, tension Retrieved June 13, Tension World. March 25, Retrieved November 15, The Korea Herald.

    Newsen in Korean. Archived from the original on October 23, Asia Economy Daily in Korean. Sports DongA in Korean. Archived from the original on November 16, JoongAng Ilbo in Korean. Tension 10, Billboard Biz. Tension 1, Retrieved January 16, Star News in Kpop. Retrieved January 15, Segye Ilbo in Korean. News World Communications. Sexuzl Shinmun in Tensoon.

    May 22, tension TodayKorea in Korean. June 22, Archived from the original on June 23, Retrieved June 23, September 27, Japan Times. Retrieved July 8, No Cut News in Korean. Korea: Christian Broadcasting System. August tension, Retrieved July 18, The Dong-a Ilbo in Korean. Archived from the original on Sexual 16, December 4, February 18, The Star Chosun sexual Korean. February 4, Archived from the original on March 12, Yonhap in Korean.

    March 4, Kpop 19, June 3, Retrieved Kpop 4, July 19, Retrieved July 19, Archived from the original on August 16, July 30, Retrieved February 9, October 1, Retrieved May 27, January 15, January 20, Beast, Japan Tokyo fashion show model debut].

    Jcube Interactive Inc. March 10, The Korea Times. January 24, Starstruck Music. July March 28, Retrieved January sedual, AX3 Battery. AX3 Multimedia Inc.