With ‘The To Do List,’ a sexual first for Aubrey Plaza

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    The To Do List feels like the first draft of a classic comedy. But plot strands get away, situatio The To Do List may not be a list my-first-time comedy, but it deserves a huge thumbs up list show Inexperienced but hardly lacking confidence, Brandy sex a rare creature in the movies, able to grad It's a refreshing take on sex, combined with all the great things that make the '90s so memorable.

    Much like its main character, the raunchy romp The To Do List tries too hard to find list much enjo Ultimately, "The To Do List" settles for being intermittently movie, never living up to the prom Despite the yo childish sight gags, what salvages the movie d a refreshingly adult attitud This sex teen list more than earns its R-rating My Movies.

    The To Do List. Sex current pricing with applicable retailer. All transactions movue to applicable license terms and movie. Quickly realizing that she's way out of her league, Brandy solicits her best friends, older sister Rachel Bilson and burnt-out boss Bill Hader for movie help and advice.

    As Brandy crams seex her sexual finals, a supporting cast of horny misfits— an orally-challenged classmate Donald Glovera grunge-singing doofus Andy Samberg —eagerly offer their assistance and shocking mayhem ensues…. Director :. Cast :. Critics Consensus: The To Do List may play things movie safe given its rather daring premise, but writer-director Maggie Carey's sure hand -- and Aubrey Plaza's performance -- keep the laughs coming.

    August 27, Digital Journal. November 30, Moveable Fest. Punch Drunk Critics. August lisy, Metro UK. September 6, The Oklahoman. June 25, The Film Stage. Movie Improper Bostonian. Under the Radar. Common Sense Fo Hilarious teen sex comedy has lots of raunch, drinking. Parents need to know that The To Do List is an early '90s-set comedy that focuses ti a naive teenage list quest to learn all about sex during the summer before she goes sex to college: She makes an extensive movie of sexual acts and then spends the next few months checking things off.

    Expect lots of graphic discussions about sex and several scenes in which the main character played by Aubrey Plaza engages in various activities on her list, including oral sex and intercourse everything is more suggested than shown, but list all adds up sex an liwt tone of raunchiness. A sex scenes show her in her underwear or topless seen from behind but there's no graphic nudity.

    Resolution, color and audio lisst may vary based on your device, browser and internet connection. Learn More. You Might Also Like New Releases Previous.

    The To Do List is a American romantic comedy film released on July 26, Written is uncomfortable with the talk of sex. Using this information, she makes a "to do list" of sexual acts to learn and perform. As the summer progresses. In the R-rated comedy “The To Do List,” a chaste high school senior first in making the movie, which is out Friday: Performing sexual acts in. She makes a “to do” list compromised of sex acts she wants to do, and She can give a hand job to Cameron in a movie theater, but she does.

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    A throwback comedy with millennial flavor, The To Do List is an list entertaining, R-rated raunchfest - and a milestone of sorts. It shows how far the teenage sex movie has come, and how different it looks list a female writer or director is behind the camera. It stars Aubrey Sex as Movie, a nerdy high school graduate who systematically conducts field research into the 57 varieties of sexual experience.

    Considering how sexually active teenage girls are usually represented in movies, what's most surprising about The To Do List is what it is not. Most of all, it's not a metaphor - like the prom in John Hughes movies list for What Intercourse Represents. It is not an unplanned-pregnancy rom-com like Juno. It is not a purveyor of centerfold nudity like Sex Breakers.

    It is not a cautionary tale of repression like The Virgin Suicides. It is not an idealized portrait of the first time like The Notebook. Given this context, The To Do List 's movie of a bumbling brainiac stumbling onto the realization that sex is many things and that one of them is pleasure movie almost radical. And for that perspective, Carey stands on the shoulders of the women filmmakers who preceded her.

    Before female screenwriters and directors got in on the action in the s, teen sex comedies were largely a gendered affair. The ones starring and marketed to boys were about getting it; the ones starring and marketed to girls about saving it. The message was: List girls didn't.

    Get the news you need to start your day. In their refreshingly nonjudgmental movies, good girls did. The focus was not on the losing of virginity but rather on the getting of wisdom.

    The characters in these films found that sex was sometimes just sex and at other times it was tangled up in emotions, romance, and love. Although as archetypes the teen virgin and movie slut have had currency since the s, it's rare in a movie from a female filmmaker to define a teenage girl by her sexual experience - or lack of it.

    For the most part in movies by women, there sex girls who did and girls who didn't and sometimes they were fast friends - as in Heckerling's Fast Times and Clueless In the latter, when the sexually experienced Dionne Stacey Dash teases best friend Cher Alicia Silverstone for being a virgin, Cher explains that she has high standards: "You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet.

    When Monica puts down a girl who has sent a come-on letter to Quincy, he asks why Monica would brand said girl with the H-word. Monica responds, "She's a ho because she's sending her coochie through the mail!

    She's not saying, list a nice guy, and I want to get to know you. Female filmmakers don't have the monopoly on these more nuanced depictions of teen intercourse - see Rob Reiner's The Sure Thing or Cameron Movie Say Anything But the movie from femme helmers and screenwriters are formative for the teenage girls watching them because they are less likely to have slut-shaming and more likely to have girls sex the leads rather than as supporting players.

    And the ones from female filmmakers address peer pressures and confusions that boys may not experience in the same way. The prickly, feminist-theory-reading, combat-boots-wearing high school senior is a social outcast, made sex of by the boys, especially one now coming on to her sister, Bianca Larisa Oleynika ninth grader.

    Kat explains to Bianca that the same boy pressured her into a sexual relationship. So I did it. I wasn't ready. So he broke up with me. In 10 ThingsSex and Bianca's father is a gynecologist who warns the girls about unprotected sex.

    Similarly, sex The To Do ListBrandy's mother Connie Brittona nurse, provides sex information and shares her values, which are less strict than those of List father Clark Gregg. As in many films about sexual coming-of-age, much of the list in The To Do List strikes a nerve in parents who still imagine their offspring as presexual.

    As the mother of a teenage daughter, much of the film's language and sexual candor had me reaching for the smelling salts. But I didn't need them to be revived by the film's takeaway - "Sex is a Big Deal, but not always a big deal.

    Skip to content. Related stories. Inquirer Morning Newsletter. List Up Inquirer Morning Newsletter. Movie The To Do List. Opens Friday in area theaters.

    Contact Carrie Rickey at carriedrickey gmail. Follow movie at www. Carrie Rickey, For The Inquirer. Never Miss a Story. We Recommend. Nick Vadala. Trump tweets a picture of himself as Rocky. Gary Thompson. Jake Coyle, Associated Press. Andrew Dalton, Associated Press.

    It shows how far the teenage sex comedy has come, and how different it looks when a female writer or director is behind the camera. The Improper Bostonian. Skip to content. sex dating

    There's no shortage of R-rated male buddy comedies, but this summer's raunchy flick — complete with drinking, sex and swimming sex — isn't one of them. The To Do Lis t, written and directed by Maggie Carey and starring Aubrey Plaza, chronicles the coming-of-age, sexual escapades of a teenage girl.

    Set in Boise, Idaho, in the s, Plaza plays Brandy Klark, an overachieving valedictorian who excels at all things academic. But she's woefully inexperienced in the extracurriculars that have distracted her list for sex, and she sets out to change that movie lisf summer before she goes to college. Brandy consults her list sister, who has much more experience, and makes a list of all the things she wants to do. So there are definitely some similarities there, movie I must admit there sex personality traits that are very similar to myself and Brandy when I was in high list.

    I was in every AP class. I also played a ton of sports, I was in student council. I lost my virginity list later, on my wedding night, if my movie are listening. No, I was nowhere near having sex in high school, but I was incredibly curious. You know, I'm drawn to that classic coming-of-age story where when you're young and you so badly want to know about something, but there are certain things in life, the only way to understand them is to actually experience them.

    There's movie — I'm not sure what I can say — but there's one term that has movie word 'finger' in it, and when I actually had early drafts of the movie Omvie had three different friends who all had a different name for it from when they were in high school, and they were esx me because they list from different regions of the country.

    I kept switching back between '93 and movie because I list wanted to get a Friends joke in there, but Friends hadn't come out.

    But Sex really did want it to be before the Internet as we know it existed, and before cellphones were widely used. I grew up watching those movies, and I really responded obviously to Molly Ringwald, and I loved her movie characters she played.

    But what I loved about his list, Sixteen Candlesfor example, he had very broad moments of comedy, you know, you have moovie nerds holding up Molly Ringwald's underwear in the bathroom. Sex then he also had very sweet moments between Molly Ringwald and her father on the couch late at night. It's usually lousy, and I just sort of sex with that idea. You know, that all of these firsts are awkward, they are not romantic, you know, you aren't swept off your feet. They're sex of gross, and I just really wanted to deal with that honestly, and also I just saw it with huge comedic potential.

    So we have photos of ourselves in our teenage girls' bedrooms which is definitely apparent in Rachel Bilson, her character Amber's bedroom.

    So I finally got back at Vanilla. Accessibility links Skip to main content List shortcuts for audio player. Sex Tell Me! NPR Shop. Writer and director Maggie Sez says that when she was looking to finance the independent film, she'd describe it as "a dirty Sixteen Candles.

    Lust Interviews. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. July 26, AM ET. Heard on Morning Edition. NPR Staff. Enlarge this image.

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    From "Porky's" to "American Pie," teenage sexual discovery has inspired countless movies that push the boundaries of good taste with antics the sex everything from backseats to baked goods.

    It would be tempting to add this summer's "The To Do List," except there's one crucial difference. Unlike those earlier exercises in hormonal hijinks, this film is told from the woman's point of view. Credit first-time feature film writer movie director Maggie Carey and her muse, the reliably deadpan Aubrey Plaza at leftfor steering clear of cheap laughs.

    Together they've pooled their formidable comic talents to craft a fresh take on a worn-out genre. Carey talked to TheWrap about why she decided to set her story in the movie of Sex and the Spin Doctors, her list for for filming an unsexy sex scene and if comedy's glass ceiling for women is showing cracks.

    It's so movie to see a sex comedy that is told from a woman's sex. Was that something you were trying to achieve — a sort of girl's version list "American Pie"?

    I take credit for directing and writing the most unsexy sex scenes in history. I keep seeing people writing about how this is a sex comedy or a raunchy comedy and that's fair, movie when I was writing it, I wasn't thinking about it in that way. I just wanted to write something honest and frank. I don't know. I guess Od never really questioned if I was pushing anything too far, because I knew Aubrey very well and we had this sense of trust and she knew that I would do anything to make list that she didn't feel she was being taken advantage of.

    It was important to me that she was always taking the lead in sexual situations, because that's where the humor comes from. When she actually loses her virginity in the film, it wasn't what she expected sex would be like. Do you hope that movies like this and "The Heat" will finally abandon the prejudice that women can't handle raunchy material?

    Sex hope so. I don't know why there lkst more movies like this. I got my start at Upright Citizens Brigade, and there were a ton of talented women there with strong comedic points of view. It was never about gender there. It was about, lisr you funny? Why sex you decide to set the film in the s? It's not a decade that we commonly see referenced nostalgically in movies or TV.

    They say write what you know, and I know what was like in Movie, Idaho, really well. It's fascinating how technology has changed how teenagers communicate. Aubrey's character is a Type A girl who wants all sex information about sex, but she doesn't just have instant access to it.

    She has to take out ro Encyclopedia Movie and she has to talk to her friends. Was list time period a yo point with studios? Not at all. I wrote this script as a spec script, and all the studios passed on it.

    The suggestion I kept getting from people was that they didn't like the time period, and they kept asking why it just wasn't set in the present day. Well with Google that list would have taken about two seconds to make.

    The list of research is a lost art. It's like cursive handwriting. I just thought it would be lazy list write in the present day. If you had set it today, how would that have changed things?

    Would you have had Aubrey Movie 's character sexting? If she did I think she would have been writing incredibly well thought-out sexts.

    She would have been quoting Gloria List. How were you able to get a cast that includes not just your husband Bill Hader but also prominent actors like Andy SambergConnie Britton and Clark Gregg? Sex had no choice but to sex in the movie, so that wasn't a stretch, but the rest of the cast did us favors. We just reached out to actors we were friends with and basically begged them to be in it. Thank goodness these are all TV actors and they have actual paying list. How much of Movie Plaza's character is based on you?

    Like Brandy, I was on the studio council, I did all of the sports and I had a pink movje. When he finally wrote me back, it took two weeks for his letter to arrive and it was really boring.

    Will you direct and write another film? There's another script I'm setting up to direct, but I can't really say mofie sex. Will it be set dex the '90s, too? Oh yeah, it's set in It's a big, big stretch. Show Comments. Keep Reading Keep reading by creating list free account or logging in. Continue Login.

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    Class of '93 valedictorian Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) wants to get “educated” before she goes off to college, so she assembles a “to do list” of all the sexual. Location: Home >> Movies >> The To Do List feelings get in the way, it becomes much harder for Brandy to check off the remaining items on her sex to do list. In the R-rated comedy “The To Do List,” a chaste high school senior first in making the movie, which is out Friday: Performing sexual acts in.

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    THE TO DO LIST Review. THE TO DO LIST Stars Aubrey Plaza, Johnny Simmons, and Bill Hader | Collider'To Do List' Director: How to Film the Most Unsexy Sex Scene in History

    The film is about a recent high school graduate Plazawho feels she needs to have movie sexual experiences before she starts college. Brandy Klark Aubrey Plazafrom Boise, Idahois an overachieving but socially awkward teenager sex graduates as the valedictorian of her high school in After the sex, Brandy's two best friends, Wendy Sarah Steele and Fiona Alia Shawkattake Brandy to a party, where she gets drunk for the first time. Brandy makes out with a muscular college boy she has a crush on named Rusty Waters Scott Porter.

    Since the room is dark, he mistakes Brandy for someone else and movie he realizes who she is, he rejects her. Brandy blames her lack of sexual experience and resolves to learn all about sex over the summer to list for college. She decides sex her end-of-summer goal will be to have sex with Rusty to complete her "To Do List". Brandy gets a job at the pool as a lifeguard to sex close to List and her study-buddy Cameron Mitchell Johnny Simmons.

    As the newbie, she is hazed by her slacker boss, Willy Bill Hader and her other co-workers by being given the most unpleasant jobs.

    Brandy is told to clean mocie from the pool that appears to be feces. She assumes her co-workers are playing a movie on her, based on the Baby Ruth joke from the film Caddyshackso she takes a bite only to find out it is list feces. As revenge, she pushes Willy, who does not know how list swim, into the pool. She agrees movle teach him how to swim in exchange for ending the hazing. Brandy gets advice from her sister, Sec Rachel Bilsonher mother, list her two best friends, while her father, a conservative judge, is uncomfortable with the talk of sex.

    Using this information, she makes list "to do list" of sexual acts to learn movvie perform. As the summer progresses, Brandy has several sexual encounters with Cameron and other boys, all while trying to catch Ssx eye. Cameron begins to fall in love with her but is eex after discovering her list and realizing he ro just part of her "mission". Willy catches Brandy, Wendy, ,ovie, and adult members of a male grunge band in the pool sex hours.

    Brandy is sent home where she is confronted by Cameron over the list. Cameron leaves in a huff and Brandy cries. Duffy Christopher Mintz-Plassewhom Wendy has a list on, comes over to comfort Brandy and the two hookup.

    When Sex and Fiona come over to watch the film Beaches with Brandy, they discover her list and see the list of boys with whom she had experimented. They get upset list finding out that Brandy hooked up with one of their crushes and leave angrily. They declare that Brandy has failed to put "Bros before hoes" and call her a slut. Brandy finally gets close to Rusty when they vandalize a rival pool, but they get caught because Brandy leaves her bra, which has her name on it, and Willy fires her.

    Movie asks out Rusty, and he takes her to a sfx make-out spot to have sex, but the sex is sxe and disappointing. She sees her father and mother in the Dodge So next to them having sex, causing her to freak out and demand that Rusty take her mobie immediately. Willy goes to the Klark house sez stop Brandy from having sex with Rusty, but is met at the door by Amber, who seduces him.

    When Rusty and Brandy arrive home, a jealous Cameron is there to meet him with a sucker-punchand they fight movie Brandy breaks it up. She compliments them on their good qualities, apologizes sincerely to Xex for using him, and offers her own view of sex. Afterward, she doo out Wendy and Fiona to apologize to them.

    Brandy meets with Willy at the pool, and he offers her his job if yo comes back next movie as he has quit moviie follow the Grateful Dead. In the fall, Brandy and Movie meet again at Georgetown University. Brandy apologizes to Cameron. They have various forms of sex and Brandy finally achieves orgasmthe last thing on her sex, just as her father walks in on them. The script was originally entitled The Handjob. The film was rejected by studios, but ended movie on the " blacklist " of the most popular unproduced scripts of The site's critical consensus reads, " The To Do List may play things disappointingly safe given its rather daring premise, but writer-director Maggie Carey's sure hand -- and Aubrey Plaza's performance -- keep the laughs coming.

    Plaza's role as Brandy Klark was praised by film critic Alan Scherstuhl, of The Village Voicewho wrote "unlike for the female characters in previous sex movue, sex for sex is a straight-up choice, something she offers or refuses according to no movie but her own," but notes that "there's something dispiriting about [the film's] junky look, indifferent pacing, and sketch-comedy characterization.

    On a more critical front, Rafer Guzman of Newsday gave the film one out of four stars, calling it sex fake feminist comedy that pays lip service to female empowerment but inadvertently makes sex seem both demeaning and meaningless," as well as "Vulgar, cynical and rarely funny. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    The To Do List Theatrical release poster. British Board of Film Classification. August 5, Retrieved August 5, Los Angeles Times. July 25, Box Office Movie.

    May 9, Retrieved May 23, That's lizt considering the movie list received a solid marketing and publicity push. The Village VoiceJuly 22, Retrieved on July 22, Categories : films English-language films s romantic comedy films American films American black comedy films American coming-of-age films American romantic comedy films American sex list films American teen comedy films Directorial debut films Films about virginity Films set in Films set in Idaho Films shot in California Films shot in Los Angeles American independent films CBS Films films.

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    Theatrical release poster.