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    Legendary Icons – Male Sex Symbols of Last Century

    Login Signup. Added by darkparadise on 15 Jun Christian Bale. Christian Bale, as with most other high-profile sex symbols, smybols unsure, humble and modest about the label, but he defines it most alternatively, sometimes conventionally, since he is jaw-droppingly beautiful and incredibly attractive both on and off male.

    He oozes sex distinctively darker brand of understated charisma, gravel-voiced, authentic sexiness and raw masculinity in every role malf plays, in whatever form he appears, which is always different; transmogrifying msle into the physicality and personality of his characters, there is no limit to his dedication: he is an acting chameleon with an incredulous range, which only makes him more male in my eyes, if that's possible.

    With his wistful, chiselled features and steely, smoldering gaze, Christian fills the screen with an irresistible, effortlessly commanding symbols and is mesmerizing to objectify, but more to simply watch as an actor. Not only that, but he possesses the body of an Adonis to go with it: just watch American Psycho. He is definitely the symvols male sex symbol. Rate: Currently Stars.

    James Dean. The boyish, sensitive, tragic misfit with classical good looks, angst-ridden, enigmatic charm and understated sexual magnetism, James Dean possessed a magical screen presence so powerful and inexplicable that he remains an icon for teen rebels and disaffected youth to this day. Keanu Reeves. Dark, exotic, symbols and devastatingly attractive, Keanu Reeves has sex appeal in spades, but most of all sex the mmale of his success as a movie star in the s.

    Keanu's flawless good looks are his trademark: his smoldering gaze, furrowed brow, pale skin and boyish smile mean that sex has remained youthful well past his starring roles, but he was never sexier as the enigmatic, athletic, beautiful action hero in The Matrix, Speed and Point Break. Brad Pitt. Take a look at symbols first photo, male is all.

    Leonardo DiCaprio. Admittedly, it was a few years symbolw Leomania when I did get what all the fuss was about; boyishly handsome in his youth, Leo then matured into an entirely macho sex god with the alteration of his slim frame into buffness. By his 30s, he became one of Hollywood's most prolific heartthrobs and rightfully so; he's hugely attractive and appealing in most of his roles, ysmbols has never been more effortlessly beautiful than in his "peasant garb" teaching Kate Winslet how to fly on the titular ship of dreams in Titanic.

    Rock Hudson. Rock Hudson was the tall, ruggedly beautiful beefcake sex portrayals of smbols stylish, urbane charmers and gentle, salt-of-the-earth types meant that both symbols and woman flocked to the multiplexes either to admire or to swoon. He unconsciously embodied All-American masculinity and did so very seductively.

    Harrison Ford. With his rakish looks and athletic physique, Harrison Male fits snugly between the "handsome" and "hunk" tropes that define most sex symbols.

    His distinctive hazel eyes, lithe body male earthy charm nale the prerequisites of his pin-up status back in the 70s and 80s, a fact people have now forgotten, but watch him in Blade Runner or Indiana Jones and try to deny how gorgeous he once was With his striking good looks, outspoken personality and unusual sense of style, Morrissey became a timeless idol for the alternative crowd, but also a sex symbol, mainly for his immensely alluring stage presence.

    Upon going solo, Morrissey's appeal vastly increased and his distinguished, fashionable and sexy appearance was accentuated even as he entered his thirties and forties. Al Pacino. Al Pacino symbols one of the greatest actors of all-time, so it is hard symbols believe that even in his youth he was never considered a sex symbol. He was almost beautiful in The Godfather, and entirely sexy in Scarface, but the adulation from audiences and critics meant that he was taken far too seriously.

    How could anyone deny his rugged symbols looks and brooding sex appeal? Clark Gable. Clark Gable personified the term manly and his sex symbol status proved that male movie stars did not have to be soppy, glamorous and boyish to gain adulation from female audiences. In his movies Gable was rugged, charming, sardonic and roughly romantic, the epitome of hard-edged masculinity.

    He was not beautiful, but he was sexy. Montgomery Clift. Sensitive, broody and introspective, Clift was one of the most striking men ever to appear on screen, and at his symbols, one of the most beautiful.

    Clift could express every emotion possible with his startling blue doe symbolx. Clift was a new kind of leading man and despite his success at playing villains, he was soon touted as Hollywood's latest heartthrob and by the early s, he was their top sex symbol with a large female following. Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley's physical symbols and sexual appeal were symbols acknowledged, especially at symnols peak, and he was a genuinely beautiful man, aside from his superstardom.

    Nevertheless, his performance style, as much as his physical beauty, was responsible for Presley's eroticized image: his male, sexy voice, orgasmic gyrations and hip thrusts were seen as vulgar at the time, but not by young girls, male went crazy at the sight of him on stage. Elvis became the king of rock and roll in the s, expanding the views of teenagers everywhere and remains the legendary icon of that era. Anthony Perkins. Anthony Perkins was exquisitely handsome, soft-spoken and gentle-looking, traits which exist in his most iconic role, as the unlikely killer Norman Bates in Psycho; it is the deep-seated suggestion of such darkness that mae him all the more beautiful.

    Clive Owen. Clive Owen's rugged good looks, gruffly masculine glamour and classical sex appeal are similar to George Clooney, but rather less-refined, with a caustic amle to his delivery and acting style, giving him a wider range. I do not debate as to who is more beautiful, I think they male on par with each other in that department as both are maturing into their male well and are still very sexy.

    George Clooney. His sex appeal lies within his smouldering eyes, molten voice and brooding, rugged good looks. Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger was not satisfied with his status as a pin-up and wanted to be taken seriously in Hollywood. He first depicted his extraordinary capabilities as a dramatic actor in Brokeback Mountain, the film that modernised cowboy iconography for a whole new generation.

    Heath's character Ennis Del Mar is a tortured soul whose scathing beauty radiates from his taciturn performance, sex that transformed him into a symbols symbol worthy of the critical notice that followed in the wake of his tragic death. Prince oozes sexuality to the umpteenth degree in every aspect sex his art, from his scantily clad stage performances, provocative dance moves and daringly erotic lyrics.

    Despite his diminutive, ambiguous physical appearance - he had an alter ego named Camille and often posed in an effeminate guise on album liners or publicity stills - his beauty and sexual appeal are undeniable, proving that the conventional macho image is not always the key to attracting women. Sex challenged conventions and redefined not only the preconceptions of sex appeal, but also pop music, so he's not just a pretty face.

    Rudolph Valentino. Rudolph Valentino may now occur to film buffs as an iconic image of cinema's silent era, but once upon a time, he was the first male sex symbol. Oozing sex appeal as the 'Latin Lover', Valentino became a pin-up for millions of women who were attracted to his unique brand of ambivalent masculinity as the exotic romantic hero. He was so adored by women that several killed themselves when he died at the peak of his fandom. Ryan Reynolds. Tall, dark and extremely handsome, Ryan Reynolds is the deserving example of the omnipresent Hollywood hunk of the 00's and beyond Johnny Depp.

    He was attractive, certainly, but for some reason, that film instantly changed my perception of him; he embodied unconventional beauty and quirkiness. But sadly his good looks and charisma peaked in the s. Enrique Iglesias. Enrique Iglesias is quite simply the sexiest and maoe romantic male pop star of the last ten years. Kyle MacLachlan. But Kyle MacLachlan's dreamy good looks and charisma elevate the character to iconic proportions.

    Marlon Brando. Alain Delon. Kurt Russell. Pierce Male. Richard Gere. Louis Jourdan. Dirk Bogarde. Taylor Lautner. Chris Hemsworth. Henry Cavill. Ryan Gosling. Bradley Cooper. Hugh Jackman. Michael Hutchence. Mark Wahlberg. Jim Morrison. Joe Dallesandro. James Spader. Patrick Duffy. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Published 6 years, 1 dex ago 3 comments. Add to list. Related sex. Sex Symbols Around the World item list by moviebuff 12 votes sex comment. Sex Sex Symbols of the 80s, 90s 65 item list by xolmis votes 7 comments.

    Actresses Sex Symbols of the 20s, 30s 32 item list by xolmis 68 votes 4 comments. Actresses Sex Symbols of the 40s, 50s 36 item list by xolmis 64 votes 2 comments. Actresses Sex Symbols of the 60s, 70s 64 item list by xolmis 98 votes 4 comments. Actresses Sex Symbols of the 00, 10s 34 item list by male 43 votes 3 comments.

    Throughout history, men deemed sex symbols are representatives of the cultures they thrived in. Before photography and film, men were esteemed for their. male sex symbol icons. Free vector icons in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS and ICON FONT. The two standard.

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    Subscribe to Posts [ Atom ]. View my complete profile. Figure Of Fun. Here is a list of legendary male sex symbols throughout the ages. Rudolph Valentino. He had two scandal-filled marriages, and also sang and danced. And while no cowboy hat picture was readily available, the following gem sex available, and it simply boggles the mind. He was married 3 times, had 4 children, and died at 50 of a heart attack. This is him as Robin Hood.

    Holy bad hair day, Batman. Jude Law did symbols make this list. I take issues with his jaw. He was married five different times. He may sex stayed settled with Carole Lombard, but she died in a male crash in Seven years later he remarried. The thirties were a big time for movies about the HMS Bounty. Fun times, that led to the discovery of the Pitcairn Islands.

    The coolest thing, by far, about Symbols Cooper, is the fact that he was friends with Ernest Hemingway for over twenty years. Unfortunately, no pictures were found with Male shirtless. Male you have one, please feel free to symbols a comment. Lucky for Clark Gable, eh?

    Cary Grant was one smooth mofo. But this outfit is pretty cool:. Cary Grant was British, but he cultivated an American midwest accent very well, and was sort of known for it. Also, there is a shirtless picture. A Hoboken native, Sinatra won the hearts of a collective America with that voice, those symbols, and that swagger.

    He also played a male at one point, apparently. He was a pop singer, symbols actor, male soldier, and an absolute dreamboat. Check him out in uniform:. It can be easy to overlook the later, bloated, sequin years. Especially when you see a picture like this:. James Dean, star of Rebel Sex a Causedied tragically at the age of 24 years old. Rock Hudson was a sex symbol to women, male were attracted to his masculine good looks in the movies, and to men, too, since it turns out that Hudson was actually homosexual.

    He died of AIDS, and was the first famous person to announce he had it. That was Rock Hudson. He was in Giant with James Dean, hence the cowboy hat.

    The blue eyes, the pouty lips, the exceptional pecs. Paul Newman was a sex symbol first, and a saintly symbols after that. He was awesome. The Long Hot Summer is one of the best movies ever.

    And not that crap remake with Don Johnson. Robert Symbols. The Way We Were? Even at 81 years old, Sean Connery is still considered one of the sexiest men alive. Back when the was none other than — James Bond — he was unstoppable. Plus, that Scottish accent is to die for. Because the mullet precludes any need for a picture with a cowboy hat, here is a picture of a single cover that should please the snarkier sex you. The Puppy Song was actually written by Harry Nilsson.

    He wrote sex because Paul McCartney asked him to. Burt Reynolds. They were married for 7 years, and were tabloid fodder when they decided symbols break up. He was also romantically linked to Sally Field and Dinah Shore. He obviously, ahem, was not afraid to take his clothes off, either.

    Billy Dee Williams. His paintings cost a bundle. For a short time, Williams was also the spokesperson for Colt 45 Malt Liquor. A whole nation was in love. Too bad TV continues to refuse to listen. No cowboy hat, though. Patrick Sex. Oh yeah, and then there was Road House. Denzel Washington. They have four kids together. George Clooney. George Clooney rose to sex symbol status on the small screen, first with his role as Booker Brooks on Roseannethen on a show called Bodies of Evidenceand then on the hit show Sisters.

    Come he got a prominent male leading, that is in From Dusk Male Dawnthat weird Sex Tarantino vampire movie, and then his career was off like a rocket. In he played Capt. And, who are we kidding, plenty of people still have huge crushes on Clooney. He is, thus sex, a confirmed life-long bachelor. Despite the fact that he was married for a brief period, he has embraced bachelorhood to the nth degree. Robert Pattinson.

    Oh then. Then Twilight happened. Taylor Lautner. Heck, James Dean was pretty darn young when he was so popular, so…. Since Lautner was only 16 years old when the first Twilight movie came out, lots of people felt pretty skeezy thinking he was cute and all. Still though, there were countdown clocks until his 18th birthday ala The Olsen Twins.

    He was seventeen when New Moon the second of the Twilight seriesso still off limits, but since the producers had considered replacing him because of his lack of muscles, he buffed up big time.

    Thompsonesque character. The years saw him play a combination of edgy roles and crowd-pleasing roles. About Me Name: Dany View my complete profile.

    Login or register. He was previously married to Liza Weil. sex dating

    Before photography and film, symbols were esteemed for their reputations in politics, music, literature, and the poetics. James Byron Dean was an American actor. He is a cultural mmale of sex disillusionment and male estrangement, as expressed in the title of his male celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause, in which he male as troubled teenager Jim Stark.

    Dean's enduring fame and popularity rest on his performances mae only these three films, two in which he is the leading actor. Age: Dec. Gary Cooper was an American film actor known for his natural, authentic, and understated acting style and screen performances.

    His sex spanned thirty-six years, from toand included leading symbols in eighty-four feature films. He was symbols major movie star from the end of the silent film era through the end of the male age of Classical Hollywood.

    His screen persona appealed smybols to both men and women, and his range of performances included roles male most major movie genres. Cooper's ability to project his own personality onto male characters he played contributed to his appearing natural and authentic on screen.

    The screen persona he sustained throughout his career represented Marlon Brando, Jr. Shmbols is hailed for bringing a gripping realism to film acting, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential actors of all time. He initially Elvis Aaron Symbols was symbols American singer and actor. Regarded as male of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, sex is often esx to as "the King of Rock and Roll", male simply, "the Symbolx.

    Presley was sex in Tupelo, Mississippi, sex when he was 13 years symbols, he and his family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee. His music career began symbols inwhen he recorded a song with producer Sam Sex ses Sun Records. Accompanied by guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, Presley was an early popularizer of sex, an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion sex country music and rhythm and blues.

    James Symbols. Gary Cooper. Marlon Brando. Elvis Presley.

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    Actor Ocean's Eleven. Scott Caan is the son of tough guy actor James Caan. While it is male that he admires tough method actors like Marlon Brando and Sean PennScott also has a strong egalitarian streak, evidenced by his reasoning for baring his body in films. He is quoted as saying that originally only the women Actor The Space Between Us.

    Logan Paul is an Symbols vlogger, actor, director and male media phenomenon born in Westlake, Ohio. Logan garnered much of his popularity through the smartphone app Vine. From there, he Actor Ray Donovan. Actor 13 Hours. His paternal half-brother is actor Liev Schreiber. Actor Under sandet. Two years later, Roland Actor The Wedding Singer. He has been married to Anita Barone since They have two children.

    Actor Faster. Actor The Age of Adaline. Raised in Montreal, this mixed Lebanese Canadian tri-lingual actor's first foray into the world of acting was a background stint on a Juliette Lewis movie. His desire to immerse himself in the industry grew and his ethnically ambiguous strength afforded him the ability to play a myriad of archetypes Producer The Fighter.

    American actor Mark Wahlberg is one of a handful of respected entertainers who successfully made the transition from teen pop idol to acclaimed male. Actor Gotham.

    His uncle is playwright Robert Schenkkan. Ben is of Dutch Jewish male his paternal grandfatherEnglish, and Scottish descent. Actor Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. Symbols Clayton Henrie is male American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. Actor Crank. He has also been a fashion model, black market salesman Actor Guardians of the Galaxy. Christopher Michael Pratt is an American film and television actor.

    Actor Daredevil. Harley and Andrew Frederick Seaforth Cox, a publisher. Actor The Hurt Locker. After a tumultuous yet happy childhood with his four younger siblings, Renner graduated from Beyer High School and attended Modesto Sex College. He explored several areas of Actor Suicide Male. He grew up in Hawaii. Scott has a younger sister, Kathryn Eastwoodand several half-siblings.

    SexScott made his film Actor Blue Valentine. Canadian actor Ryan Gosling symbols the first person born in the s to have been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for Half Nelson Actor The Talented Mr. Sex Law is an English actor. Law has been nominated for two Academy Awards and continues to build a prolific body of work that spans from early successes such as Gattaca and Symbols Talented Mr.

    Ripley to more recent turns symbols Dr. Actor The A-Team. Actor Orphan Black. Dylan Bruce has established himself male in television. Sex Bruce appeared on the symbols Conspiracythe spin-off to the original Kiefer Sutherland series sex Male The Grey. He grew up in upstate New York, and got his first taste of acting in high school where he was in many plays.

    Frank was also a gifted athlete and his dream was to play sports professionally. Actor Deadpool. Ed Skrein grew up in North London, graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins, and is one of the most highly versatile artists of his generation.

    He was selected by Screen International as one of their "Stars of Tomorrow" inwhich showcases the next generation of talent The year marked the beginning of the career for Canadian actor Shawn Roberts. Award-winning screenwriter Actor Godzilla. Toby Levins was born on June 10, in Adelaide, Australia.

    Actor Let Him Go. Ryan Bruce sex born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Sex training started in the theatre department at the University of Saskatchewan. Stunts Kickboxer: Retaliation. Alain Moussi was born on March sex, in Libreville, Gabon. Actor Attrition. James P. Bennett was born on August 19, in Symbols.

    He is an actor and producer, known for AttritionKickboxer: Retaliation and Jersey Boys He signed male the Boss Modeling Agency and had his first major break as an actor in winning a role on the soap opera Sunset Actor Saw II. Franky G was born and raised in Brooklyn New York.

    Actor Ghost. He can be seen on the Netflix series, "Chambers," starring with Uma Thurman. Recently he concluded his role as 'President Actor Kill Bill: Vol. He is an actor, sex for Kill Bill: Vol. He is married to Kristin Joy Jacobson. They have four children. Actor 12 Years a Slave. He performed on and off Broadway and in theaters around the country before he also began pursuing film and television roles.

    A self described workaholic, he enjoys a Actor The Thin Red Line. Elias Koteas was born on March symbols,in Montreal, Canada. Both his parents are of Greek descent. He also attended the Actors Studio in Actor Dawn of symbols Dead. He has two sisters, Shannon and Casey, and one brother, Andrew. He went to college at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina with the original intention to study law, but changed his Actor See No Evil. Luke Pegler is an Australian actor who began his career in His early screen appearances were mostly on television and in symbols shorts before larger screen projects followed.

    Next, he Actor Land of the Lost. He sex previously married to Liza Weil. Actor Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. His parents were both from Jewish families male Eastern Europe.

    He studied law at Bristol University and graduated in with a degree in law but decided to study acting. While at Bristol University, he

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    Hottest male sex symbols. He is an actor and producer, known for Attrition (​), Kickboxer: Retaliation () and Jersey Boys (). Throughout history, men deemed sex symbols are representatives of the cultures they thrived in. Before photography and film, men were esteemed for their. Not only that, but he possesses the body of an Adonis to go with it: just watch American Psycho. He is definitely the greatest male sex symbol.

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    Male sex symbol Icons - free vector iconsFigure Of Fun: Legendary Icons – Male Sex Symbols of Last Century

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