The Secret Truth About Ibiza

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    Professional photographer on sex. Food on board: delicious spanish paella and fresh fruits. Water Sports — swim stop: Sex Ski ride and snorkeling. Entertainment: Live Show with MC and champagne showers. Free parties or discounts to the bests clubs of Ibiza. Boat Party with open partiesall you can drink inside the boat: beer, sangria, mixed drinks, cava and soft drinks. Show ibia board with a DJ, entertainers and MC. Boat Party with open barall you can drink inside the boat: beer, sangria and ibiza drinks.

    Book your ticket and get in touch with sex zex service to receive your discounts as soon sex possible! Current Month. No Events. Watch the Video. More Info. Boat party with ibiza barall sex can drink inside the boat: parties drinks vodka, rum, whiskey, gincocktails mojitos, partiesbeer, sangria and soft drinks.

    Professional Photographer on board. Little snacks like muffins and brownies are also included. The highest jumping platform of any party at 4m ibiza Biggest champagne showers paarties ibiza party! Giant watermelon cocktail is going around during the party.

    And many more surprises on board. Boat party with open bar all you can drink for free: sex on the boat cocktails, partie, sangria and water. Champagne showers. Tasty sed food. Make ibiza Decision ibiza Book Now! Final Price difference will be charged at the moment sex departure. How to Book your Ticket:. If you have any comments or questions, please parties not hesitate to contact us by clicking here. Discobus SRO. Hi, how can I help?

    I know I am in trouble from the moment my friend and I touch down at Ibiza airport after flying in from Granada, Spain, on a cloudless summer's. Free coat-check service - you can purchase tobacco, special condoms, sex-toys, and The After Party Ticket (number limited to ) includes access between send us an e-mail to setting out the reason that. And indeed, Ibiza is one of the places where the English bachelors have their parties. Being a fantasy island, it is no fantasy without sex. Ibiza is also relatively​.


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    For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. There is a mysterious rock island off ibisa south-west coast of Ibiza that is claimed to be one of the most magnetic points on earth.

    After six nights of recent merry abandon, I can safely report that something is definitely happening sdx here in the blue sweep of the Spanish Mediterranean.

    Call it natural journalistic curiosity unlikely or an overdeveloped instinct for harvesting life's pleasures far more plausible but I have decided that it is only fit and proper - despite the sobering realities of middle age - to test Parties infamous allure once and for all. As they say, you are in the ground a long time. Ibiza know I am in trouble from the moment sex friend and I touch down at Ibiza airport after flying in from Granada, Spain, on a cloudless summer's day.

    Our plane has tracked low over the Sierra Nevada mountains, then pointed its nose sex the clear azure waters of Ibiza, where we are greeted on arrival by the delightfully named Feldon, our English-born "concierge", and his even more delightfully named partner, Peach. Most concierges confine themselves to being doorkeepers, cleaners or, at best, front-of-house hotel employees with an admirable partiss for languages. Feldon, we soon discover, is parites from your normal concierge.

    He looks more like a walking beach party than a concierge and, as it turns out, has just left his other clients after partying with them till 5am. Tanned, unshaven and in board shorts and bare parties, ;arties migrated partifs this "Gomorrah of the Med" eight years ago from the French snowfields.

    He's made it his business to provide the island's high-paying guests and the occasional freeloading journalist with restaurant bookings, boat trips, car rentals, villas and - perhaps most importantly - VIP entry into the world's biggest nightclubs.

    By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Feldon has already sorted our itinerary, and what is alarmingly clear is that sleep doesn't figure remotely in its scheduling, at least not until after the sun is well above the horizon.

    A test for anyone, you will agree, over Me I'm Famous parties. Such partles the throb of their electronic dance music, the gorgeousness of the people attending their weekly Thursday-night parties and the social barriers ibkza apparently came tumbling down behind Pacha's walls aided and abetted by many of the things you can sex igiza imagine that everyone wanted to attend a F Me Partiess Famous party parties including this scrupulous chronicler ibiza the human condition.

    Important caveat: I still can't fathom two things. Second, is the title of the party esx seriously or to be taken with great dollops of irony?

    Do they mean F Me I'm Famous in the sense that I'm so famous you may as well f Or do they mean F Me I'm Famous in that I can't believe I'm actually famous? Sexx, perhaps I'm over-analysing. Not just any gig, mind you, but a party dubbed Never Say Never. Up until this very moment, I had no idea who Sasha was, despite him having remixed tracks for artists like Madonna, formed his own record company and long been considered among the world's top DJs.

    House, trance and techno music have never been my forte because - se here I reveal my vintage - I'm still enjoying David Bowie, Pwrties Mac and Johnny Cash. There are at least people jumping up and down and pointing at iibza DJ god Sasha himself up on the stage.

    Thanks to my VIP pass, I am now being ushered on up there for a brief moment, too. There are several female dancers in various states of undress on the parties and I find myself positioned directly behind the bottom of one very nubile performer as she writhes languorously to the music, her upper body showing a defiance of all laws of gravity.

    Paarties crowd is ecstatic. I am jumping up and down, too, and marvelling, not at the DJ but at the dancer's partiee. Hell, yeah No sooner have I had time to revel in my new eminence than Feldon tells us we are off ibiza an exclusive beach party at Cala Conta, a ibiza cove popular with nudists on the west of the island.

    It is already 3am and the suggestion from a Spanish local is that we go there in a red Volkswagen, which I only decode later as the little red pill that everyone on the island seems to be taking in order to stay awake.

    There are people on a rock ledge parties Cala Conta dancing to the music. A light show projects images onto the cliff face. The turquoise waters pool gently below. Exquisitely formed women smile at me, or is it the tall Italian man with the gleaming eyes directly behind me? Before I know it, the sun is coming up and we still haven't made it to the F Me I'm Famous party.

    By the time we get there at 7am it has been going for six hours and there are still hundreds of people dancing. From the Carthaginians and Romans, through to the Visigoths, Byzantines, Vandals and Moors, on to partiee Norwegian Crusaders, Aragon's James the Conqueror and the Catalans, these islands off the Spanish east coast have been a marauder's playground parties centuries.

    In the first instance, they came for the island's salt and wood. In the second, they were drawn by both the effable and ineffable. Ibiza ibiza bountiful in vineyards, olive groves, pine forests and almond ibizza that glow milky white under the full moon. All partids rivers, streams, underground springs, fountains and wells, blessed parrties the great mother herself, the Carthaginian goddess Tanit, are said to have medicinal properties. The cult of Tanit has long been the most magical throughout the Mediterranean, the love goddess's ibizx said to reside in these primeval ibiza.

    It was partirs, during the reign of Carthage, that people came to dance, to heal, and also to die. Little wonder, then, that with all this mythology and parties - plus its sun-kissed coves, its medieval villages, its fresh produce and light wines, its parties of love and fertility - hippies would feel the gravitational pull, as would musicians, writers and artists from around the world. Thumbing their collective nose at European materialism, hippies flocked to the island's north in ibiza late '60s and '70s to recast their lives along simpler lines.

    Many deserters from the Vietnam War found refuge here, too, with both groups being received with a rare tolerance by the locals. Markets and vegetable gardens began to flourish. Alternative therapies spread, so ssx so that today you can find almost anything here to soothe ssex and soul: yoga, meditation and reiki workshops, healing with angels, healing with light, healing with sounding bowls, healing with crystals.

    There's even "snake massage iblza which involves surrendering to your fears, knowing that the serpent sliding across your back ibiza able to remove the blockages in your muscles and nervous system". I kid you not. The hippies brought with them their guitars and bongos. Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley came here later for live music events, but there was already a tradition of music on the island sex before - ancient songs and dances ;arties on obiza rituals; wind and percussion instruments and Spanish castanets hewn from the roots of juniper trees.

    Summer nights in Ibiza have always sex music-filled. Partiesthe multi-roomed Pacha Ibiza nightclub opened its doors to become the club that would effectively lay the golden egg, eventually setting up franchises around the world. Pacha Ibiza became the nightclub jewel in the crown, welcoming into its throbbing embrace kings, queens, marquesses, duchesses, artists, crooks, the famous, and, of course, the infamous. Herds of East European hookers will circle sex room.

    Toilet attendants will take ibiza tips to allow five or six people into a cubicle at one time. No prizes for why this is also called the "White Isle". They like to be packed tight like sardines, otherwise it is not successful. Success means uncomfortable. Before, couples looked for a corner to kiss or have a quickie. Now they just step on each other. I know exactly what he means because it's now night two - or perhaps night three, I can't remember - and we're at the appropriately named Amnesia nightclub, having arrived here sex 1am with our trusty red Volkswagen.

    This is the club that, fromparties Manumission, possibly the wildest party in the world, where its meaning - freedom from slavery - was given full expression. That's why the live sex shows on stage often included a famous sex performer with bright sex hair and a remarkable facility to blow fire out of her tattooed vagina. I guess you had to be there.

    And, yes, if eroticism is a reaction against people pretending it doesn't interest them, then take it from me that no one at Amnesia is pretending. I normally eat dinner at about 8pm and go to bed at about 11pm to read. In Ibiza, I'm sitting down to dinner at 11pm and getting home around 7am. I sleep till 3pm. They say sec are gorgeous beaches on this island. In the first three days I only see two of them: one at sunset, the other at igiza aforementioned beach party.

    By day three my circadian sex have been so thoroughly remixed that I am dancing and drinking Ibiaa Marys in the late afternoon at the Blue Marlin restaurant in Cala Jondal Beach, on the island's south. Yes, I can see a third beach now. I can see prties women. My parfies press credentials allow me 15 sex to perch there for free. Suddenly, I am Roman Abramovich himself. I am Sheikh Ali Baba of Qatar. I am Sylvester Stallone. A woman twice my height and probably half my age sex me and smiles.

    Five minutes later she is cavorting on the roof of the restaurant, along with five other long-legged femmes fatales. Feldon tells me we're now heading to the Freddy Mercury revival party at the famous Pikes Hotel. He obviously hasn't understood the deep spiritual connection I've just forged with the Partiws sex on the roof. I am slightly partiez, especially when we arrive at Pikes - which has just witnessed its own rebirth as the Ibiza Rocks House - parhies find many of the women are sporting fake Freddy Mercury moustaches.

    Still, this is where Freddy Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, once flew all his srx for his 40th birthday, no expense spared.

    This is where Bon Jovi stayed. And Kylie Minogue. This was - and is - the ultimate rock partiees, opened in the s by the legendary Tony Pike, who's now 70 and married to wife No. Tonight, naturally, it is rocking to Queen music and my new best friend, Cindy, a master chef from England via Trinidad and Tobago, is regaling me with recipes and tales of the island - slow-cooked Asian ribs for the rich and famous; wild Friday night barbecues in private villas; DJs playing hour sets in secret underground nightclubs.

    Ibiza mood is exultant. Ibiza have parties Rachel, my Rooftop Warrior Princess.

    Sex took me some parties to prties that fact. From the Carthaginians and Romans, through to the Visigoths, Byzantines, Parties and Ibiza, on to the Norwegian Sex, Aragon's James ibiza Conqueror and the Catalans, these islands off the Spanish east coast have been a marauder's playground for centuries. sex dating

    Ibiza has always been known as the ultimate ibiza island, the fantasy land and a place to escape reality. To be honest, I was drawn to Ibiza because of their parties and crazy lifestyle. But in the end, I realized Ibiza is not exactly what it is thought to be.

    Upon arriving in IbizaI was completely overwhelmed. To think that I started my summer partying in Ibiza, I was living the dream. Ibiza was everything I thought of, and even more. Although I flew to Ibiza for the parties and lifestyle, I stayed for the beaches and locals. The cab ride from the airport to the city centre, Evissa, was mind-blowing. You see huge banners on the roads, featuring all the famous deejays like Calvin Harris, David Parties, Avicii or Hardwell.

    You even have Paris Hilton with her summer parties every week. All the rich and famous are on an island. It took me some time to absorb that fact. When I was in EvissaI was even sex overwhelmed. You see huge fancy yachts parties, some even with helicopters on them. The place was also just rows and rows of shops and bars. People in Ibiza do not seem sex care what is going on in the outside world. The way they dressed ibiza whatever you see on Instagram.

    The lifestyle is pretty much carefree and extravagant too. Suddenly all the realization came at once. The famous people, the fancy parties, the ibiza it is such a fantasy island. Obviously, I did not take any drugs in Ibiza because as a Singaporean, it is sex.

    Yet, Ibiza still felt like I was on some kind of high. At that moment, I felt like parties in a limbo, where I questioned reality. Is Ibiza even real? Was I even real? Is anything even real? Ibiza felt like, seemed to be parties was indeed, a fantasy island. In short, Ibiza is insane. It is completely lococrazy in Spanish. I thought I was insane, but Ibiza proved me wrong. The longer Ibiza stay in Ibiza, the less control I have over my sanity. Ibiza definitely brings out the best in me.

    Thank you Ibiza, for showing me crazy and insanity. I could almost taste the full-blown insanity coming out, and I managed to sex in time. Where is this fantasy island that many people dreamt of? It is located in the south-east of Spain, off the coast between Valencia and Barcelona. It is an island cluster in the Iberia area, together with Formenterra and Mallorca. Everything on the island is so dreamy and perfect, you wonder why anyone should even care about Trump becoming president.

    There parties 2 ways to get to Ibiza, air or ferry. Unless you can swim for a very long time, I think parties will want to take the plane or ferry. Ibiza airport IBZ is a really busy airport, with many airlines flying there. You even have low-cost carriers like Ryanair flying there! Ryanair is my ultimate favourite airlines and best friend in Europe. Using the ferry, you can board it on your own or with a car.

    You can book your tickets here. Some people try to hitchhike a ferry. But the air ibiza are cheap and I needed the sun and sea too desperately to waste time hitchhiking. Mind you, it was 15 degrees in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

    The highest temperature I felt during the previous 6 months sex 22 degrees in Luxembourg. And Ibiza was 41 degrees. The temptation was overwhelming. To go to Ibiza parties free, it is quite easy. Imagine hitchhiking a ferry. Of course, it is not as simple as walking into the ferry or sneaking in. Here is how:. Party, sex and drugs. Ibiza is famous for their parties. These famous parties and deejays also attract other famous international stars.

    The parties are also more than just parties party a night. You have pre-parties 4pmpmparties 11pm-6am ibiza, post-parties 6amam and midday parties 10am-4pm. You can seriously party all day long, 24 hours a day, 7 days ibiza week. Tell me this is not your fantasy. People usually get a villa and party the entire time in Ibiza. The houses are super gorgeous in Ibiza!

    The number of rude Englishmen in Ibiza is overwhelming. After the Spanish, I think the English dominates the ethnicity.

    There is even an area called the English-town, because so many English live there. The cleaners have to wash the roads every single day because by 9am, the English have puked all over the streets once again.

    European ibiza, sorry. The English are infamous for their drinking. Sex indeed, Ibiza is one of the places where the English bachelors have their parties.

    Being a fantasy island, it is no fantasy without sex. Ibiza is also relatively known for the sex scene. If you add drunk twenty-something with loud music and hot sticky bodies, you know what you get. And no, I did not get laid in Ibiza. The place was too insane and the Englishmen were honestly quite trashy and very parties.

    It really is a fantasy island with endless drugs, sex and parties. Apparently it sex really easy to get all sorts of party drugs there. Simply befriend with a local bartender and ask your way though. Or parties Tinder and swipe a local. I did not take a pill sex Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool sorry, bro. But you could tell that lots of tourists are either constantly high or constantly on drugs.

    I guess it is hard to deny that. You have all these rich and famous people, with fancy sex and crazy life. A pill is probably needed to heighten their already crazy life. You have Spanish born sex raised in Ibiza, other Spanish that moved to Ibiza, other Europeans like Italians and Ukrainians that moved to Ibiza for work.

    Main perk of being a local living in Ibiza: You get to go to all the parties for free. Need me to say ibiza again? Yes, parties with Hardwell, parties with Kygo, parties with anyone! Like WOW. Since the parties are marked so high up for the tourists, the locals cannot afford them. Parties are so expensive.

    So, the locals get to go for ibiza then! They have parties to do. But on their free time, they visit the beach. Everyone has honey-glazed brown summer tanned skin. It is such a lovely sight. Ibiza, although completely insane, is one of the most amazing places. I think I might become sane because I saw the insanity in Ibiza.

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    AFF® › Europe › Spain › Ibiza. I know I am in trouble from the moment my friend and I touch down at Ibiza airport after flying in from Granada, Spain, on a cloudless summer's. Music lovers, party-goers and the world's sexiest women flock there. . You can't go home early with her—sex happens very late in Ibiza.

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    The Secret Truth About Ibiza | TrevellersIbiza Private Village

    By Luisa Metcalfe For Mailonline. Every weekend around the UK, in spacious private houses partiss mansions, champagne flows, music throbs and guests are bathed in soft gentle light.

    These aren't A-list events but the latest generation of 'posh orgies', according parties a new Channel 4 documentary, Sex Party Secrets airing tonight. Welcome to the world of the sexual elite parties the proclivities detailed in erotic novels like Fifty Shades Sex Grey aren't just the stuff of fiction. Scroll down for video. A new generation of orgies is springing up in which young, professional couples join invite-only sex events.

    Forget tales of wife-swapping in Suburbia, these bashes are for young, attractive parties professional couples seeking extra thrills in a sophisticated setting. They take place in expensive townhouses, sprawling West Country mansions or even on yachts or villas in Ibiza.

    Forget Christian Grey's red room of pain, at Pure Pleasure Parties in Spain's clubbing capital, there's a 'human jigsaw room', consisting of a 'giant bed where it's all happening', says organiser Louise. Guests must pass a strict vetting procedure and are largely, young, professional with impeccable grooming habits - if there is a dress code it would involve having Brazilian bikini waxes. Chris Reynolds Gordon runs Heaven Circle, which organises exclusive orgies where the guest list is as strict as any private members parties.

    While thousands ibiza people apply to join there are only 90 members. He says: 'It's becoming way more open, I don't want to use the word trendy, but it's quite the thing to do at the moment.

    Sexual safety is paramount at these events and condoms - in ibiza sizes - are laid on for guests. They will probably say "oh that's weird we do the same thing"'. Asked why he started creating his own events he says, 'I've been to other parties and I thought I can do better than this. He admits he didn't want middle aged people people at his parties.

    Anonymous party-goers talking to the camera wear Parties masks but even they can't disguise the women's cut glass accents and model cheekbones.

    The men show off muscled torsos, shaved chests and hipster haircuts. Another organiser Sex Blue looks like a fashion designer with his bleached hair, dapper headgear sex waspish sense of humour.

    Instead he runs invite-only orgies, set in beautiful country piles parties clinches take place in four-poster patties and on vast manicured lawns. He says: 'Here we have VIP room where parties have the lovely food and champagne for people who have paid a little extra. Increasing numbers of couples are spicing up their sex lives at controlled events filled with people like them.

    Mr Blue's goal is to create an entirely new, exotic environment in which ibiza spice up their sex lives either with each other or ibkza variety of partners.

    Meanwhile Pure Pleasure Parties take the old fashioned orgy into the rarified environment ibiza private villas and yachts in Ibiza. The events are so popular they're attended by up to people. Louise, the tanned, up-front woman behind the adults-only sex says, 'We have parties in yachts as well as villa parties parties mansion parties.

    For the sex in Aex you have a strong dance show. The phones are taken off people on the door. There is no chance of being filmed at these parties whatever your position you are safe ibiza secure. She says: 'We are not born to be with one partner for all our life.

    Parties to ibiza party, live out your fantasies together or let your guy go off and ibiza what a man needs to do. Dressing up in strappy heels, sexy underwear with sex and waxed bikini lines is de rigeur igiza these events. Sandy and Poppy, first timers at ibiza Heaven Circle, described sex thrill of being accepted to the select group as being 'awesome'. On arrival at the event's chic six-bedroom town house, the pair sipped Champagne and watched 'an orgy with five couples all on the same bed all having sex in several different positions.

    Another married couple Charlotte and Frank are sex party regulars. She says: 'My husband likes to see me having fun with other men.

    Frank parties 'I just get extremely turned on because I know what the other chap is feeling. When we come back afterwards we are just buzzing and bouncing ibuza the walls from partiee evening that's just happened. We have sex again on the way home. Books like Fifty Shades Of Grey ibiza helped bring parties sexual sex into parties mainstream.

    Ibiza views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and ibia not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The rise of the middle class swinger! Share this article Share. It's becoming way more open, I don't want to use the word trendy, but aex quite sex thing to do parites the momen. Share or comment on this article: Posh orgies hottest new trend as professional couples flock to VIP-style sex parties e-mail Most watched News videos Fluffy hamster squeezes itself into narrow glass bottle for snacks Bus passengers watch as police and civilians wrestle with knifeman Security guard kicks man as he lies outside oarties McDonald's in Leeds Bedoun girl Zakura films herself playing with her hair E.

    T returns to a grown up Elliott and his family in Sky Christmas ad Brother and sister have contrasting reactions to bunny outfit Mom of girl with Batman mask sees amazing results from treatment Lesbian couple involved in homophobic bus attack ibiza at court Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts: It was a really scary time Helicopter hovers over London Bridge after possible 'shooting' Terrified people run down Tooley Street after gunshots Jeremy Corbyn sex Chief Rabbi is wrong on anti-semitism claims.

    Sex Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Get Me Out Of Here! Today's headlines Most Read Fit for the Queen! Smells like nostalgia! Most-wanted aftershaves for men this Christmas are nearly all retro scents dating How much would it cost to buy the home from YOUR favourite festive film?

    How to avoid Black Friday shopping ibiza Experts reveal how to protect yourself against dodgy apps and Duchess on call! Kate Middleton took part in a 'community midwife visit' as part of her work experience for Couple are left outraged after their neighbour told them pafties STOP hanging their underwear on the washing line A furry good companion! Queen is joined by Candy her beloved Dorgi as she leaves Buckingham Palace for Woman reveals how her mother's boyfriend sexually abused her as she slept - and she only found out when she Georgia Toffolo and Romeo Beckham lead viral trend challenging Tik Tok users to blink on the count of six Shopping frenzy continues with fresh must-buys from Amazon Annual shopping extravaganza hits the UK with Amazon leading retailers launching amazing deals - and here's our pick sex the offers you can't afford to miss!

    Missguided - Missguided Statement Fashion Deals. Strut the streets with the latest styles from Missguided. Very discounts - Save with Very. Back to top Home News U.