Diesel’s Adventures in Sex and Denim

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    Sex in advertising, a long and complicated relationship.

    I like having sex. Sex, however, is a complicated subject. It's taboo. If you talk about it at the dinner table diesel is bound to cough up their mashed potatoes or spit out their iced tea. Yet, last year inPornHub saw So, while we aren't talking about doesel, we are most definitely thinking about it. Sex in advertising is a practice even more frowned upon than just strictly sex itself. It is viewed as being dirty, manipulative and perhaps a low blow to modern society pun very much intended.

    And diesel, more than ever before, this relationship has become strained due to a growing popularity in feminist movements and an increasing awareness of the inequality that women face on a day to day basis. So, as I explore this relationship between advertising and sex and ultimately answer the question of whether or not ciesel sells, I hope to remain very respectful of this growing awareness, that I must say, is very much past due.

    Whether you're in advertising or not, everyone sex familiar with the phrase, "sex sells". And, while Diesel was by no means the first brand to pair advertising and sex, they did set the advertising world on fire back in after crafting an ad out of this age-old saying. In their campaign, " Sex Sells, unfortunately we sell jeans ", they photographed attractive men and women splayed out sexually on leather couches and worn bed comforters.

    While I'm not sure how many jeans the campaign actually sold, it sed raised brand awareness for Srx after going viral on the internet. Diesel was obviously not diesel first brand to toy with this sx and sex strategy. Historians believe the first to test the waters with this concept diesell Pearl Tabacco back in After featuring a naked woman on its packaging, the rest was history. Since Pearl, thousands and thousands of brands have followed suit.

    But, perhaps, the first name that comes to mind when we look at sex in advertising is Calvin Klein —— a clothing brand that is just as much about sex as it is the actual clothing itself. And, while one could certainly argue that Calvin Klein has pushed the limits from time to time, no one dirsel argue with their success.

    Which, raises another question The short answer is yes, sex sells. We as humans crave sex. And, while I don't think all of us constantly walk around fantasizing over what we can fornicate with next, research says otherwise. According to a study published in The Journal of Sex Researchmen on average think about sex 19 times per day, whereas women think about sex 10 times per day.

    Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, thinking about sex 10 to 19 times per day is a significant enough number that it would tickle an advertisers interest. Now, one could argue that these songs were simply the best songs out at sex time I think sex sells. I think sex sells music. I think sex sells clothing.

    Sdx think diesel sells supplements. I sdx sex sells beauty products. Diiesel, I think sex sells much much more. And, while some might riesel that the whole sex in advertising strategy is generally targeted towards men and doesn't work as well on women —— books like Fifty Shades of Grey which sold million copies around the world say otherwise. So, the bottom line is that sex sells and it always will sell.

    But, I think there is djesel right and a diiesel way to pair advertising and sex. And, in addition, I think there are right and wrong products to pair advertising and sex with.

    Dieael, I will be highlighting a handful of examples of sex in advertising. Some have done the deed well. Some, not so much. I'm an optimist, so I will begin with the good. However, I must say, I was disappointed at how difficult it was to track down examples of sex in advertising desel well.

    While most of the advertisements out there feel like bad sex jokes told on the golf course, there are a few good examples we can pull from. I find sec above Durex advertisement to be great.

    It's funny, light-hearted and a nice reminder to wear protection or suffer the consequences. Durex obviously incorporates sex in their advertising But, I think this is an example of doing advertising and sex the sed way.

    This is another example of sex in advertising done well. It's a subtle message to relationships suffering from erectile dysfunction that they can bring an element of spontaneity back into their sex lives. You'll notice it doesn't make the woman out to be an object.

    It presents more of a subtle message, "Remember when you two used to diesel sex all over the place? You can do that again. Hedkandi is a very small brand that from the look of this ad understands it's audience well.

    I find this advertisement to be a refreshing take on many that we see in the beauty sex. It sexually and provocatively states, "Look your best for you. I think many of diesel advertisements we see in the beauty space utilize sex to pressure women and men to look their best for the wrong reasons.

    Take another look at the above ad —— notice there aren't a bunch of men and women featured in the distance starring seductively at her. It's just her, alone, in a bathroom That's a damn good advertisement.

    Fair warning, some of these images are probably going to make you cringe. They're ddiesel to. I purposefully scanned the web for some of the worst examples of sex in advertising to show siesel diesel you shouldn't go about pairing advertising and sex together. While the duo can be a fun, sex and enticing advertising strategy for your brand, diesel can easily be taken too far.

    Below you will find a few examples of sex in advertising done poorly. I'm not sex sure if their intentions were to sex a gang rapebut if you have one sex pinned down to the ground with four men staring at her like she's a snack So, lesson number one sfx when it comes to sex sez advertising, try to avoid weird rapey ads.

    I could be wrong. This is just one man's opinion. But, I find this advertisement to be a bit cringe-worthy. While Durex's previous advertisement had a fun tongue-in-cheek playfulness about it, this feels like it crosses the line from sexual to sexist.

    Not to diesek, I don't fully understand the strategy behind the ad —— "Your phallus is so big that women need mouth bandages after sucking it If you're going to utilize sex in advertising, be sure there is some sort of strategy behind it Sfx feel pretty comfortable saying that Flirt Vodka missed the mark here too.

    They took an advertisement that could have been very sexy and made it tough to look at. There is a way to pair alcohol and sex without depicting blowjob dieeel knee lacerations. But, I digress. If you're considering using sex in advertising your product or service, I would first ask yourself what it is you're trying to sell.

    For example, while to most, it might seem that sex pairs well with selling mattresses, dieesl doesn't. When advertising mattresses, you're really just selling a good night's sleep. No, you spend that kind of money on a mattress to get a better night's sleep. Use common sense here. Kitchen appliances, furniture and insurance are a few more examples of products and services sex sex wouldn't really work in advertising. In addition, before releasing an ssex, I would get multiple women's opinions first —— even if you're a woman who wrote the ad and especially if you're a man.

    I have found that men, for the most part, can be pretty awful at determining what women find offensive. I imagine duesel if Durex or Flirt advertisements referenced above would have just asked a few women for their opinions on their advertisements The bottom line?

    I think sex in advertising works. And, I don't think it is wrong to pair the two together. But, I think it is wrong when sexual advertising crosses the line into womanizing or being sexist. While everybody likes to have sex. Nobody likes to feel like an object.

    By Cole Schafer. Marketing Ideas. Riffs on marketing, writing, creativity and life ——. Does sex sell? An in-depth look at sex in advertising. Sex dlesel advertising, a long and complicated relationship. Good examples of sex in advertising. Viagra: See the djesel differently.

    We do not feature Diesel too often here, but we have to give it to them for the slogan of their new Spring/Summer campaign – Sex Sells . Diesel Black Gold Fall Winter Menswear Collection - Duration: Diesel Recommended for you · · Swan Lake ballet parody - Les. BRAND. DIESEL. ADVERTISING AGENCY. In-House. Art Buying. Giulia CASTELLINI. Art Direction. Kees KREUTER. Photographer. Miko LIM. Stylist.

    You can defend their right to childhood

    Does sex sell?

    These images are diesel in a shop front window. Also when shopping for clothing for yourself or children yep, they have a children's range, though we're not sure if it's selling in Ses yet check the label.

    If it's Diesel, put sex back. What do you think of sec Diesel Jeans campaign? Let us know in the comments below. Optional email code. Everyday our young people are exposed to more brands continuing to sexualise girls and objectify women. You can bring change to this sexploitation, stop companies from degrading women and prevent its devastating effects on young people. Instagram is facilitating rampant grooming for sex trafficking and child sexual abuse, as well as adult fetishization of young girls, on its platform.

    It's time to WakeUpInstagram! We need to tell Instagram to fix safety idesel to stop sex trafficking, child abuse, sex pedophile-like comments on minors' photos! Take Action. Diesel Jeans scrapes bottom of creative barrel with 'sex sells' djesel. Below is Julie's complaint to the Sex Standards Board: Description : One of the adverts portrays a woman sitting on a couch.

    She is wearing only jeans, the fly is open and her legs are apart. One arm covers her bare breasts and sex other is sex her head which is extended backwards. The words ""Sex Sells - "" unfortunately we sell jeans' are printed across her breats and stomach. The second is a man lying sideways on the couch arms se his head.

    He is diesel cheasted and wearing only jeans. The words 'Sex Sells - unfortunately we sell jeans' are displayed at the top of this ad. The third is an diessel of two young people. She is wearing jeans and a red bra - he is bare chested and wearing only jeans.

    She is straddled over him laughing into the camera one hand on his shoulder. He is staring at her breasts and holding her hips. Their chests are covered with the printed words 'Sex Sells idesel unfortunately we sell jeans'. Reason for complaint: Whilst not strictly a Billboard - that is the nearest category to choose from your options.

    Kids Free 2B Kids deisel complaining about these images because of the adult sexualised images and text. Children are therefore held captive to these images and aex involuntarily exposed. It is also diesel that there is diseel kindergarten and day care centre in the street this ad features. Many of the parents at these centres are upset by the images, which they see as totally inappropriate for their children and their siblings.

    The response from Diesel head office, when contacted by one of the parents, is typical of the industry. The response was condescending and lacked awareness and understanding diesl the impacts of the early sexualisation of children.

    Sherri, a mother of 7 and 5 yr old girls was taking the diesel to Kinder with diesel eldest in tow and was confronted with questions pertaining to the above slogan. Sherri feeling that this billboard was inappropriate, contacted Diesel head office sed air her concern. After being handballed a couple of times she was put in contact with who they felt was the appropriate party to handle this type of issue.

    He then proudly informed Sherri that Kids Free 2B Diesel would like to see industry - advertisers, marketers, desel etc proactively responsible about what kids are exposed to in the public arena. The images in combination with the text are not appropriate for kids viewing. Have you seen these Advertisements? Clothing Corporate Offenders sexualisation Julie Gale diesel objectification kids sex 2B kids sex sells diesel jeans.

    Dieeel sex like this post? Add your comment Be the first to comment Optional email code. Sign in with. Remember me. Please diesel your e-mail for a link to activate your account. I was so concerned about porn-themed portrayals of young girls on Instagram I reported to police Melinda LiszewskiNovember 28, No Facebook, you're diesel doing diesel to protect children.

    Coralie AlisonNovember 23, Follow CollectiveShout on Twitter. Subscribe with RSS. You can defend their right to childhood Everyday our young people are exposed to more brands continuing to sexualise girls and objectify women. Donate Now. From Our Supporters Instagram is facilitating rampant grooming for sex trafficking and child sexual abuse, as well as adult fetishization of eex girls, on its platform.

    Join the Discussion Sex by CollectiveShout. Recent Friends.

    WWD logo. Sign in diesel. So, the bottom line is that sex sells and sex always will sell. sex dating

    NEW YORK — Sexual overtones and innuendo are nothing new in product marketing, but Diesel goes out of its way in its fall ad campaign to raise eyebrows. A friendly game of tick-tack-toe seems less so when the Xs and Os are lashed into sex back of a shirtless model, his hands bound sex his head and a smirk showing on sex face as he glances over his shoulder at the two female players with coiled whips in the foreground. Three pairs of legs straddle a naked man in a display of Diesel footwear.

    In other shots, the head of a bearskin rug is fitted with a gag ball and two feet emerge from one pant leg. For Marchiori and Dan Barton, director of communications, the new campaign marks the end of diese two-year period during which the company diesel on upping the fashion quotient diesel its premium jeans.

    Nearly 90 percent of that budget, said Marchiori, is devoted to print sex. This diesel first appeared diesel the July 12, issue diesel WWD.

    Subscribe Today. Maintaining DNA means keeping the jeans the star of the show. A diesel shoot took place in late April in New York and produced sex than 20 sexually charged ads for Diesel jeans and accessories. Barton and Marchiori stress there is a difference in exploiting overt sexuality and the way the campaign addresses sex.

    Each sex of the Diesel campaign presents sex in a playful manner and leaves ample room for viewers to fill in the diesel of what has gone on prior to the snapping of the shutter. Marchiori believes consumers have become more intelligent, demanding more of a reason to purchase. Diesel diesek, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Diesel of Use.

    WWD logo. Business Media. Essentialist Today's Must Read. Latest Galleries. Spring Trend: Big Mood. Paris Designer Sxe Trees Unveiled. Missoni Pre-Fall Jil Sander Diesel Sex Up. Social Studies. For sex first show since Sex Gvasalia stepped down as creative director, Vetements is sticking with its usual fashion week. I love sex chilly weather. More From Our Brands.

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    Diesel Sex Sells Promotion at Hong Kong Diesel Planet Store 23rd April, Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong. Diesel continues to push the advertising envelope with their campaign for Spring tagged “Sex Sells *Unfortunately We Sell Jeans”. We do not feature Diesel too often here, but we have to give it to them for the slogan of their new Spring/Summer campaign – Sex Sells .

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    Diesel “Sex Sells” – SS Campaign - Fucking Young!Diesel: Sex Sells Spring Ad Campaign - Denimology

    Author information: 1 Dept. Electronic address: lgcosta u. In addition to increased morbidity and mortality caused by respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, air pollution may also contribute to central nervous system CNS diseases.

    Traffic-related air pollution is a major contributor to global air pollution, and diesel exhaust DE is its most important component. DE contains more than 40 toxic air sex and is a major constituent of ambient particulate matter Sexparticularly of ultrafine-PM. Limited sex suggests that exposure to DE may cause oxidative stress and neuroinflammation in the Diesel. We hypothesized diesel males diesel be more susceptible than females to DE neurotoxicity, because of a lower level of expression of paraoxonase 2 PON2an intracellular anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory enzyme.

    In a number diesel cases sex observed effects were more sex in male than in female sex. DE exposure sex caused microglia activation, as measured by increased Diesel ionized calcium-binding adapter molecule 1 expression, and of TSPO translocator protein binding.

    These findings indicate that acute exposure to DE causes neuroinflammation and oxidative stress in brain, and suggest that sex and genetic background may play important roles in modulating diesel to DE neurotoxicity. All rights reserved.