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    Porn in 3d porn tube

    An swx of an interactive Virt-A-Mate experience using a generic model from one of the more prolific sex in the community. You can buy a belly button online.

    It can be an innie, outtie, twisted to the left or swx right, and placed on a virtual body. You can also buy a variety of penises, wex hair, breasts, ln tongues, all of which can be tweaked to look however you want. Import them into another program, and you can have 3r with them in virtual reality, without that person ever giving consent. Swx forums like Reddit, marketplaces like Patreon, and on standalone websites, communities of anonymous users are making, selling, and getting off to the computer-generated likenesses of celebrities and other real people.

    The 3D models that emerge from these communities can be articulated into any position, animated, modified, interacted with in real time, and manipulated in ways that defy the constraints of physical reality.

    Today, the results are mostly crude. Unlike the most sophisticated deepfake videos traded online, no one is going to mistake any of the 3D models Motherboard has seen during our reporting for actual images of a real person. But the technology to create photorealistic 3D models of real people is rapidly approaching —and it's getting easier for the average user to access those tools and programs. Some software that's already available ln much ssx the process for creating the 3D likenesses of real srx.

    Rendering a realistic human is a process which historically required the specialized technical knowledge of teams of artists in game and special effects studios. Inn studios, traditionally, have to obtain the rights to use someone's likeness before rendering them, but many hobbyists seemingly make avatars sexx anyone, with or without their consent.

    The user was specifically talking about Foto2Vam, a program that uses a photograph of a real person's face to automatically generate a 3D model with inn same face, which can then be used in VR. Another user on the same thread said they also use Foto2Vam to render ex-girlfriends performing sexual acts. They wrote that some 3D models turn out better than others depending on how many quality photographs of the person they can work with. Another user explained that they've previously created adult content using Daz 3D—a software for creating 3D models of people that is popular with hobbyists because it's free—but that VaM has fulfilled their dream of interacting with that sex in virtual reality.

    They explained that they aex real people using a combination of well known, commercial, or free software like Photoshop, Ni 3D, the digital sculpting tool ZBrush, and FaceGensoftware similar to Foto2Vam which also generates 3D faces using photographs.

    Better hair creation, 3c clothes, shaders On a Discord channel dedicated to VaM, one user explained that there's nothing people can do to stop VaM creators from making adult content using their likeness, especially public aex. It's our world and freedom, they can't stop us ssex jacking off, nobody can, they can merely choose extreme privacy," that user said. None wex the users posting publicly about making real people replied to our request for comment, but some deleted their posts after we contacted them.

    There's nothing inherently wrong with 3D-rendered porn. People have been using computer graphics to create adult content for decades. Second Life still eex a large community focused on adult content, and video game assets are often modified to create pornsometimes featuring the swx of real actors.

    Sites like Pornhub are filled with 3D-rendered porn videos. But VaM and the community around it, including the 7, members of its active subreddit, are different because they make it relatively trivial to create a 3D model that looks like someone who exists in the real world and share it with others. Users can then use those 3D models to create still images and animated videos, or have sex with them using a VR headset and a connected sex toy like the Fleshlight Launch, which automatically strokes the person's penis in wex with action on screen.

    The communities that are currently trading in these 3D models 33d that there is an audience for this type of customizable sex content, a creator class that is willing to do the work to provide it, and an online infrastructure for both creators and bigger corporations like Patreon, Reddit, and Daz which already profit from it.

    There are many ways for a sexx get custom 3D-rendered porn. According to a community wiki, the free version of VaM gives users access to a single "scene" sez model, whose body they can modify with a series of sliders, and position by manipulating different body parts in real time.

    Users who contribute to the VaM Patreon get more interactive and customization features in VaM, like the ability to download scenes made by other creators in the community, customize hair and clothing, and "manually undress models by pulling the clothes off with your in-game hands. The VaM community wiki also instructs users how to create faces using reference photos, create their own animations, and import full models or individual body parts created by other users.

    For example, the wiki instructs users how to give a 3D model a realistic vagina by downloading one from Renderotica, a community and marketplace for 3D-rendered porn. In 3D modeling this item is called a "morph," which broadly refers to a method for changing the shape of 3D models.

    A list of compatible morphs in the wiki includes "8 orgasm expression morphs," "a large balls morph," and "the cherry on top of your blowjob collection, introducing a brand new set of lip morphs. Nonconsensual use of people's likenesses is a controversial topic in 3D-rendered porn communities. Davos sells extreme fetish accessories and swx on Renderotica.

    It's a site where creators like Davos sell adult comics created with 3D models, or 3D body parts that can be modify Sx 3D models. Another creator of 3D human models that are used in adult content and whose work is supported on Patreon was adamant that the VaM community isn't all about porn, and isn't all about recreating real people, either.

    Dark aspects have to be expected from porn communities but those can be kept under control. The VaM community subreddit's rules instruct members not to post images, videos, or scenes "that could be considered illegal, strongly offensive, or immoral," but has no stated rule about posting 3D models or adult content of real people. In fact, the rules explicitly allow users to post 3D renderings of celebrities as long as they don't include real photos or use their real names in the post: "Abbreviations, nicknames and different names are perfectly fine," the rules state.

    Not surprisingly, because of the availability of high-quality photos of them online, and simply because people love to fantasize about unattainable public figures, sharing 3D models of celebrities is one of the most common activities in the community.

    The celebrities are recognizable on sight, and sometimes their fake name alluded to their real name, or their identity is referred to in user comments. Almost ssx the 3D models we saw were of women, but we spotted at least two 3D models of men: Joaquin Phoenix and Chris Pratt. These posts usually include a link to a file sharing site where other users can download the zex model and use it themselves, and sometimes a Patreon page, which some creators use to collect money for their work.

    Studies show that women are the most common targets of nonconsensual porn, and abusive manipulated imagery like deepfakes. Experts and victims alike say that even if it's not "real," the experience of seeing one's likeness in nonconsensual porn eex across the internet is legitimate trauma, similar to sexual assault, and not very different from actual revenge porn or spreading sex tapes and nudes without consent.

    One creator in the community who uses Twitter sex share their work—including a 3D model of an almost-nude celebrity tied sex, her face covered in viscous white fluid—said that he has been making 3D models and characters professionally for video games, television, and other commercial videos and simulations for 30 years.

    He 3f that he has created 3D models of real people he knew, sometimes with their permission. He has also made nonsexual content, aex being able to see what he and his wife would look like in a kitchen remodel they considered. Personally, I see it as nothing more than creating clay busts, or notebook sketches of fond memories and faces," he said. They said that they know people use the software to make characters from movies and TV shows and interact with them in VR, and feel that it's "OK" as long as the model is mimicking a popular fictional character like Batgirl, for example.

    But they don't condone creating real people without permission. I don't sec any look-alikes in VaM for this reason, and I have worked with moderators on various sites to help establish rules against creating look-alikes of real people. If someone were to post a recreation of an ex, I would ask it to be removed. On my Discord server, I would remove it myself, since I consider that to be an official server for VaM. MeshedVR told us that while they are listed as a moderator on the subreddit, consulted on its rules which allow sharing celebritiesand often browse it to see what the community has come up with, they're not an active im there.

    What people do with it is largely out of my control. Duncan Ln, the chief operating officer and general counsel for the actors' union SAG-AFTRA, told Motherboard that actors can take legal action against people selling 3D models of their likeness by invoking rights of publicitywhich close to half the states in the United States currently have.

    But those laws vary sex state, and for ordinary individuals who don't have a famous face, there may be little sx recourse. SAG-AFTRA supported a law against deepfake videos that recently passed in California and hopes to pass a similar law in New York, but Crabtree-Ireland said that even new laws won't stop nonconsensual use of someone's likeness entirely.

    John Danaher, a senior lecturer in law at the National University of Ireland Galway and coeditor of the book Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implicationstold Motherboard that images inn representations like this could be viewed as a type of revenge porn if they're created or shared without consent. I don't think anyone should be creating representations of this sort without the consent of the real person," Danaher said.

    Ultimately, a pornographic image created with VaM doesn't look meaningfully different than a drawn or Photoshopped pornographic image, or other 3D-rendered porn, all of which have have been used on create nonconsensual porn for decades. The difference here, much like it was with deepfakes, is that new technologies have democratized ssex tools for creating this kind of adult content, making them cheaper and easier to use.

    Sex plug-and-play nature of VaM makes it so a sex doesn't need to make their own 3D model of a celebrity jn order to have sex with it in VR; they can just download a 3D model sexx someone else in the community has made.

    Even tools and platforms that are not specifically for adult content enable this—Daz 3D, the popular and free 3D modeling tool, has a store where users can upload and sell their creations.

    These models can be bought, downloaded, and combined with other tools like VaM to sez nonconsensual porn. After browsing Daz 3D, esx were also targeted with ads of generic, scantily clad 3D models of women that invited us to "get her now.

    Kyle Machulis, who creates open source software for controlling sex toys, discovered the VaM community because it was using his tools to connect VaM to a Fleshlight Launchan automated masturbation device. This way, for example, when a character in VaM moved her hand up and down a virtual penis, the Launch strokes the user's real penis in sync, creating a more immersive experience. Machulis asked users in the VaM subreddit how, exactly, they use the sex simulator.

    He told Motherboard that he was wex little surprised by the answers. Some people in these communities told us they make 3D avatars of real people because it's cathartic, or because they just like the aesthetics, but they almost always do it to women's bodies. Danaher said that it is potentially unhealthy to hold on sex the past in this way, but the people in this community that Motherboard talked to said that programs like VaM are a way to get back to a time or a feeling they can't get back to otherwise.

    A screenshot of a video tutorial for VaM users that shows a series of sliders for customizing a model's breasts. An image using a generic model promoting one of Davos' products, "The Morgue," which includes a variety of objects that are compatible with Daz 3D models.

    A still from a 3dd advertising a VaM 3D model, or "look," of inn celebrity by a Patreon creator. Motherboard isn't linking to the creator because they host nonconsensual imagery. A promotional image from Daz 3D's website advertising its Genesis 3 human model.

    An ad for a Daz 3D model that has followed us across the web after visiting the company's online marketplace for 3D models.

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    Some software that's already available automates much of the sex for creating the 3D likenesses of real people. They explained that they recreate real people using sex combination of well known, sexx, or free software like Photoshop, Daz 3D, the digital sculpting tool ZBrush, and FaceGensoftware similar to Foto2Vam which also generates 3D faces using photographs. sex dating

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