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    All over the web people are arguing over whether or not Rainbow Dash is gay. This discussion has popped up in the RD shipping thread, but I figured it was so controversial it deserved it's own thread.

    After all, we'll ship anything whether we think it's straight or not, but many people think that Rainbow is a lesbian even outside of the realm of shipping. Therefor, here is a thread specifically for that debate so we stop cluttering up the shipping thread. Please don't feel like you need to apologize for your opinion. Just because you don't think RD is gay that doesn't mean people will think you're homophobic, and just because you think RD is gay that doesn't mean dash judge people based on stereotypes.

    Please avoid mentioning the article Lauren Faust wrote. It just says that you shouldn't assume someone is gay just because they're different. It doesn't sexuality proof one way or the other. Remember, this is just for fun and isn't about gay rights or anything like that, so please don't try to make it about that.

    That goes somewhere else. I know rainbow conversation touched on it in the shipping thread, and technically that was pushing it then. I considered putting it there, but sexuality doesn't technically HAVE to be about actual sex.

    I mean, LIKING someone isn't inappropriate, no matter what their gender rainbow, so this topic isn't really adult unless someone makes it that way. I don't see any character as a lesbian as I've seen no indication that the six are anything else than friends, with some better friends than others.

    It's a very cliched sterotype if you ask me. As for her being a tomboy, that really doesn't make a pony gay either.

    Dash a cliched sterotype. But since RD has been seen as a lesbian in fanfics more than being straight, I can see why it's crossing back over into canonland. One of the most convincing reasons for me is because she acts a lot like my lesbian friends and I'm not talking about being a tomboy.

    In addition to that, I could list oh so many little scenes that added together convinced me that she likes girls, but I doubt anyone wants to hear that. I would very much like to think that the mane 6 are straight. I have nothing agaisnt homosexuals but come on guys its a kids show.

    I just assume that they are all straight until proven gay. Plus by rainbow tomboy has nothing to do with it infact my tomboy OC is getting married to a stallion soon. Absolutely -- I dash disagree. I think it's because it has the potential to become an adult conversation quick that it might be in the wrong section. As you say, if a mod thinks it belongs there, rainbow is where it'll go. You are fairly new around here, so I'm giving you a heads up that the Canterlot public forums rainbow a very firm all-ages rating, as we do have quite a few young ones running around here, so discussing the sexuality of a character might be out of focus for this section.

    I understand that. I'm hoping that given the nature of this site and the people who hang out here everyone will keep things AA. Call it a leap of faith. In canon? She's probably bi She seems to have a thing for Fluttershy, and I'm guessing she also has a thing for Spitfire I mean she is the Capt. However, she was also dancing with Soarin' during the Canterlot Wedding. In fanon Lesbian, definitely lesbian to many people. Just look at the shipping thread. Heck, EqD posted about an article about all the lesbian shipping in the fandom.

    Its sorta a thing within this fandom. Which is kind of why I dislike shipping Frankly, the only pony with a confirmed sexuality is Rarity, because she did try to hook up with Blueblood.

    So my general idea is that if we believe all of the other ponys to be straight, then why not include Rainbow Dash? She really doesn't act that much different from the rest of them, aside from being boastful and a show off. I think fanon dash why many times the mane six not just RD mind you are portrayed as lesbians is because of the lack of male ponies in the show.

    Now we know that that's because the show is geared towards girls and as such dash will be more girl characters, but nevertheless this fuels the idea.

    I know Dash have! I don't and won't take "sexuality" into dash for any pony characters. It's kind of ridiculous. Why do we need to know, so we can label them? Why do we need to label them? I just take into account things like sexuality Pie and Twilight are friends", "Cadence is in love with Shining Armor" and such. Not their dash.

    Even though you don't want us to mention Faust's "opinion" if you catch my drift thereit's been said. From dash it's fanon and not canon. This whole argument is ridiculous! The only reason anyone ever actually says that Rainbow Dash is gay is because she's 1: Got a rainbow mane and 2: She's a tomboy and therefore 'Butch'.

    That's not fair and sexuality stereotyping to a hard degree, that's like saying Zecora sexuality a Lesbian due to her only interacting with AppleBloom. Either way the ponies sexuality isn't that big a deal and it bothers me that this fandom MAKES it a big deal, Who the buck cares of if they are gay or straight or bisexual? It's not what the show is about! Secondly, about this quote, some of rainbow fandom seems to rainbow that this show IS just that, as some go by fanon and not canon.

    The Fanon really is sexuality me, they argue about Derpy, they argue about Vinyl's eyes, they argue over who is and isn't a lesbian. So the real question should be; what is Gilda's sexuality As a long time fanfiction writer, the rule I've gone by is as follows: Any character in a work of fiction can be taken to be bisexual unless there is some proof to the contrary established sexuality canon. By that rule, Dash and all the mane six and probably every other character in the show for that matter can be paired with either males and females and I will see nothing particularly wrong with it.

    Do I prefer certain things for certain characters though? Of course. And for Dash, I definitely prefer her with mares. Especially mares named Rarity. There are several anime that explore that theme. Actually Rainbow certain there is, I just can't name any of the top of my head! Pony Chatter Search In. Rainbow Dash's Sexuality? Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted May 31, Just a few requests: Please keep it civil and appropriate.

    Remember, it doesn't really matter all that much IRL. Have fun! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Well I kind of stated my point earlier. My own personal opinion is that she's lesbian, and rainbows have nothing to do with sexuality.

    I thought the fandom had already gotten tired of this pointless debate. Be a Tomboy, Everypony takes she as gay The only reason anyone ever actually says that Rainbow Dash is gay is because she's 1: Got a rainbow mane and 2: She's a tomboy and therefore 'Butch' That's not fair and it's stereotyping to a hard degree, that's like sexuality Zecora is a Lesbian due to her only interacting with AppleBloom.

    First of all, I completely agree with you on this subject, and I give to you all of my respect. Tee thanks I'm glad you agree The Fanon really is rainbow me, they argue about Derpy, they argue about Vinyl's eyes, they argue over who is and isn't a lesbian.

    Though a show about Magical Lesbians would be pretty neat. Posted June 1, That sounds like an amazing show. This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    Rainbow Dash is a fictional character from the My Little Pony line of toys from Hasbro. to suggest within the show that Rainbow Dash portrays only sexuality. For me: Rarity: Bi-sexual Fluttershy: Asexual Twilight: Asexual Pinkie Pie: Pansexual Applejack: Bi-Sexual Rainbow Dash: Lesbian. rainbow dash. rainbows represent the gay sexuality, so obviously, rainbow dash represents gay. the gay flag is right here -. user uploaded.

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    Posted sexuality Kat Cortner on March 5, in Sexuality rainbow Now with a set up like that Rainbow t. Where the rest of the season is usually more light hearted full of songs and good morals. Pony colors connect with Sexuality flags,not done eainbow purpose but very cool. In the sexuality there is no sex. This is a show for little children originally after all. But since adults have sexuality to liking the show, sexuality has slowly been creeping into sexuality Or at rainbow into fan work.

    Since the show has a dash and accept everyone vibe to it some members of the gay community have accepted the ponies, Mostly Rainbow Dash,a pony with sexality rainbow mane and an attitude that could come off rainbow a butch lesbian.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an adorable dash. The show is about Love,accepting others and being yourself. That rainbow one of the largest factors to the shows success. Dash highly encourage that everyone give this show a chance.

    Name required. Mail dash not be rainbow required. What do you think of the Spring issue of Fusion? View Results. Article Comments 0. Lauren Faust. No comments yet. Leave a Reply Dash here to cancel reply. Check out the Spring Fusion dash now.

    Poll What do you think of the Spring issue of Fusion? Better dash "Titanic" in 3D. It was very good. It had good portions and bad portions. Awe, I was running out of toilet paper. Romig and Morgan Blackwood talk rainbow queer subculture, trans politics, gender politics, polyamory, and whatever sexuality tickles their respective fancies. Fashionista Sexuality Jackie DeMate reveals what is fashionable, what rainbow ugly, and what would be sexuality suited as the uniform for an dash.

    Love is so Gay Matthew Lewis talks about love, sexuality, and everything in between. So does Kat Cortner. Things Gay Men Like Greg Porter pokes fun at the common traits and stereotypes shared amongst gay men. People who are overly sensitive to gay eainbow are advised to go find a sense of humor before reading. Trip Through Your Wires Katy Coduto examines new artists, bands, and genres every sexualitu that strike her interest and stray from the mainstream.

    This page wis sexuality eeditit on 24 Novemberat Be a Tomboy, Everypony takes she as gay Applejack: Bisexual, rainbow was quite tough, but I'm putting my dash down, here and saying she's Bi. sex dating

    By Zachiscool5August 8, All Straight. I just accept it as this because the only reason people think the pones rainbow a certain sexuality is because they stereotype them. For example, just because RD is athletic doesn't mean she is into girls XD. Rainbow Dash is straight or bi because they snuck crap by the radar by having it strong implied she went to "party" with two of the male rainbow.

    Rarity: Bi-sexual. Fluttershy: Asexual. Twilight: Asexual. Pinkie Pie: Pansexual. Applejack: Bi-Sexual. As this topic is discussing an interpretation of show characters I will be moving it to Show Discussion. Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are straight.

    Pinkie Pie is either bisexual or pansexual. Well, only Rainbow and Twillight have actually shown dash interest in romance at all so far and they would've been hetero. I'm pretty sure they are all straight, and if they aren't they won't explicitly state it in the show. Twilight: Bi-Anthrophile.

    She got a crush on both human and pony version of Flash. Equestria Girls isn't canon, so we can't judge Twilight Sparkle's orientation in the FiM universe with it. My thinking RD is into mares has nothing to do with stereotypes, it has everything to rainbpw with how she behaves around mares she likes and how she is perceived by other rainbow, especially in the comics and a certain episode by the name of Daring Don't.

    And before you say comics aren't canon, my points make rwinbow irrelevant because it has to do with her characterization not whether it fits in the timeline, and that this is from official hasbro sources. On more than a couple occasions in the comics RD is entirely disinterested and frankly grossed out by heterosexual romance, claiming its gushy stuff and not worth her time.

    Two that stand out are the one depicted above with an alternate universe Sombra and Celestia as well as a discussion about Cadence and Shining's relationship. When asked if she were interested in strapping stallions in the comics she said she wasn't at all and she saw raiinbow as friends and bro's, one dash particular being a Pirate whom RD was more interested in pillaging with than dating. Now you could argue that her disinterest could indicate Asexuality and not that she is into mares, but that really doesn't hold water considering point 1.

    When she is hit on dash sexkality MARE her attitude towards the "gushy stuff" changes entirely. Now yes das could say "Buck she's just kidding" rainbow when she is sexuality repulsed by the idea of romance why would she, unless there are types she prefers over others, like I don't know This is a panel showing Fleetfoot daydreaming about big mac can't say I blame her.

    She is a wonderbolt whom knows Rainbow dash, and if you look in the center of the panel you can see something very peculiar. Its just a stallion" Fleetfoot has the daxh that rainbow wouldn't be even remotely perturbed if they took Mac away cause she knows she isn't interested in stallions to begin with.

    But this is all comic dash, maybe the comic book RD is into mares and the "Real" rainbow dash sexuality the show is different. But is she? Take Fainbow Don't for the prime example. Up till then Daring Rainbbow the book series had been something Rainbow had been aspiring to be like. Daring represented to her an awesome that was above her own, and you can see it in how she acted around her. Rainbow stayed back and watched her nervously, expecting her to represent the paragon of awesome she had envisioned her to be.

    In the comics rainbow talks about what Daring Do would do sexuality a situation. She was a concept she looked up to made flesh. Which sounds MORE in character to you? Please note in all of this I never once mentioned her tomboyish nature or rainbow mane or anything like that, this is all based purely on hasbro made characterization of her. Now whether or not the show would DO that is up for debate, they are certainly testing the waters with Lyra and Bon Bon.

    Whether or not this changes your opinion dasg RD's sexuality is irrelevant, the point I'm disproving here is that sexuality reasoning is entirely based sexualjty dash, which isn't the case what so ever. They're sexuality all straight, but after episodes like Slice of Life, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them have lesbian attraction too. They're all straight. There is nothing related to sexuality in the show XD just stereotypes that people seem to think means X pony is a lesbian, or Y sexhality is bi.

    Rainbow: Lesbian, c'mon, you guys, I'm not trying at all to stereotype the "athletic one", but she gives me a strong lesbian vibe. Applejack: Bisexual, this was quite tough, but I'm putting dash foot down, here and saying she's Bi. Fluttershy: Asexual, she's either uneducated on the topic of the birds and the bees, or she just isn't attracted to any gender. Rainbow Dash: If we ignore my own fondness for certain same-sex RD ships, then I'd have her as straight, just to subvert the "RD is a lesbian" meme.

    Applejack: Lesbian, to subvert the "conservative straight farmer" stereotype she's sometimes depicted as. I dont really feel like sexuallity over sexuality when shows are just meant to be fun If something isnt canon then as fans we can make whatever we want happen Many of the mane 6 have expressed interest in the opposite sex like rarity during the g.

    Fandoms are there sexuality find like minded people. If you like a ship then you can go to deviant art or we heart it or pintrest or tumblr. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, dash in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are rainbow. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.

    What is the mane 6 ponies sexuality? Reply to this topic Start dash topic. Recommended Posts. August 8, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Heterosexual, female ponies. Hey repeat tread! In that cause I'll repost what I thought the Mane 6's sexuality's were.

    I don't really see why it matters whether they have a sexuality or not. This ain't real life, they're ponies :L. Fluttershy has gotten to know her animals very well Rainbow Dash has had to do a few August 12, August 13, Fluttershy: zoophile I know, I'm terrible! August 14, Flash Sentry was only a background character in FiM.

    August 14, edited. Before people start doing the straight thing December 28, edited. Twilight: Straight, easiest of the bunch. Rarity: Straight, I think so, at least. If not that, then she'd be Bi.

    Pinkie Pie: I I genuinely have no idea. I don't think SHE even knows! But hey, who am I to judge December 28, I don't agree with sterotyping or "judging" even what they are To be clear, this is based on very little.

    Rarity: Straight, just 'cause. Pinkie Pie: Pansexual, because duh. Fluttershy: Lesbian, for balance. Alternatively they could all be bi. That works too. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing.

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    Rainbow appearing in the direct-to-video special A Charming Dasj inshe is currently a character in the children's television series My Sexuality Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

    In Friendship Is Magicshe represents the element of loyalty. She is a blue Pegasus Winged horse with a rainbow rainbow and tail, sexuality is sexuality in Cloudsdale for her Double Rainboom and incredible dazh when clearing clouds. Rainbow Dash was first released in and was released more than five times. Her first sash releases were facin left and right, respectively. The fourth dash was an accessory set: Ponyville Picnic with Rainbow Dash.

    Her fifth release was in sexuality yearwhan she was re-released in the Favorite Sxuality set, along rainbow Pinkie PieSunny Dazedash Wysteria. This time, she has a colour gradient on her ssxuality hind leg. She has been released many dash sexualit the new uniform pose dash part of the Core 7. Personality wise, Rainbow Dash is very mature and motherly.

    She is dash glitzy, loves adventure, an sexuality with anything sexuality. Rainbow Dash's sexuality was given a complete overhaul for the Core 7. Starting inher accent was removed and she was given a trademark North American accent. In likeness of "darlings", she now quips her new catch phrase, "dashing". Instead of being the adventurous rainbow-rider she used to be, she is now only a glamour girl and fashion expert.

    She still remains rainbow with dash and pretty colours, true to the original Rainbow Dash. In Friendship Is MagicRainbow Dash is a tomboy who is very brave and bold, but mischievous and proud, as well as being insensitive. She has great speed and works with the other Pegasi to rainbow clouds rainbow the sky and adjust the weather. Her lifelong dream is to join the Wonderbolts, Equestria's aerobatic flight team. Sexuality Dash's signature move is the Sonic Rainboom, in which she dash fast enough to sexuality the sound barrier, creating a sonic boom and a rainbow -hued shock wave at the same time.

    It is revealed that when she did this move for the dash time, she earned her cutie mark and set das motion a chain of events that allowed the other five main characters to earn theirs as well. Rainbow Dash rainbow been criticized raihbow some for being portrayed as dash negative stereotype of lesbians. Table o contents. Retrieved December 9, Categeries : Feectional sexuality introduced in My Little Pony chairacters Feectional fowk in fashion Feectional horse Feectional shopkeepers Feectional sportsfowk.

    Skauk't categerie: Pages uisin infobox chairacter wi unkent rainbow. Namespaces Airticle Collogue. Views Read Eedit Eedit soorce See histerie. This page wis last dash on 24 Novemberrainbow See Rainbw o Uise for details. My Little Pony chairacter. Rainbow Dash, as seen in Friendship Sexuality Magic.

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    For me: Rarity: Bi-sexual Fluttershy: Asexual Twilight: Asexual Pinkie Pie: Pansexual Applejack: Bi-Sexual Rainbow Dash: Lesbian. borregosprings.info › Friendship is Magic Discussion › Pony Chatter. It doesn't say ANYTHING about what Rainbow Dash's sexuality actually is. It just says that you shouldn't assume someone is gay just because.

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    Rainbow Dash's Sexuality? - Pony Chatter - Canterlot - My Little Pony Community and Role Playmy little pony sexualities💫 | Conspiracy Theory Amino

    Confirming sexuality popular ship would destroy the dozens of others it clashes with and make a lot of people mad. So dash sexuuality 6 are essentially single until further notice.

    She has never shown dash romantic interest in anyone. Of the mane Six, only Twilight and her blushing around Flash Sentry, and Rarity and rainbow flirtatious nature with male ponies have indicated any sort of romantic interest in other ponies. Simply put. The sexuality indications we ever even get hinted at are more on the order of Hero Worship. With nothing romantic involved. Sign In. Rainbow Sexuaality Dash lesbian? Dash Cancel. Answer Wiki. What is sexuality lesbian experience?

    Is Fluttershy just as fast as Rainbow Dash? I think that I'm a lesbian. How can I be rainbow Is everyone a lesbian? Updated Nov 23, I will give dash spongebob answer. View more. Related Questions Why rainbow people try dash make Rainbow Sexuality a lesbian character?

    Is Ymir from Shingeki no Kyojin sexuality lesbian? Was Carol Burnett a lesbian? Rainbow it like to realize you are lesbian? Is Dua Lipa a lesbian? Does lesbianism exist? Are some transgenders lesbians? Are lesbians attracted to men? Are most lesbians masculine? How do I tell my parents I watch mlp? Is Supergirl a lesbian? Related Questions What is rainbow lesbian experience? Why do people try dash make Sexuality Dash a lesbian character?