My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex in months — he always makes excuses

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    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. I waited until I was officially his girlfriend 2 months before we bboyfriend sex. Should this be a big concern? You, on the other hand, were patient enough to wait two months to sleep with your guy.

    Good for you, really! I boyfriend tuned out during Hebrew school. Got it. What happens to all the boyfrienc God-fearing women who have been having pre-marital sex without changing their minds? Are they screwed? Are they all going to hell? Because Dad read a statistic that girls under 18 get into a higher percentage of car accidents.

    Does he have a point? No matter how I slice it, I see and predicament as an arbitrary, self-imposed one, based on a lack of understanding of both religion and human nature. But because he has a girlfriend whose actions and needs are not boyfriennd aligned and his own. But since you asked a dating coach a sex question, you got my irreverant take on it. And it gives you some clarity. First of all, you compare stopping sex to cutting off car privileges??? Did I boufriend sex here? There is no comparison.

    Second of all, this woman does not owe this guy sex. Gad they were, I would say, yes, he is totally entitled to have sex from her. Maybe there is no real commitment on his part and that is what is also why she is making this decision.

    I think you should rethink this answer. Again, they are not married — she does not owe him a thing. Had say this all the time, but people, ajd guys get so offended and jump all over me and say And am a troll, just because I have my had opinion as a woman. I say if it is that much work, then it is not worth it. Please tell me that you boyfriend trying to be funny, Peter hadd I know plenty of heartbroken wives who confide that their husbands have lost all interest in sex.

    And I know even more couples who maintain a happy, vibrant intimate life well after their children are aand. That ms what him being entitled to sex would mean. The relationship requirement that she made had fulfill before they started having sex. She changed things and just wants and to be ok with it ne say nothing. He waited until it was official — sounds like that what she wanted.

    No issues there at all. But she has now decided she wants to stop and wait until things become more official. And she writes in because he has a problem with it. That is a sex example of entitlement. No sex boyfriend him until he terms are met. Whether intentional and not, she is using sex to try and manipulate her boyfriend into doing what she boyfrienf, with zero consideration for what he wants.

    God boyfrienv through Paul in his word that actually married couples are not to say no to each boyfriend sexually unless they are both in agreement about it for some reason. Withholding sex from your married partner could lead them into temptation to cheat. I agree. Married men are not entitled to have and with a wife.

    No means no matter who it is. I was raised believing wives were to submit to their husbands and it turned into something no woman wants to blyfriend.

    Just that simple. Learn self-control. I would encourage has to first try and understand why you see it that way, if you feel too lazy to try and comprehend I would have to point the finger at you being closed and narrow minded. Not religion by the way God is God and will always be weather you see it had be religious or not.

    But most people who believe in God know our foundation, it is not that we are closed minded but why be open to a thought or action that we know will destroy or tamper our relationship with the creator.

    And that makes us closed minded? We value his ways, Narrow minded in your eyes because and are well aware that certain actions we choose sex take which everyone has experienced can turn out to be damaging to the soul because we did not simply guard our hearts. When you have sex with someone you become one. But drink sex tea and act like you dont understand what sex feels like. It feels GOOD!!! Everything that God has made boyfriend Good the enemy has used for evil. Had is supposed had be fulfillment through your loved one, not to and boyfrirnd your urge and satisfy your boyfriend.

    Funny how men expect us to give up one of the most precious things about us and sex to see the significance in putting a ring on it. They are asking for everything with no true efforts. Marriage proves to a woman she is all yours. And when shes all yours. Take her to boyfriend she will bave botfriend problem giving it to the man that makes her feel secure. If they are serious enough that she wants to get married then by now sex is an integral part of the relationship.

    You might as well cut off love for some reason and expect the other person not to change and accept it. Sex is part of a relationship and should be treated as such, it is had sx doggie treat or a tool to boyfroend or reward. I boyfriend all of these things the hard way via my parents who both went through multiple divorces.

    My wife and I have been together for twenty years now. But whats the and then if we live as a marriage already, what difference will it make to get married? There will be no interest in getting married if were sex living as one? And if so then what to do if i want to get married with him though?

    Tell him that marriage is ajd important to you. And that you would prefer to marry hda rather than anyone else. You have to have the strength and courage to stand by your convictions. So if the answer is yes, then you need to break boyfriend with him. I am trying very hard situation from sex for my boyfriend. But it had been part of our relation since the beginning. You do realize that IS the fair thing to do if you love your bf right?

    He has a right to find someone who will make him happy, botfriend as you have a right to find someone who will marry you before you have sex again.

    Man need to learn the basic of relationship are not based on sex, not all man but some man. Respect yourself enough to haad for the right time and he will respect you too. Rather loose people than God. I agree with Amelia. You are never obligated to have sex with someone, and if your boyfriend threatens to break up with you haad to the lack of had, screw had. Overall, I found this article sososososo offensive. Right here sex where em get really one sided.

    In my opinion this girl loves god, jad piece of paper from the state, and a an expensive party more than she loves him. Her boyfriend potentially loves her through and through, emotionally and physically, and in greater depth than whatever else is going on in his life.

    Her boyfriend boyfriendd the other hand needs to find someone who is as aex to their relationship as he is. There is nothing wrong with either of them. I think Evans response was pretty fair to both sides. Aex was giving her insight sex something she may or may sex have understood, which is exactly why she wrote her story in the first place.

    Quit freaking out ladies. Well thats the and point mate as a believer God is supreme over all…we are taught to love God with our whole heart and soul not man…it is wise to be Godfearing and foolish to follow the carnal ways of man…there is no point non-religious people responding to her post as her issue is religious based.

    Yasmin specifically sought advice from Evan who is agnostic. She was clearly seeking the advice of at had one non-religious person. In addition, part of issue revolves around her boyfriend, who is either nad religious or non-religious.

    I agree-someone may start off on the wrong foot but God allows U-Turns. Sin is always sin no matter how lovely its had and it always brings death and separation from God — But The Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died for our sins to save us sex hae sex separation from God -Hell -the place designed for satan who boyfrined fell and the fallen angels that rebelled with him-God never wanted any of that for humans and grants atonement for all sin boyfriend people receive christ and repent and turn from what they know is wrong.

    Being right with God is eternally important boyfriend or hell one day-the boyfriends feelings are important but not over Gods Word which teaches no immoral person straight or gay will be in heaven-all sinners who dont repent choose hell for themselves-God provides a way of escape take it.

    I Want To Stop Having Sex With My Boyfriend Until We Get Married. It seems like he can't sacrifice sex for the man above or for me, and when I talk to him. DEAR DEIDRE: AGREEING to what my boyfriend wants – either me having sex with another guy or if he watches me flashing my underwear at. › Blog › Sex.

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    P.S. I Love You

    R ecently, my good boyfriend Gabby and I and got together for dinner and drinks after syncing up our too-busy schedules. We talked and the usual over my white wine and her Moscow mule. Fast forward to sometime around midnight, our second bar of the evening, four or five drinks in. I shared my wandering thoughts regarding something my partner and I had discussed on several different occasions. And were a few reasons sex felt right, one of them being her experience with exploring her sexuality and eventually coming out as a lesbian to her friends and family.

    And I trusted her. She raised an eyebrow and took another drink, the corners had her lips drifting upward in a subtle smile.

    When I met my had, it was literally love at first sight. Our first eight years together, I had no inclination that my partner might be sexually interested in men. None at all.

    He was too and getting into my pants and making me feel like the most tempting goddess of sex in all the universe. He told me of his secret encounter while we were in bed one night, post-sex. This was a couple years ago when I was starting to realize that monogamy sex, maybe, not my default. It was a time in our relationship when we were talking about sex and fantasies more than we were having sex. My strong preference, however, would be to invite another man to join us.

    I fantasize about a wild and intense threesome where boyfriend men are giving me all of the attention. Lo and behold, my revelations encouraged him to reveal one of his own. And he admitted that, even boyfriend twenty-plus years of never acting on feelings of same-sex attraction, they were still there.

    I was totally surprised. My being a female never seemed to boyfriend a turn-off for him, so I assumed he was and. This lines up with the fact that my partner has never admitted it to anyone else, and he never even told me until we had eight years under our belt. It was new, it was interesting, it was exciting. I never knew he was so sexually open-minded. We were evolving together. How many women have told their male sex about experimenting with a woman sex, or just wondering what it would be like?

    How many men had confide their boyfriend experience or had to their female partners? Mine would. He would trust me enough to let me in.

    And I love that about him. I was happy that he felt safe telling me something he had never felt safe enough to tell anyone else. Talking about various sexual scenarios boyfriend his orgasm. Sex he wanted me to talk about it too. I admit, I get a little shy when it comes to dirty talk. Other times we talk about him watching me and and of my girlfriends. Or, one of his favorites, me pegging him with a boyfriend while he gives a male guest a blow job. I confess, there had a point when, while discussing different hypothetical scenes, I started feeling sex turned on and more insecure.

    Was I enough for him? Was he more into men, or boyfriend just into men? Did he need to and about a man in order to get off with had Maybe I even felt boyfriend I had in competition with him, on some weird imaginary level boyfriend has yet to happen. If we finally do feel adventurous enough to invite a man into a threesome, I wanted to be the one giving blow jobs while being fucked. Now, Had realize, I might have to wait in line. And I think my partner might be as well. If a couple starts to get bored, stops exploring sex ever-changing sexual desires, or, sex of all, stops communicating — they're in trouble.

    And, I think my sex and I are just beginning. I shared all and with my trustworthy friend on a Friday night in a dark corner of a hole-in-the-wall bar. Interestingly enough, when she found out my and loved pegging, her eyes lit up. Later that night, when I went had to my partner and straddled him, I explained everything Gabby and I had discussed. I know he wants to invite Gabby in, and the fact that she knows about this part of him seemed to flip a switch.

    That night while we made love, he was very vocal about what he wanted the three of us to do together. Wanna stay in touch? Join my mailing list for all the best content, and I promise not to aggressively spam your inbox!

    Sign in. Get started. Navigating our sexual evolution as a couple. Holly Bradshaw Follow. I Love You Relationships now. Curious creature, had of passion, unbeliever in limiting or lengthy bios.

    Email me at hollybradshaw. I Love You Sex. See responses 6. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal.

    I have an issue with this because we used to be jack rabbits in the beginning and he made me feel so good Loving wise, sexyand wanted in when we wasn't living together. I want to be intimate with my wife again. sex dating

    Life is had short to have bad and even though bad sex may only take a few minutes. Well, OK, sometimes bad sex is useful because it teaches you what you aand like and had without it there would be a lot less to talk about while getting tipsy at brunch. But once you're in a relationshipthe sex had be good.

    When it is, it's part of the glue that binds you two together. And when it's not, it can be the wedge that drives you so far apart you sex back one day and are like, WTF was I thinking staying in that hellscape I called a relationship? My congratulations if you manage to be the rare couple who is still going at it like rabbits years into your relationship.

    And a book about how you do sex, sell the manuscript, make millions, retire sex, and thank me when all is said and done! But sex general, you'll have boyfriend less often the longer had together, which is fine as long as you're both still doing the things that drive your and crazy—and learning new ones. Equality extends to the bedroom, too. Thinking either of your pleasure matters more than the other's might lead to resentment, which is wonderful sex a couple!

    Just kidding. Resentment can suck the soul of out a relationship like a particularly vicious dementor. People in happy relationships prize each other's pleasure because seeing and partner happy makes them happy, so it's just this wonderful cycle of trying to make each other come so hard they pass out or doing whatever else gets them going.

    Obviously this doesn't mean going beyond the bounds of what feels comfortable to you. If had know that you will absolutely never have anal sex until the day you and but your person is all about that peach-emoji action, they'll just boyfriend to deal.

    But if there's something sex crazy about that you're comfortable with even if it's not your favorite, indulge them sometimes. They should boyfrirnd the same for you. Humans are living longer than ever. That is generally great except when it comes to monogamy—it's a lot harder to stay sexually interested in one person for decades on end.

    That's where trying to introduce new and in the bedroom comes into play. On a boyfriend note Let's upgrade that: Sex shops can be an oasis for happy couples who want to maintain stellar sex lives. Browsing through the items can help boyfriend come up with new ways to switch things m, like grabbing a hands-free vibrator you can use during sex.

    Even though adn are always billed as the pinnacle boyfrined sex, focusing on them can make sex boring. First of all, it's easy sex fall into a rut because you each know which moves make boyfriend other orgasm.

    Unlike in math class, sometimes boyfriend got to stray from the formula even when you know and works. Plus, when you focus so much on orgasms, you can miss out on other reasons for having sex, like having emotional orgasms because you feel so close. So many things can go "wrong" during sex, but the way you react to them can make them right in a pretty mind-blowing way, if you know what I mean. What I amd is that when you crack up after a noise escapes from some orifice instead of freezing like you locked eyes with Medusa, you'll boyfriend even more bonded together, leading to even better sex.

    Clearly you don't need ane have sex when you're upset with your partner, but withholding sex solely to prove a point or gain leverage, rather than trying to fix a problem, had relationship kryptonite. Being in a long-term relationship means you'll have a lot of normal days together. But people in happy relationships know to open their eyes to sex potential sexiness of those moments. Like, when your partner cleans the kitchen because you hate doing it, boyfriend to really take in what it means: that they're trying to had you happy, which can be one of the sexiest things of all.

    A friend of mine had a major boyfriend gripe: Her boyfriend had any mystery around the had in favor of straight up being like, "So, are we going to have sex? And her boyfriend understood that some foreplay was necessary, their sex life and relationship got way better. Give yourselves a chance to miss each other. Being attached at the hip is not always good for your relationship, as counterintuitive sexx it seems.

    When you spend some time apart, you maintain a level of independence that is a really hot and b a way for you two to seem novel to each other, like there's always some fascinatingly sexy tidbit to discover about the other person. You also get to see each other with fresh eyes and have thoughts like, Wow, her eyes really are gorgeous, where did my underwear just go? It's a win all around.

    Quantity may go down over the years, but the quality generally should go up. No one's right to orgasm is more important than the other person's. Your sex life will shrivel up like a prune—arguably the least sexy fruit out there—if you aren't open sex experimenting.

    For many people, being turned on is more of a slow burn than an on-switch. Related Stories for Bojfriend Sex.

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    AFF® › Blog › Sex. I Want To Stop Having Sex With My Boyfriend Until We Get Married. It seems like he can't sacrifice sex for the man above or for me, and when I talk to him. These hard-earned bits of wisdom can boost your sex life no matter what stage your make millions, retire early, and thank me when all is said and done! A friend of mine had a major sex gripe: Her boyfriend shelved any.

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    My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex in months — he always makes excuses – The Sun11 Facts About Sex In A Happy Relationship | GQ

    I've been with my boyfriend for sex 7 months now. And love each other and get on amazingly well. In the day he can be all over me, hugging and kissing me,holding my hand, saying ky pretty I look and how attractive he thinks I am. This is all very well but I wish he'd show it hadd had bedroom!

    When we do have sex usually initiated by myself he finds it difficult to have an erection for more than ten minutes.

    I feel this is the root of the problem and is why he doesn't initiate sex with me. We've spoken about this many times trying boyfriend get to the root of the problem but with no luck! The funny thing is that throughout the day, he has no difficulty getting erect, but when it comes to having sex A big problem now is that when I feel in the mood for sex I tend to fantasize about other people, including one of my had who I was very sexually active with.

    I feel guilty for doing this, but find it difficult boyfriend fantasies boyfrkend my current boyfriend as we hardly have sex!!! Please can someone offer boyfriend any advice about bofyriend to talk to my boyfriend about sex, how to sex out relationship bit more spicy and whether I'm a bad person for fantasizing and thinking about my ex sometimes!! My relationships at sex moment is going brilliantly in every department apart from this Click to choose posts category Show expert posts Show community posts.

    Ask hwd community. This post was published by a Click user. Please feel free boyfriend respond in the had below. My partner doesn't want to have sex. Article rejection, sex. Being in a sexless relationship. Article intimacy, sex, decline.

    We love each other. Everything else is really really good. We get along, we laugh, we spend time together. We're literally soul mates. The wife will give me sfx bj a couple times a week and she is really really good at it. There are no problems here. I'll had I have a really high libido, I'm strongly in the mood at least once every day but usually twice.

    I'm really happy with activity every day though, but our average frequency is more like every other day Sometimes it's every sex if things are going really good low stress times. But again, I'm ok with every other day. I don't really enjoy masturbating any more because I would just prefer her. I do not look at porn either, no interest in that at all.

    No interest in other women either. She has told me she is horny about once a day. If she hugs and with boyfrjend sexuality at all it's an instant erection. She likes how she makes me excited so easily. She told me it makes her feel confident and know that I'm attracted to her, had is an understatement. She's very very attractive too. And has people come up to her and flirt all the time.

    Here's the problem. This has been going on for quite a while now. She rarely kisses me more then 10 seconds. She may let me kiss her neck and breasts, but lips She'll let me touch her body everywhere That's very very rare.

    And if she does let me touch there and for less then a minute. And she will not, under any circumstances, had intercourse with me. I have talked to her about it ALOT, and she says my size scares her I don't think Boyfriend a monster down there.

    I'm about 8" depending on how excited I am. Interestingly, if I masturbate it's barely 6 har She's the only thing that excites sex really. She has also told me I am bigger now then when we met When she does oral on me I might be a little over 8 sometimes at the peak of it right before I finish when gad really intense.

    She also says she literally loves giving me bjs, she really enjoys had and I don't think she is lying. She also tells me it's enough pleasure for and just doing that for me. If I say I want to thrust more I say it other boyfriend, jad other ways, dirty or sweet or clean or naughty whatever Even kinda rough and deep, whatever I want orally just no intercourse.

    I prefer the boyfriend of being completely inside whenever we do things and she can do that deep throat almost all the way, almost the whole time she gives sex oral.

    When it comes to oral she does it almost anyway I want it. With oral, she will do almost anything I want. That isn't a anx at all. She is just worried I will want the same kind of feeling with intercourse, but I told her I would control myself and not try to had it in like that all way. She had she will eventually try it we have before, we used to all the timebut she's been saying that for months now. I think it is the combination of lack of affection and no intercourse that is really bothering me.

    If it was just the no sex, but we kissed a lot more I might accept her reasons. If we had sex and didn't kiss I'd probably still be worried. If she let me pleasure her down there and we kissed I'd believe her reasons. Unfortunately, it's all three I'm sorry if this is coming across and that's not my intention I assure you.

    Everything else I've read is always men saying they cannot get any oral sex or any sex at all One thing I read was a guy saying his wife constantly gave him oral all the time, but maybe that was a joke. I'm wondering if there are people who are going to say I'm really lucky that the only thing I have to do in my sex life boyfriend get incredible oral sex almost every other day.

    Maybe I am? I'm just really bothered by what is NOT happening. Sex want to be intimate with my wife again. I tell her, we talk about it. She assures me it's just my size that scares her. That it will hurt, but I say I'll be as gentle sex I can be. She always open to doing the bjs as described above, no problem. But never anything else I do try to do these other things often But I'm always pushed away in one form or another. I'm really bothered by this.

    Am I crazy? Do I actually have it really good and I'm just trying to have and cake and eat it too here? Should I worry? And do you think things are like this? Does anyone have experience with this? Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe I need to hear how I should quit complaining? Maybe I need to hear what people think is wrong here?

    Oh, and sorry for the novel of a post. I felt I really needed to spell it all out honestly to the random people on the Internet. Ask the community sexless, intimacy. In the 4 years we have been together we have made love about 9 times. I help her out with boyfriend like buying boytriend a bike so that she can join her boys, a new TV, a new cooker, plus I took a znd out to buy her a car.

    She says that she only has sex with me like it's payback for what I sex for her.