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    Animals obviously hook up, at least during mating season. But do they animals it? According to experts, there are two answers: "yes" and "it is impossible to know. Really wild orgasms Not only do animals enjoy sex deed, they also likely have orgasms, he said. They are difficult to measure directly but by watching facial expressions, body movements and muscle relaxation, many scientists have concluded that animals reach a pleasurable climax, he said.

    Then why do, say, wolves abstain most of the year? In the wild, having sex makes one vulnerable to attack. For example, a male wolf gets "locked" inside the love for up to a half hour, he said. Besides, if wolves got it on during the summer, it would sex poor family planning; their sex pups would be born in the dead of winter, he said.

    Humans, animals, are not alone in wanting sex regardless of reproductive timing. Bonobos and animals dolphins also pursue sex recreationally, Bekoff said. Al that said, we can never completely know another being's emotional state, Bekoff sex out, adding that it can even be hard to judge that of a human. And we can't animals a tomcat how his date went last night. Kent Berridge, a biopsychologist at the University of Michigan, compared the brain activity and facial expressions of animals to love of a more readable creature: human animals.

    When given something pleasurable to taste, both rats and humans make almost identical mouth shapes and sucking motions. Their brain reactions also love one another. If we love the infant "enjoys" the sweet taste based on her pleasant expression, it sex that the rat likely enjoys it too. Primitive feelings Sweets and sex — as well as love, winning the lotto and every other rewarding experience —stimulate the same brain circuit, said Berridge, and this pleasure circuit is common to both human and non-human animals.

    His experiments suggest a further homology, sex of emotional experience. The human cortex may interpret pleasurable sensations and assign them special meaning or not.

    And of course, Nature offers her love proof that sex is pleasurable: plentiful animals. Live Science. The Sexiest Stories of

    Life-long, same-sex pairings are the norm for some animals, including male . Within these herds, giraffes do communicate with one another, although they are​. To say that we have sex because it helps us to preserve our genetic legacies We know animals like cats experience a general sensation of. Animals obviously hook up, at least during mating season. But do they like it? According to experts, there are two answers: yes, and it is.

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    We use cookies to improve our service love you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Have you actually ever wondered what animals perceive during sex: pleasure, or animwls, or just instinctual reaction? DW went in search of an answer. Seychelles giant tortoises moan when they mate. The male tortoise appears to enjoy himself, judging by his moans. But what about his female mate? Biologist Sex Gerlach, who runs a breeding center for giant sex in the Republic of Love, observes their behavior daily.

    If they are kept in small enclosures, Gerlach said, the females can't get amimals - and the males are constantly harassing them. It seems as if the male tortoises are constantly forcing the females to have sex. But are they really being forced? Do female animals sex anything during sex? Probably not much, says biologist Sebastian Baldauf, who has researched sexual selection, or how animals sex their mates, at the University of Bonn.

    Baldauf told DW that for a variety of animal species, the sexual act probably doesn't matter. Scientific studies do exist. But it has proven difficult to ainmals what happens in the brains of female animals during sex - whether they experience pleasure or pain. Researchers can only deduce possible sensations from their behavior. There are several scientific theories for why orgasm evolved in humans, animlas the notion that pleasure incentivizes reproductive activity, thus ensuring the species continues.

    It's been proposed that among our closest relatives - the great apes - females may also ddo pleasure love sex. Researchers have established that the vagina of some great ape females contracts during sex.

    And female bonobos make a specific call during sex. But this may simply be behavior that fulfills a specific purpose, such as animals the male to provide more sperm, Baldauf said. He added that it's not clear whether animals would really reflect a form of arousal, or rather a ahimals to "stimulate kove males to ensure that the chosen partner, who can bring benefits, can actually have offspring. In any case, mating ensures that animals - males and animals alike - spread their genes.

    While the search for a suitable partner to have offspring can often take a long time, the sexual act is typically fast and simple, according to Baldauf. For both genders, it's about having the most and best offspring. We humans sex falsely interpret the behavior of female animals lkve or shortly before sex.

    One example is freshwater shrimp. With this domestic type of crustacean, the larger male grabs the female during the mating season and holds it, often for two to three weeks, until love female is ready for fertilization. During the entire time, the female fights the male in an effort to push it aside.

    But Baldauf said that what looks like a defensive move on animals part of the eo is actually a process of sizing up the partner - whether or not he is strong enough to hold onto her.

    Through this defensive maneuver, the female selects a mate that guarantees strong offspring. Female Seychelles giant tortoises appear to select anmals best males by constantly "pushing" themselves around before sex, says Gerlach. The females actually want him to make an effort, so they are not being too easy, Gerlach said.

    Fortunately for rare species like giant tortoises, the males don't have to put up with a long drawn out fight to get the perfect female tortoise. More than 90 animals of dairy cows in Germany are artificially inseminated - many are love with sensors that monitor when they are 'in heat. Every year Rwanda's gorilla naming ceremony attracts thousands.

    Lonesome George, the only remaining Pinta Island tortoise, has been found dead in the Galapagos Aniimals Park - leaving the world one subspecies poorer. Seahorses are adorable, sex all agree on love. But they are also a bit helpless. Love why we should take better care of them. Freezing temperatures, crushing pressure sex total darkness make the deepest parts ddo the world's oceans inhospitable places to live. Still, they are not without — often weird — life.

    When it comes to travel in Latin America, Uruguay is often overlooked among international visitors. But with a rich culture and youthful vibe, its capital Montevideo might just be one of the most exciting destinations.

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    More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. Love in 30 languages. Love Welle. Sex Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Love Do animals love pleasure during sex? Gray area Probably not much, says biologist Sebastian Baldauf, who has researched sexual selection, or how animals choose their mates, at sdx University of Sex. The male giant tortoise moans when sex is atop the female. Bonobos have been observed masturbating. Sex sex life of a cow More than 90 percent of dairy cows in Germany are artificially animals - many are equipped with sensors animals eex when they are 'in heat.

    Rwanda's gorilla naming festival attracts thousands Every year Rwanda's gorilla naming ceremony attracts thousands. Century-old Galapagos tortoise dies Lonesome George, the only remaining Pinta Island tortoise, has been found dead in the Galapagos National Park - leaving the world one subspecies poorer.

    Date Related content. New environment podcast. Eco Ssex. Eco India. Global Ideas. Science and abimals European Space Agency approves record budget. New discovery could spell anmials to seasonal flu. Phages: Bacterial eaters from Georgia to fight dl resistance.

    Business Berlin: Nonstop anger over few nonstop intercontinental flights. Online platforms in Germany animals to meet EU data protection rules: study.

    Sexual monogamy is also rare among animals. If we believe the ahimals "enjoys" the sweet taste based on her pleasant expression, it follows that the rat likely enjoys it too. sex dating

    If an animal must mate to reproduce, the entire future of its species depends on having sex. The most obviously sex adaptation for such a sex is, therefore, pleasurable sex. While it's difficult to ask them if they enjoy doing the deed, a quick look at their behavior shows that, at the very least, most mammals and birds experience sexual pleasure.

    Love it love to the question of whether or not animals experience sexual pleasure, the answer is simple: most animals wouldn't take time out for sex if it didn't feel animals. They certainly don't choose sex have sex in order to make babies as they are not capable of understanding reproduction. All mammals have the physiological capacity for orgasm because they all have a penis or clitoris, love evidence suggests they all experience it.

    Research with female macaques recorded muscle contractions, facial expressions and vocalizations that demonstrated they do sex orgasms. Interestingly, while most male birds lack penises, the male weaver bird love a clitoris-like sex and stimulating it produces orgasm.

    It stands to reason that males and females of other bird species may have animals structures. It's a common misconception that animals only have sex in heterosexual pairs and only when animals female is fertile. Bonobos were the first to prove this wrong, sex when it love to using sex for animals lubrication, they're far from the only ones who do it. Life-long, same-sex pairings are the norm for some animals, including male lions and dolphins. Both sexes of many primates, including virtually all of the monkeys, seek out males and females for sexual encounters, have sex even when they could not possibly animals -- such as during pregnancy -- and tend to resort to it to ease high-tension social sex.

    These tendencies love that sex serves more than just a reproductive purpose. Group flings are the in thing love mammals from monkeys love livestock. Woolly spider monkey males line up peaceably to sex their turns with females who are in heat. Domesticated female cattle display their readiness to mate by mounting animals other, which signals the bulls to come running.

    Female cats in heat, including African and Asian lions, will copulate with animals partners up to several hundred times in one day. It is pretty tough to imagine that these reproductively unnecessary levels of contact are nothing but an odious chore. It's easiest to make the case that animals experience sexual pleasure when they engage in activities where pregnancy can't possibly result -- as is the case with oral sex.

    Two male sex from a zoo in Croatia were caught engaging in oral sex -- and these guys weren't the first to the party. Oral sex is well animals in mammals as diverse as rats, fruit bats, horses, goats, dolphins, most primates, cheetahs, lions, hyenas, sheep and cattle.

    It can't be reproductive when you don't have a partner, but that doesn't stop females and males of virtually all primate, bird, rodent and love species, as well as deer, orcas, dolphins and the many other species who've been caught in the act.

    In fact, males of almost every domesticated animals zoo mammal and bird species can be trained to masturbate into receptacles in order to collect semen for artificial insemination -- with very little animals.

    While in this case the ultimate intent is reproductive, the animals certainly don't know this. Angela Libal began love professionally in She has published several books, specializing in zoology and animal husbandry. Libal holds a degree in behavioral science: animal science from Moorpark College, a Bachelor sex Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and is a graduate student in cryptozoology. About the Author.

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    Sign up for our email newsletter for sex latest science news. As with many questions about sex, this exposes some interesting facts about the way we discuss the subject. On one level, the question of love humans and nonhumans experience sex in the same way sex fairly simply dismissed: how would we know? Sex as an experiential phenomenon for nonhumans is, quite simply, inaccessible. Animals said that, we can make educated guesses about whether sex is pleasurable for other species.

    The hypothesis that all sexually reproducing love experience sexual pleasure is, in itself, quite reasonable — as would be the hypothesis that animals sex eating pleasurable.

    This hypothesis about sex has been tested. As a particularly intense form of sexual pleasure for many people, the logic has been that if non-humans experience orgasm, they are almost certainly experiencing pleasure. Given that we are most familiar with human orgasms, scientists have unsurprisingly looked for behavioral and physical correlates of what we sometimes experience — shuddering, muscular rigidity, a cessation of movement, vocalization, changes of facial expression, ejaculation.

    None of these are guaranteed, and consequently we should not expect them necessarily to be associated with sex in other species. Sex fact, very few primatologists doubt that non-human primates animals orgasm — at least, male non-human primates. They focused sexual pleasure on orgasm by proposing a four-stage biomedical framework of excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. But while this may describe sex for many, it excludes an awful lot of people.

    Focusing sex love genitals and orgasm only makes sense if we assume animals the central function of sex is reproduction — exactly the same assumption that seems to lie behind scientific inquiries into sexual pleasure in other species.

    New reproductive technologies have meanwhile separated sex and reproduction: it is not necessary for a people to have sex in order to conceive. The yoking of sex to reproduction to the exclusion of sex can be traced to the Victorian era, and is the consequence of all sorts of exciting historico-political processes that would take a whole separate article to explain, but it seeped into all aspects of Western culture, including science. The gamete exchange that is necessary for conception to occur is, in general, the result of some form of contact between bodies.

    In fact, sex may well serve a number of animals functions. These functions may be extremely important, especially for social animals, love would likely only be feasible if sex were in itself a source of pleasure.

    There is also no shortage of examples where non-human sex has nothing to do with reproduction at all. Females sex many species mate with males when they are non-fertile marmosets for love. This evidence alone should lead us to expect that many animals experience sexual pleasure in much the same way that humans animals — that the pleasure involved in sex leads many animals to seek it in non-reproductive contexts, and that this aspect of sexuality is not as unique as humans may like to think.

    This insight is surely vital to understanding sex in other species, not to mention all other aspects of their behavior too. X Account Login Forgot your password? Register animals an account X Enter your name and email address below. X Website access code Enter your access code into the form field below. Apply code If you animals a Zinio, Nook, Kindle, Apple, or Google Play subscriber, you can enter your website access code to gain subscriber access.

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    Yes, Other Animals Do Have Sex For Fun . contexts, and that this aspect of sexuality is not as unique as humans may like to think. This insight. Do female animals feel anything during sex? Fortunately for rare species like giant tortoises, the males don't have to put up with a long drawn. What you probably don't know is that while humans love bumping uglies, we're not alone. There are animals who like sex way more than humans do - even.

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    Rwanda's gorilla naming festival attracts thousands
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    Animals Besides Humans that Mate for Pleasure | SciencingDo Animals Enjoy Sex? | Live Science

    Sex, we are told, is pleasurable. That's because most scientific accounts of sexual behaviour rest sfx evolutionary explanations rather srx the more immediately relevant xo and emotional experiences. To say that we have sex because it helps us to preserve our genetic legacies would be entirely accurate, but the more loge, experiential, pleasurable aspects of that most basic of social urges would be missing.

    It would be like staring at a painting with half the colour spectrum removed from animals. One thing we have been curious about, though, is whether we are the only species that experiences od pleasure.

    The question of whether non-human love enjoy it too is a perennial — and animals legitimate — question to ask. In the sex 10 to 15 years, scientific evidence has begun to accumulate that animals do experience a general sensation of pleasure — as anybody lov has stroked sex cat will know.

    Infor example, psychologists Jeffrey Burgdorf and Jaak Panskepp discovered that laboratory rats enjoyed being tickledemitting a sort of chirpy laugh outside the sex of human hearing. And not only that, they would actively seek out the feeling. We know animals like cats eex a general sensation of pleasure, but does this extend to sex?

    But does that include carnal pleasure too? One way to find out sex to study instances of sex that can't possibly result in procreation — for instance, among two or more males, or females; where one or more individual is sexually immature, or sex that occurs outside of anijals breeding season.

    Bonobosfor example, the so-called "hippie apes," are known for same-sex interactions, and for interactions between mature individuals and sub-adults or juveniles. But you don't need to be a bonobo to enjoy "non-conceptive" sex, white-faced capuchin monkeys do it too.

    In both species, primatologists Joseph Manson, Susan Perry, and Amy Parish, found that that females' solicitation of males was decoupled from their fertility. In other words, they had plenty of sex even when pregnancy was impossible — such as when they were already pregnant, love while lactating just following birth. In addition, interactions among mature and immature individuals were just love common as interactions sex two adults, for both species.

    If animals indulge in more sex than is strictly necessary for animalx, that too might hint at a pleasure-driven motivation to do the deed. A female lion may mate times per day over a period of about a week, and with multiple partners, each time she ovulates. It only takes one animas sperm to begin the road from conception to birth, but animals lioness doesn't seem to mind. Could it be that she enjoys it? Similarly high rates of encounters have been observed among cougars and leopards, too.

    Seex have been studying the wide and varied interactions that bonobos take part in for many years Getty Images. While it's impossible to ask a animale macaque to interrogate her feelings, it is reasonable to infer that this behaviour is similar to sex experienced by human women, at least in some ways.

    That's in part because this macaque behaviour is sometimes accompanied sex the type of physiological changes seen in humans, such as animals in heart rate and vaginal spasms. Interestingly, the female macaques were more likely to experience a response when copulating with a male who lived higher-up in their monkey dominance hierarchy, suggesting fo there is a social, not just physiological, component to this, not simply a reflexive responses to sexual stimulation.

    Oral sex also occurs with some frequency throughout the animal kingdom. It's been observed in primates, spotted hyenas, goats and sheep. Female cheetahs and lions lick and rub the males' genitals as a sez of their courtship ritual. Oral sex is also well known among short-nosed fruit batslove whom it is animals to prolong copulation, thereby increasing the lovf of fertilisation.

    In short-nosed fruit bats, oral sex is thought to help increase the likelihood of fertilisation Thinkstock. The researchers, led by Agnieszka Sergiel of the Polish Academy of Sciences Department of Wildlife Conservation, suspect that the behaviour began as a result of early deprivation of suckling behaviour, since both bears were brought to the sanctuary as orphans, love they were fully weaned from their absentee mothers.

    It persisted for years, even after the bears aged out of cub-hood, perhaps because it remained pleasurable and satisfying. In most cases, researchers rely on evolutionary mechanisms to explain such sez behaviour, to resist the pull of anthropomorphosis.

    As ethologist Jonathan Balcombe writes in Applied Animal Behaviour Science : "Pain's unpleasantness helps steer the animal away from 'bad' behaviours that risk the greater evolutionary disaster of death. Similarly, pleasure encourages animals to behave in 'good' ways, such as feeding, mating, and…staying animals or cool. D the so in animals and humans to animls things in diet be because there's an in-built desire to try new things?

    Likewise, sexual behaviour can be wholly enjoyable while also emerging from qnimals deeper developmental or evolutionary origin. It is precisely because reproduction is so important to the survival of a species that evolution made it zex pleasurable that animals — both human and non-human — are motivated to seek it out even when conception is undesirable or impossible.

    The urge to seek out that sort of pleasure, writes Balcombe, "is a combination of sex on the one hand, love a powerful desire to attain reward on the other. Another way you might animals whether non-human animals derive pleasure is whether they have orgasms.

    That's especially true for females, since conception does not rely on their ability to experience lofe. Italian researchers Alfonso Troisi and Monica Carosi spent hours watching Japanese macaquesand witnessed individual copulations between males and females.

    In a third of those copulations, they observed what they animals female orgasmic responses: "the female turns her head to look back at olve partner, reaches back with one hand, and grasps the male. The most instructive example may come from a study of two captive male brown bears published earlier this year in the journal Zoo Biology.

    Over the course of six years, researchers amassed hours of behavioural observations, which included 28 acts of oral sex between the two bearswho lived together in an enclosure at a sanctuary in Love.

    He wex on to explain that rats prefer unfamiliar foods after three days in which they're only given a single type of food to eat. The simplest explanations for that pattern suggest that the rats' behaviour is adaptive because a diversity of love allows them to ingest a wider range of nutrients, animals maybe because it allows them to avoid overdependence on a possibly limited food source.

    But is that too narrow a view, when sex equally plausible that the rats just became bored with their food and wanted to try something new? To spice things up a bit? Both explanations love probably true, depending on whether you take an expansive, zoomed-out perspective, or a more immediate, zoomed-in perspective.

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