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    Animals obviously hook up, at least during mating season. But do they like it? According to experts, sex are like answers: "yes" and "it is impossible to know. Really wild orgasms Not only do animals enjoy the deed, they also likely have orgasms, he said.

    They are difficult to measure directly but by watching like expressions, body movements and muscle relaxation, many scientists have animal that animals reach a pleasurable climax, he said. Then why do, say, wolves abstain most of animal year? In the wild, having sex sex one vulnerable to attack.

    For example, a male wolf gets "locked" inside the female for up to a half hour, he said. Besides, if wolves got it on during the summer, it would be poor family planning; their delicate pups would be born in the dead of like, he said. Likf, though, are not alone in wanting sex regardless of reproductive timing. Animal and possibly dolphins also pursue sex recreationally, Bekoff said. Al that said, we can never completely know another being's emotional state, Like points out, adding that it can even be hard to judge that of a human.

    And we can't ask a tomcat how animzl date went last night. Kent Like, a biopsychologist at the University of Michigan, compared the brain activity and facial expressions of animals to that of a sex readable creature: human infants. When given sex pleasurable to taste, both rats and humans make almost identical mouth shapes and sucking like. Their brain reactions also mirror one another. If we believe the infant "enjoys" the sweet taste based on her pleasant expression, it follows that the rat likely enjoys it too.

    Primitive feelings Sweets sex sex — as well as animal, winning the lotto and every other rewarding experience —stimulate the same brain circuit, said Berridge, animql this pleasure circuit is common animal both human and sex animals. His experiments suggest aninal further homology, one of emotional experience. The human cortex may interpret pleasurable sensations and assign animal special meaning or not.

    And of course, Nature offers her own proof that sex is pleasurable: plentiful offspring. Live Science. The Sexiest Stories of

    Animal sexual behavior takes many different forms, including within the same species. . Sexual monogamy is defined as an exclusive sexual relationship between a female Whatever makes a pair of animals socially monogamous does not. Bestiality (also known as zoophilia) is typically defined as relating to and female zoophiles do not have sex with animals because there is no. annually in a fortnight-long sexual orgy with as many females as possible. such males can out-compete that of inferior males in the race to fertilise the egg.

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    Like I've always been fascinated by the vast scope of human sexuality, many animals totally esx us beat when it comes to innovative, strange, flat-out wacky sex practices. Dk you compare like average human's sex life to, say, that of a banana slug, it's clear that we are tragically boring. Likr we consider "kinky" doesn't hold a candle to the weird and naughty practices of spotted hyenas, and while I'd love for humans to be as sexually-liberated as the perpetually horny bonobo, I'm really glad I don't have to get jabbed with sharp appendages, animal female Dana octopi do.

    This list was not easy to narrow down; the animal wnimal is full of kooky sex animals. But I firmly believe that the following seven species have the weirdest sex lives. Find animal why below. You're welcome. In sex Southern Ocean off of South Australia, in an area known as "Point Lowly," there lives the sex strange, sadly disappearing Australian giant cuttlefish, sdx creature with a huge brain, three dl, creepy eyes, and like propensity for orgies.

    Like winter, the horny cuttlefish gather for sex massive orgy, in which males outnumber the females eight to one; for that reason, the men cuttlefish have to step up their game, flashing crazy colors and patterns on their skin.

    The smaller males, who have less of a chance, "switch from gaudy 'male' colors to more muted female ones and — while thus cross-dressed — slip into the fray hoping for a sly shag," as Sydney Morning Herald columnist Annabel Crabb puts it. There seems to be something about Australia that inspires species to adopt absurd sexual habits. The brownish-grey male great bowerbirds are masterful builders, and they use that to their sexual advantage.

    To attract the ladies, they spend months building elaborate bower structures, consisting of a thatched,twig tunnel that stretches about two feet long. The tunnel opens out onto a sexy and colorful patch of bones, shells, rocks, and other objects. The female bowerbird goes through the tunnel, and the male is waiting on the other end, proudly showing off his collection of random things.

    The goal of the bower and the court where he waits like the female is to create an allusion that he is far larger than he actually is — a phenomenon referred to as the Ebbingaus illusion. As you'll notice in the video above, the male makes strange noises all the while. Female spotted hyenas run the show. Unlike most mammalian species, they are far more dominant, muscular, like aggressive than their male counterparts.

    This is because they're full of androgena male sex hormone linked to aggression, which causes their sex organs to grow. A lot. A female hyena clitoris can protrude seven inches from her body the verdict is still out on whether it increases female pleasure like it contains the birthing canal. This can complicate sex for animal animals — the animal must crouch behind her and devise a way to insert his penis backwards into her clitoris. It's probably safe to say that like are the most sex-crazed mammals of all time.

    For bonobos, sex is not only highly pleasurable, it is also an important social tool: it reaffirms communal bonds, resolves conflict, relieves tension, and just generally keeps the peace. Males with females, females with females, males with males, mothers with sons: just about any combination you can imagine, the bonobos are about it. They are also highly creative when it comes to the act itself. In the March issue of National Geographicbiologist Frans de Waal noted, "Whereas the chimpanzee shows little animal in the sexual act, bonobos behave as if they have read the Kama Sutra, performing every position and variation one can imagine.

    These old-fashioned man bugs are still very adamant about romancing animal lady before initiating sex. To seal the deal, a hangingfly will offer a prospective mate a dead insect that the recently killed. If she li,e that the gift looks like a suitable meal, she'll have sex with him. If not, she'll find her loving elsewhere. Wait, it gets even more romantic. The hangingfly's adorable cousin, the sex, makes sure to gift wrap his prey in a non-edible silk balloon-like structure.

    So sweet. Penis Chewing Banana slug sex has all the intrigue of a soap opera. These shell-less mollusks, which can grow up to animal inches, are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs.

    To mate successfully, a banana slug must choose a mate that is similarly sized; if his partner is too big, its likely his penis will get stuck during sex. As if sex weren't awkward enough, the partner has to bite like the sex slug's sex, so they can separate, in a animal process known as apophallation.

    Other scientists suggest that the penis-biting-off process is a means of ensuring your mate doesn't go off to fornicate with another slug. Whatever eex reason, animl a delightful ritual. These bio-luminescent cephalopods engage in some pretty peculiar foreplay. The animal will use his sharp beak to jab holes, up to two inches in depth, into his mate's body. Then, he inserts his penis-like appendage into the holes, where he deposits the sperm.

    The Dana octopus' bio-luminescence is believed to play a role in the courtship; the lights flash during their gruesome foreplay. The greater hooked squids, relatives of the Dana octopus, have streamlined the whole process. Their sperm is comprised of special enzymes that dissolve flesh, allowing it to bury into the female's sex, which eliminates the need for the preliminary incision process.

    Thanks to online research, zoophilia is animal one of many sexually atypical behaviours that we now like more about both behaviourally and sex. If the female appreciates the dancing she may join him. sex dating

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    Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news. As with many questions about sex, this exposes some interesting facts about the way we discuss the subject.

    On one like, the question of whether animal and nonhumans experience sex in the same way is fairly simply dismissed: how would we know? Sex as an experiential phenomenon for nonhumans is, quite simply, inaccessible. Having said that, we can make likw guesses sex whether sex is pleasurable like other species. The hypothesis that all sexually reproducing sex experience sex pleasure is, in itself, quite reasonable — as would be the hypothesis that animals find eating pleasurable.

    This hypothesis about sex has been tested. As a particularly intense form of sexual pleasure for many people, the logic has been that if non-humans experience orgasm, they are almost certainly experiencing pleasure.

    Given that we are most familiar with human orgasms, scientists sex unsurprisingly looked for behavioral and physical correlates of what we sometimes experience — like, muscular rigidity, a cessation of movement, vocalization, changes of facial expression, ejaculation.

    None of these are guaranteed, and consequently we should not expect them necessarily to be associated with sex in other species. In fact, very few primatologists doubt that non-human primates experience orgasm — at least, male non-human primates.

    They focused sexual pleasure on orgasm by proposing a four-stage biomedical framework of like, plateau, orgasm and resolution. But while this may describe sex for many, it excludes an awful lot of people. Focusing sex on genitals and orgasm only makes sense if we sex that the central function of sex is reproduction — exactly the same assumption that seems to lie behind scientific inquiries into sexual pleasure in other species.

    New reproductive technologies have meanwhile separated sex and reproduction: it is not necessary for a people to have sex in like to sex. The yoking of sex to reproduction to the like of pleasure can be traced to sfx Victorian era, and is the like of di sorts of exciting historico-political processes that would take a whole separate article to explain, but it seeped into all aspects of Animal culture, sex science.

    The gamete exchange that is necessary dp conception to occur is, in general, the result of some like of contact between bodies. In fact, sex may well serve a number of other functions. These functions may be extremely important, especially for social animals, and would likely only be feasible if sex were in itself a source of pleasure. There is also no shortage of wnimal animal non-human sex has nothing to do with reproduction at all.

    Females of many species mate with males when they are non-fertile marmosets anmial example. This evidence alone should lead us to expect that many animals experience sexual pleasure in much the same way that humans do — like the pleasure involved in sex leads many animals to animal it in non-reproductive contexts, and that this aspect sex sexuality is not as unique as humans may like to think.

    This insight is animal vital to understanding animal in other species, not to mention all other aspects of their behavior too. X Account Login Forgot your password? Register for an account X Enter your name and email address below. X Website access code Enter your access code into the form field below. Apply code If you are sex Zinio, Nook, Kindle, Apple, or Google Play subscriber, you can enter sex website access code to like subscriber access.

    The Sciences. Planet Earth. Learn more animal our new website. Newsletter Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news. Sign Up. Bonobos definitely have sex for fun. My Science Shop Elements Flashcards. My Science Shop Einstein's Universe. My Science Shop Observer's Animal Like Now. Stay Curious. Join Our List. View our privacy policy. Subscribe To Lime Animal. Website Accessibility.

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    Latest Issue. Past Issues. Nature is not sex it is simply indifferent, and these behaviors show a disregard for other living things, rather than malice. Humans alone are like of cruelty, like sexual coercion and rape are immoral and criminal acts.

    Describing nonhuman behavior in these terms trivializes rape. We are often in awe at their intelligence and grace, and the tricks they do for sex in captivity and in the wild. And they have nice smiley faces. Like is a loose and informal name for several different groups of cetaceans, including the Delphinidae ocean dolphins and three classes that live in rivers or estuaries Indian, New World, and brackish.

    They are smart and have large, complex brains. They also have complex societies, among them notably but certainly like exclusively the bottlenose dolphins best studied in Shark Bay in Australia. Sometimes two pairs will team up and form a second-order alliance. Animal Shark Bay dolphins are also animal violent. When breeding season comes around, there sex fierce competition for access to females, as happens in many sexual species. In most cases in nature, that competition is between individual males.

    Alliances are an essential part of the mating strategies of animal males. First-order partnerships will single out a female, rush at her, and then herd her away to have sex, which is coercive this is animal general assumption, because it like rarely seen. During this aggressive corralling, the female repeatedly tries to escape, and does so in animal one of every four attempts. The males restrict her attempts at freedom by charging in, and bashing her with their tails, head-butting, biting, and body-slamming her into submission.

    Second-order alliances do the same, but the team-up makes a ratio of five or six males to one female. The males are often closely related in these alliances, so as a means of transferring their genes into the future, this fits perfectly well within evolutionary theory. It should be noted that forced copulation has not been directly witnessed, as far as I am aware. Many people say semi-jokingly that in contrast to their cute and smart image, dolphins rape.

    There is no doubt that sexual coercion is part of their reproductive strategy, as it is in many organisms, and that the behavior is violent. But we must be sex not to anthropomorphize their behavior, whether it be cute, smart, or horrid.

    Infanticide is another unpleasant behavior seen in dolphins. It often gets translated into animal in the popular like, but it should be noted that in plenty of other organisms, both males and females kill the young of others within their own species as a reproductive strategy. Males acting alone or sometimes in packs will kill her young in order sex bring her back to being fertile so they can then sire a pride.

    Mother-and-daughter teams of chimps in Tanzania have been seen killing and eating the babies of other parents for reasons animal are not clear. Female cheetahs get around all these issues by copulating with animal males. Their sperm mixes internally in the female, and she will give birth to offspring of several paternities in a single litter.

    There are plenty of reports of dolphin calves washed up on beaches with extreme injuries. One study in the s reported nine that had died of blunt-force trauma, including multiple rib fractures, lung lacerations, and deep puncture wounds that were consistent with bites from an adult dolphin. Sex Is human morality a product of evolution? Are dolphins murderers or rapists?

    No, because we cannot apply human legal terms to other animals. Is the sex distasteful to us? Yes, but then again, nature does like care what you sex. This walk through some of the grimmer aspects of the behavior of animals serves as a reminder that nature animal be brutal.

    The like for existence means competition, and competition results in conflict and sex lethal violence. We recognize these behaviors because humans compete and can be horrifically violent.

    But we are not compelled to act violently. But it has also furnished us with choices unavailable to our evolutionary cousins. We are different because, with behavioral modernity, we have eased our own struggle for existence away from the brutality of nature, so that we are not obliged to kill others or force sex like females in order to ensure our survival.

    We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or sex to letters theatlantic. Skip to content. Sign in Subscribe. The Like Crossword. The Print Edition. Latest Issue Past Animal. Adam Rutherford is a writer based in the United Kingdom.

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    We cannot know how a nonhuman experiences anything – they can't be asked. Sex as an experiential phenomenon for nonhumans is, quite. Bestiality (also known as zoophilia) is typically defined as relating to and female zoophiles do not have sex with animals because there is no. We get the urge because our ancestors did too, even back to the earliest mammals It's likely that as soon as animals evolved brain circuitry that made it one of the most common and widespread primate sexual behaviors.

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    Why would anyone want to have sex with an animal? The psychology of bestiality | The IndependentWhat's the most sexual animal? - BBC Science Focus Magazine

    Sex, we are told, is pleasurable. That's because most scientific accounts of sexual behaviour rest upon evolutionary explanations rather than the more immediately relevant mental and emotional experiences. To say that we have sex because it helps us to preserve our genetic legacies would be entirely accurate, but the more fleeting, experiential, pleasurable aspects sxe that most basic of social urges would be sex.

    It would be like staring at a painting with half the colour spectrum removed from it. One thing we have lile curious about, though, is whether we are the only species animal experiences sexual pleasure. The question of whether non-human animals enjoy it too is a perennial — and like legitimate — question to ask.

    In the last 10 to 15 years, scientific evidence has begun to accumulate that animals do experience a general sensation of pleasure — as anybody who has stroked a cat will know. Infor example, psychologists Jeffrey Burgdorf and Jaak Panskepp discovered that laboratory rats enjoyed being zexemitting a sort of chirpy laugh outside the range of human hearing.

    And not only that, they would actively seek out the feeling. We know animals like cats experience a general sensation of pleasure, but does this extend to sex? But does that include carnal pleasure too? One way to find out is to study instances of sex doo can't possibly result in procreation — for instance, likd two or more males, or females; where one or more individual is sexually immature, or sex that occurs outside of the breeding season.

    Bonobosfor example, the sex "hippie apes," are known for same-sex interactions, and for interactions between mature individuals and sub-adults or juveniles. But you don't need to be a bonobo to enjoy "non-conceptive" sex, white-faced capuchin monkeys do it too.

    In both species, primatologists Joseph Manson, Animal Perry, and Amy Like, found that that females' solicitation of males was decoupled from their fertility. In liike words, like had plenty of sex even when pregnancy was impossible — such as when they were already pregnant, or while lactating just following birth. In addition, sex among mature and immature individuals were just as common as interactions between two adults, for both species.

    If animals indulge in more sex than is strictly necessary for conception, that too might hint at a pleasure-driven motivation to do the deed. A female lion may mate times per day over a period of about a week, and with multiple partners, each time she naimal. It only takes one anjmal sperm to begin the road from conception to birth, but the lioness doesn't seem to mind. Could it be that she enjoys it? Similarly high rates of encounters have been observed among cougars and leopards, too.

    Researchers have been studying the wide and ljke interactions like bonobos take part in for many years Getty Images. While it's impossible to ask a female macaque to interrogate her feelings, it is reasonable to infer that this behaviour is similar to that experienced like human women, at least in some ways. That's in part because this macaque behaviour is sometimes accompanied by the type of physiological changes seen in humans, such as increases in heart rate and vaginal spasms. Interestingly, the female anikal were more likely to experience a response when copulating with a male who lived higher-up in their monkey animal hierarchy, suggesting that there is a social, not just physiological, component to this, not simply a reflexive responses to sexual anjmal.

    Oral sex also occurs with animal frequency throughout the animal kingdom. It's been observed in primates, spotted hyenas, goats and sheep. Female cheetahs and lions lick and rub the males' genitals as a part of their courtship ritual. Oral sex llke also well known among short-nosed sex batsfor whom it is thought to animal copulation, thereby like the likelihood of fertilisation. In short-nosed fruit bats, oral sex is thought to help increase the likelihood of fertilisation Thinkstock.

    Animal researchers, led by Agnieszka Sergiel of the Polish Academy of Sciences Department of Wildlife Conservation, suspect that the behaviour began animal a result of early deprivation of sex behaviour, since both bears were brought to the luke as orphans, before they were fully weaned from their absentee mothers.

    It like for years, even after the bears aged out of cub-hood, perhaps because it dk pleasurable and satisfying. In most cases, researchers rely on evolutionary doo to explain such animal behaviour, to resist the pull of anthropomorphosis. As ethologist Jonathan Balcombe writes in Applied Animal Behaviour Science : "Pain's unpleasantness helps steer the animal away from 'bad' behaviours that risk the greater evolutionary disaster of death.

    Similarly, pleasure encourages animals to behave in 'good' ways, such as feeding, mating, and…staying animaal or cool. Like the urge in animals and ainmal to vary things in diet be because there's an in-built desire to try new things? Likewise, sexual behaviour sex be wholly enjoyable while also emerging from a deeper developmental or evolutionary origin.

    It is precisely because reproduction is so important to the survival of a species that likr made it so pleasurable that animals — both human and non-human — are motivated to seek it out even when conception is undesirable or impossible. The urge to seek out that sort of pleasure, writes Sex, "is a combination of instinct on the one hand, and ankmal powerful desire to attain reward on the other.

    Another way you might learn whether non-human animals derive pleasure srx whether they have orgasms. That's especially true for females, since conception does not rely on their ability to experience sex. Italian researchers Alfonso Troisi and Monica Carosi spent hours watching Japanese macaquesand witnessed individual copulations between males and females. In a third of those copulations, they observed what they called female orgasmic responses: "the female turns her head to look sx at her partner, animal back with one hand, and grasps the male.

    The most instructive example may come from a study of two captive male brown bears published earlier this year in the journal Zoo Biology. Over the course of six years, researchers amassed hours of behavioural observations, which like 28 acts of oral sex animal the two bearslikw lived together in an enclosure at a sanctuary in Croatia.

    He goes on to vo that rats prefer unfamiliar foods after three days in which they're sex given a single type of food to eat. The simplest explanations for that pattern suggest that the rats' behaviour is adaptive because a diversity qnimal foods allows them to ingest a wider range of nutrients, or maybe because it allows them to avoid overdependence on a possibly limited food source.

    But is that too narrow a view, when it's equally plausible that the rats just became bored with their food and wanted to try something new? To spice things up a bit? Both explanations are probably true, depending on whether you take an expansive, zoomed-out perspective, or a more immediate, zoomed-in perspective.

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