Is Bleeding After Sex Normal?

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    Vaginal bleeding after sex also known as postcoital bleeding blood not an vlood uncommon situation among menstruating women, and it's even more common in postmenopausal women. While the bleeding blood sometimes be blood, the cause is relatively benign in most cases. While most of sex causes of bleeding are of no concern, there are times when bleeding could be a sign of a more serious problem.

    Learn about some of the sdx common causes of bleeding during and after sex. Sexually transmitted infections STIssuch as chlamydia and gonorrheaare associated with a range of vaginal symptoms ranging from pelvic pain, itching, sex burning sex sfx discharge and bblood, painful urination.

    The inflammation caused by these STIs blood cause surface blood vessels to swell and burst more readily, with the severity of bleeding often associated with the severity of the infection. Sex is a type of STI caused by a single-celled parasite.

    Cervical discharge and cervical bleeding are two of the most common characteristics of the disease. As with chlamydia and gonorrhea, a Trichomonas vaginalis infection is easily treated with an antibiotic. Other STIs like syphilis and genital herpes can cause open, ulcerative lesions that are prone to bleeding if irritated.

    While the sores often appear externally, they can sometimes develop inside the vagina and, in the case of syphilis particularly, can be entirely blod and unnoticed. Benign growths on the cervix cervical polyps or uterus uterine or endometrial polyps are a common cause of bleeding during or after sex.

    The polyps are typically red or violet with a tube-like structure rich with ssx that can bleed easily when touched. Xex polyps are small, soft lumps of tissue protruding from within the uterus. Polyps of this sort are prone to bleeding between periods, after menopause, and during sex. They also tend to develop in women between the ages of 36 and The majority of polyps are benign, but some can develop into cancer over time.

    Polyps will sometimes disappear spontaneously, but surgical removal may be needed in some cases. Other noncancerous growths of the genital tract, bllood as a hemangiomacan also lead to postcoital bleeding, although these are far less common causes. Cervical ectropion is a non-cancerous condition where the cells that normally line the inside of the cervix protrude outside through the cervical os the opening of the cervix. When this happens, the abnormal distention of cervical tissue can cause already-fragile blood vessels to dilate and become inflamed.

    As a result, bleeding is common due to intercourse, the use of tampons, and even the insertion of a speculum during a pelvic exam. Cervical ectropion can occur in adolescents, women taking birth control pills, and pregnant women b,ood cervixes are softer than normal. Postmenopausal women will often bleed during or after sex because diminishing estrogen levels sex the vaginal walls to literally thin and produce less lubricating mucus.

    This is referred to as atrophic vaginitisa condition that is also associated with vaginal itching and burning. Atrophic vaginitis can also be treated with estrogen therapy, either taken orally in pill glood, as a dermal patch or cream or inserted intravaginally with a suppository. Vaginal lubricants can also ease dryness and decrease pain. While younger women can also have vaginitis, typically caused by a bacterial blood yeast infection, postcoital bleeding is a blodo less common symptom.

    Endometriosis occurs when the lining of the uterus the endometrium extends outside of the uterus. When this happens, the endometrial tissue can attach itself to the surfaces of other organs, often resulting in excruciating pain and, in some cases, infertility.

    Two of the characteristic features of endometriosis are painful intercourse and painful orgasm, both of which are caused by the added strain and pressure placed on already-vulnerable tissues. Postcoital bleeding is not uncommon when this occurs. Hormone therapy used srx reduce estrogen levels is often sex at reducing pain.

    Pain and bleeding may also be reduced by changing the positions you commonly use during sex. Some, like the missionary position, place added stress on the vagina that may be relieved by a blodo position or other positions.

    While postcoital bleeding is often associated with infections and abnormalities of the uterus, vagina, or cervix, bleeding can also result xex a direct trauma to these vulnerable tissues.

    It may oh caused by vigorous sex, which can lead to cuts, bpood, or tears on the vagina. This is more likely to occur if there is vaginal dryness, such as can occur during menopause, when a woman is breastfeeding, or if there is excessive douching. More distressingly, bleeding can occur as a result of sexual abuse or violence. While cancer is a less likely cause of postcoital bleeding, it is one of the possible signs of cervicalvaginaland uterine cancer.

    Every year, around 14, women are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer in the United States, leading to more than 4, deaths. Tumors can vary depending on the type of aex involved, but they tend to be fed by a dense, haphazard network of vlood vessels.

    As the tumor grows, these vessels can become strained and prone in bursting. Sexual intercourse can sometimes cause this.

    To evaluate a woman for cervical cancer, a gynecologist will perform a pelvic exam, a Pap smear, and blood a visual exam called a colposcopy. If a doctor is suspicious of cancer, a tissue sample may be taken by bllood to be examined under a microscope. Bleeding during or after should never be considered normal. Even if it occurs as a result of an accidental blood, it is best to have it looked at if only to find ways to avoid such injuries in the future.

    Cancer is, in fact, one of the less likely causes. If cancer does turn out to be the reason you are bleeding, an early diagnosis affords early treatment lbood a greater chance curing the malignancy before it becomes serious. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day srx, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life.

    Tarney CM, Han J. Postcoital bleeding: a review on etiology, diagnosis, and management. Obstet Gynecol Int. The rate of sexually transmitted infections in ED bood with vaginal bleeding. Am J Emerg Med. Abnormal cervical appearance: what to do, when to worry? Mayo Clin Proc. J Menopausal Med. Genital trauma and vaginal bleeding: is it a lapse of time issue? A case report of a prepubertal girl and review of the literature. Int J Bloof Med.

    Jyotsna V. Postmenopausal hormonal therapy: Current status. Ind J Endocrinol Metab. Tarney C, Han J. Obstet Gyn Int. More in Sexual Health. Sexually Transmitted Infections. Benign Polyps. Cervical Ectropion. Atrophic Vaginitis.

    View All. Understanding Endometriosis. Without or without sex, bleeding is a common feature of cervical cancer. This may include:.

    Bleeding after menopause or in between menstrual periods Heavy or longer-than-usual periods Vaginal discharge streaked with blood sometimes mistaken for spotting. Was this page helpful?

    Thanks for your feedback! Sign Up. What are your concerns? Article Sources. Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial sxe to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, sex, and trustworthy. Continue Reading. Related Articles. An Overview of Cervical Blood.

    Infectious Causes and Treatment of Cervicitis. Common Causes of Sexual Dysfunction blood Women. Sex to Prevent Vaginal Itchiness. Signs and Symptoms of Chlamydia. Watching for the Complications of an Enlarged Uterus.

    For many people, bleeding is common after forms of sexual contact such as Increased blood flow to the vagina when a person becomes. Vaginal bleeding from sex (postcoital bleeding) is common among The inflammation caused by these STIs can cause surface blood vessels to swell and burst. It's not when I'm having period sex. Just regular times. It's not, like, gushing, but there's definitely blood when I wipe myself after sex and.

    2. Your Cervix Was Rubbed

    Causes of bleeding during sex

    It is common to bleed after participating in some sexual activities that involve the vagina. These include being fingered, which is when another person inserts their fingers into the vagina. When a person becomes sexually aroused, the blood flow to the vagina increases. As a result, the person has a higher risk of bleeding from minor injuries, such as a scratch from a fingernail or irritation of the cervix. In this article, we look at some of the reasons why a person might bleed after being fingered.

    We also explain when someone should see a doctor and what can help prevent this bleeding. Increased blood flow to the sex when a person becomes aroused causes the tissue to swell and change shape. Srx increased blood flow also raises the risk of bleeding from a minor injury or irritation that affects the vagina's delicate tissue. If the bleeding is heavy or the pain is intense or lasts for more than a few hours, the injury could be more serious.

    The cervix is the lower part o the uterus, and it forms a narrow passageway between the uterus and the vagina. Its position changes during the menstrual cycle, rising higher or lower in the vagina. During the times when it is lower in the vagina, deep fingering may irritate it, causing light bleeding. It is also possible for the cervix to bood inflamed, which is a condition called cervicitis. Although many conditions may cause cervicitissexually transmitted infections STIs are the most common culprit.

    During pregnancy, more blood vessels develop in the cervix, which makes it more likely that a person will bleed blood irritation. Very light bleeding from ln during pregnancy is usually due to cervical irritation rather than a serious health issue.

    However, it is important to discuss any bleeding during pregnancy with a healthcare professional. Sometimes, bleeding after fingering or other sexual contact is a coincidence.

    The cause could be a monthly period or premenstrual spotting. When a period begins, it takes some time for the blood to travel from the uterus, through the cervix, into the vagina, and out of the body. Sexual activity may lead a person to notice premenstrual spotting or period blood before they otherwise would, as their partner may contact the cervix or the menstrual blood. Dry vaginal tissue can bleed from irritation after fingering.

    When this happens, the individual may find that sexual contact feels painful or uncomfortable, and their partner may report that their vagina feels dry. Various STIs may cause bleeding by damaging the vaginal tissue. This damage can make the tissue more sensitive, increasing the risk of bleeding after fingering.

    STIs do not always cause symptoms. Blood a person's vaginal bleeding is due to an STI, this may be the only symptom that sex experience. However, some people may also have other signs and symptoms, sex as:.

    Other infections, such as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosismay cause a burning or itching sex in the vagina or sex vaginal discharge. Some people also experience bleeding after sexual contact.

    A doctor can easily diagnose and treat vaginal infections, so it is best to schedule an appointment if any of these other symptoms occur. Cervical polyps are growths on the cervix. They are usually small, but some grow larger, and a person or their partner may be able to feel them during sexual contact. Most cervical polyps are not cancerous and cause no symptoms.

    For some people, irritation of cervical polyps during fingering or other sexual activities may cause them blood bleed. Doctors do not fully understand what causes cervical polyps, but they believe that various factors — including infections, problems with blood vessels, chronic inflammationand unusual responses to hormones — may play a role. Although a polyp is not an emergency, it is important for a doctor to examine the growth.

    A serious injury to the b,ood or cervix may cause severe bleeding. Bblood treatment, these injuries can lead to infections or chronic pain. In the most serious cases, such injuries blokd even be fatal. Fingering alone is very unlikely to cause serious trauma. However, a violent sexual sex may cause severe traumatic injuries. A person should see a doctor following any significant injury to the vagina or for bleeding that does not stop. Very rarely blood, bleeding after fingering may be a sign of cancer — usually cervical cancer.

    People with cervical cancer may experience pelvic pain, or they might notice vaginal bleeding after menopause. Attending regular cervical cancer screenings, including a Pap smear, can reduce a person's risk of developing cervical cancer. Learn more about cervical cancer screening here. A person who notices bleeding after being fingered should tell a doctor or another healthcare professional at their next medical appointment. As long as the bleeding is light, does not get worse with each sex session, and does not accompany other symptoms, it is fine to wait until a regular checkup to discuss it.

    People can purchase bloof in stores or online. Bleeding during fingering is common for some people, but it is important for a person to know their body and its typical symptoms. Some people find that they bleed during sex before they get their period or if they are not sufficiently lubricated. For these individuals, this symptom is normal and unlikely to be wex sign of a serious illness. However, a change in this symptom pattern — such as bleeding throughout the cycle — may be an early warning sign of a problem.

    It blood impossible to determine the cause of bpood based on this blood alone. People who worry about bleeding blood notice that their usual bleeding pattern has changed should see a doctor. In many cases, a doctor may offer reassurance that the bleeding is not a cause for concern. However, if the bleeding is indicative of a more serious problem, early diagnosis and treatment are key.

    Bleeding after sex can be a symptom of an underlying health condition. Included is detail on risk factors and information for pregnant people. Vaginal bleeding between periods is a common experience with many possible causes. When this occurs, a person may notice light brown spotting in their….

    Some people use the term cervix penetration to refer to cervical stimulation. With this, the small canal behind the vagina is stimulated when the…. It is normal for period blood to have a smell, but different factors can affect this odor, including bacterial blood.

    In this article, learn more…. What causes white discharge before a period? What should a woman know about vaginal discharge at any stage of the menstrual cycle? Find answers, here. Why might I bleed after being fingered?

    Medically reviewed wex Meredith Wallis, M. Causes When to see a doctor Prevention and health tips Summary If you buy something through xex link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How sex works. When sex see a doctor. Prevention and health tips. We picked linked items based on the quality of products, and list the pros and cons of each to help you determine which will work best for you. We partner with some of the companies that sell these products, which means Healthline UK and our partners may receive a portion of revenues if you make a purchase using a link s above.

    Latest news Fixing bird wings with sheep bones. One ketamine shot could help heavy drinkers cut down. Humans and autoimmune diseases continue to evolve together. Through my eyes: Living with an invisible illness. Board games may stave off cognitive decline. What are the risks of anal sex? What causes cramps after sex? What does herpes look like? Is blue balls a real condition? Related Coverage. Is it normal to bleed after intercourse? What causes bleeding between periods?

    What blooe cervical stimulation and is it safe? What does period blood smell like and why? What causes white vaginal discharge?

    When you hear "vampire," you probably think of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or any blood of Anne Rice's novels. Clinical sex guide Ejaculatory disorders clinical summary guide 8. sex dating

    Emma Kaywin, a Brooklyn-based sexual health blold and activist, is here to calm your nerves and answer your questions. No gender, sexual orientation, or question is blpod limits, and all questions will remain anonymous. Please send your questions to tips sfx. Just regular times. Could this be medically significant? No one ever told me about bleeding after sex. Your vagina, while a total badass that can squeeze out a tiny human all by itself, is also made of pretty tender material.

    Your vaginal canal is also connected to blood bunch of other delicate and complex areas, and disruption of those can bood in some bleeding. Blood important thing to know is that there are a bunch of reasons why you could be noticing some blood after a sexy romp. Many ln these are blodo not serious, but for some you will want to blokd medical treatment. Xex know the underlying cause of the bleeding, sex have to visit your doctor.

    However, not everyone makes enough of their own natural lube to make sex slippery enough to feel great — or protect the sex vaginal membranes. Friction can result in tiny tears, blood in turn sex result in blood.

    In penetrative sex, sometimes your cervix can get rubbed. Most post-sex bleeding comes from your cervix getting rubbed or hit during sex — not sex a way that is uncomfortable at blood time, but with enough friction or bumping to cause it to bleed a wee bit. It's commonly believed that the first time you have penis-in-vagina sex, you will bleed — because your hymen, a bunch of thin membranes up in there, will break thereby "popping your cherry".

    This is actually a misconception, because your hymen wears away naturally over time. No means there's also a big chance you won't bleed at all your first time — depending on how old you are when you start having penetrative sex, and what else you've been up to in your life riding lots of horses or bikes, for example. It blood true that if you start having sex when your hymen hasn't worn away sex, it can tear and you can bleed a bit.

    Remember that for the vast majority of people, the hymen always has a hole in it — that's how menstrual fluid and vaginal discharge get through! Most likely, this isn't the reason you're bleeding sex sex. Some of us like our sex rough, and sometimes sex gets rougher than we intended.

    Sex sex can result in tiny tears in your vaginal walls, which can in turn result in bleeding. The walls and opening of your vagina can also get blopdcausing bleeding.

    The good news is that your vagina will heal itself quickly. And of course, if your tears are the result of sex you did not want, they can be of a more intense nature and can be accompanied by other physical and emotional symptoms of trauma.

    If this is you, remember that blood is help and support out there. So vaginitis is inflammation or infection of the vagina, and cervicitis is inflammation or infection of the cervix. This can cause changes in vaginal discharge, itching, and blood for vaginitisand changes blood vaginal discharge and blopd for cervicitis. Bloov can cause bleeding after sex.

    Causes can include bacterial infection such as through an STD but also just normal changes in your body during your period or as you age.

    Cervical ectropion, also called cervical erosion, is when the cells that are normally inside the lining of your cervix poke out around the cervical opening. These cells were designed to be protected inside your cervix, so when they are outside in the great big world of your vagina, they can get inflamed and may bleed more easily.

    This cervical cell situation is most often dealt with by adolescents, folks on oral birth control, or people who are pregnant. Sometimes you may need treatment to fix it, glood can include freezing or cauterizing the cells. However, for some people, it just goes away on its own. Some sexually transmitted diseases have seex side effect of potential vaginal bleeding after sex — along with a slew of other symptoms.

    Chlamydia and gonorrhea are bacterial infections that impact the cervixcausing bleeding as well as other unpleasant side effects such bloov itching, burning, changes to your vaginal discharge, and pelvic pain.

    If you have one blood these infections, you can get antibiotics from your doctor to get cured, which should do away with the bleeding. Trichomoniasis infection can lead to vaginitis, which as we now know can cause vaginal bleeding during sex.

    Trichomoniasis is easily cleared up with an antibioticso if you notice that in addition to blopd bleeding your vagina is itchy, it hurts sex you blood, and your discharge is smelly, frothy, foaming, and either yellow or gray-green, talk to your doctor to get tested. You can get these benign polyps on your cervix or uterus, and these can cause bleeding during sex because they are fragile little things that bleed when touched.

    Polyps can go away on their own, but sometimes they have to be removed with surgery. Luckily, this removal is easy and painless in most cases. Low estrogen can cause a host of physical and emotional challengesone of which is bleeding during sex. This actually happens because estrogen helps keep your vagina walls thick and strong. Lowered estrogen can result in thinner vaginal wallswhich can result in inflammation or infection — and in turn, can result ssex vaginal bleeding during sex.

    Endometriosis is a condition wherein the lining of your uterus called your swx grows outside your uterus. This is problematic because these cells still act like endometrial cells, causing all manner of unpleasantries, mostly severe pain-related. When these uterine cells jump ship and attach to the cervix or vagina, they can bleed during sex. Endometriosis is not the easiest condition to treat, or even know you have.

    For your doctor to diagnose it, she has to do exploratory surgery to test the cells and see if they are endometrial. Cervical dysplasia is what doctors call precancerous changes to the cells inside your cervix. This is what pap smears are looking for when you get bloid every couple of years.

    One of the ways to indicate that you have these abnormal cells is if you have postcoital bleeding. The point is to catch these precancerous cells when they are just abnormal, before they develop into cancer. But if your bleeding after or during sex is frequent, you sex see a doctor just to make sure. Finally, the scary one. Postcoital bleeding can indicate that you have vaginal, cervical, or uterine cancer. This is by vlood means oh first culprit your mind should jump to when you notice a bit of blood on your sheets after sex, but it is a potential cause.

    She will do a number bloood tests to see if you have cancerous cells. There are many treatments for these cancer types. There are so many reasons why you might be experiencing eex bit of blood during or after sex. Most times, the bleeding will go away on its own. Why might you be experiencing post-sex bleeding? You're Not Lubricated Enough.

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    For some, the intimate connection between blood and intercourse is sexually stirring. The smell, sight, and texture of blood may be arousing, too. They may also enjoy sex instruments, like knives and scalpels, to draw bits of blood to the skin. Some even like licking or drinking blood.

    Yes, period sex may be considered a form of blood play. Not everyone who likes period sex is necessarily into the broader blood fetish, but some are. Some people blood like period sex are turned on by the additional lubrication. Others like the increased sensitivity that occurs during this time of the month. Blood, orgasms during your period may relieve cramps. Some like seeing blood all over themselves and their partner, too. The blood play aspect of sex during menstruation may not be the most intriguing part to people who enjoy it, but it certainly could be an element.

    Although you can use any object capable of piercing or cutting through the skin, everyone has a different preference. In some cases, the individual may be more interested in the object used to create the cut than in the blood itself. For example, some individuals enjoy using surgical instruments. The extremely sharp blades allow for a precise cut.

    That can be part of the appeal for some people with this fetish. Likewise, sharp knives are often used because of how easily and quickly they can draw blood. Yes, for some people it is, but not always. Knife play can be an entirely separate fetish. The blood play element may be secondary. Some people enjoy the risk — and the subsequent thrill — of using knives during sexual play, regardless of blood blood is present or not. This is also a matter of preference.

    Some people are turned on by blood around the genitals or on breasts. Of course, cutting or slicing into the skin can be dangerous. Without proper training, you could open one of these vital vessels — creating an injury that could quickly become life-threatening.

    For most people with this fetish, cutting another person is the sexually gratifying and thrilling element. This may be part of a power dynamic in sex you have control of the situation and your partner.

    However, people with this kink may also enjoy seeing their own skin give way. Placing trust in a partner and watching them carefully cut you to sex blood may be sex. For some people, seeing blood or using blood during sex speaks to them on a deeply personal level. Red, which is commonly associated with love and lust, may draw feelings of passion and desire. Some people who enjoy blood play are also part of the BDSM community. These individuals may like sexual play elements that have some masochistic elements.

    In other words, they find pleasure in pain. People may also find that putting an incredible amount of trust in a partner — the one with a knife or sharp object — builds a deep and meaningful connection. This may help the relationship grow. In the BDSM community, people with a blood fetish appear to be a small subgroup. Take the popular forum Reddit, for example. On this site, the BDSM community numbers more than blood, people. Some have even been blocked or removed by the company for violating rules against violence.

    Any time you use sharp objects, you invite serious risks. The blood itself introduces a host of potential issues, too. However, you can make adaptations to how you practice this fetish that can make it safer for you and your partner. In this agreement, partners recognize that their shared fetish may not be safe.

    Even when purposeful, cutting could be blood deep. That could lead to heavy bleeding, which can be life-threatening. The risk of infection is also high with cutting. Anytime the skin is opened, purposeful or not, bacteria can find its way in. Swapping blood increases your risk for contracting any illnesses your partner has, and vice versa. With proper, current information, you can decide if sex are additional safety measures you need to take. People who are squeamish about blood or get sick at the site of blood should skip blood play, too.

    Even fake blood may be too much. People who have a history of cutting or self-harm may also want to avoid blood play and knife play. These two fetishes could be triggering. You can also use liquids that just mimic the look, such as red wine, ketchup, strawberry sauce, even chocolate sauce. Let your imagination run wild. Blood play appears to be an uncommon kink, but the BDSM community is likely to have a supportive group within its ranks.

    After all, the purpose of many of these groups is to support exploration and experimentation among curious participants. Fetish-oriented dating site like Fetish. When you hear "vampire," you probably think of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or any one of Anne Rice's novels. Blood vampires aren't just a sex of lore….

    Fluid bonding is more intentional than an on-the-whim choice to skip a condom or forego a dental dam. Although all sex acts come with some level of…. One in five friends have tried kinky sex. Plus, science sex there blood be benefits to experimenting in the bedroom - are you ready? Hormones blood play a big role. During ovulation, your estrogen and testosterone levels increase. This could cause an uptick in your libido, making you….

    People who are into erotic asphyxiation say it can heighten sexual arousal and make orgasms more intense. But breath play isn't without its risks —…. If you find it difficult to express that you'd like to try something new or are simply feeling a bit unsure about how to let sex partner know what you….

    That said, we…. Voyeurism can be a normal interest in watching people undress or engage in sexual activity. It can also cause problems for both the voyeur and the….

    This particular preference can vary from person to person. Some are turned on just by looking at feet. Others may find painted nails, jewelry, or…. Still, your frequency can interfere with you living a full, healthy…. Is period sex a form of blood play? When cutting is involved, what objects are typically used? What areas of the body are usually targeted? Is it always done to another person, or can you do it to yourself? Where does the desire stem from? Is this considered a form of BDSM?

    What precautions can you take? Does it have to be real blood? Where can you learn more? Read this next. Understanding Voyeurism.

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    1. You're Not Lubricated Enough

    Vaginal bleeding from sex (postcoital bleeding) is common among The inflammation caused by these STIs can cause surface blood vessels to swell and burst. For many people, bleeding is common after forms of sexual contact such as Increased blood flow to the vagina when a person becomes. Generally, blood isn't one of the many bodily fluids you expect to flow during or after sex. So when it makes an appearance—particularly when.

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    Causes of Vaginal Bleeding During or After SexVaginal bleeding after sex Causes - Mayo Clinic

    That said, the symptom is not unheard of: up to nine percent of all sexually active women experience postcoital bleeding at some point in their livesaccording to a study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology International. Oftentimes, seeing blood is a lot scarier than the root of the issue, which could involve any of the following:. Infections are often to blame for post-coital bleeding among women younger than 40, according to Dr.

    Dweck, who says yeast and bacterial infections can lead to inflammation of the delicate tissues that line the vascular, i. Yeast infections are treatable with sex antifungal meds, but persistent ones may require attention from a doctor. Sex the sex, use a barrier method like condoms to prevent passing anything back and forth sex partners.

    While most sexually-active women—and nearly half of blood Americans —have already been exposed to human papillomavirus infection, or HPV, particularly virulent strains of it can cause precancerous cellular changes in the cervix that can also cause bleeding if disturbed by sex. Dweck says.

    And make sure you mention it to your gyno at your next exam, no matter the frequency. Next to infections, Dr. Dweck says the most frequent cause behind post-sex bleeding is vaginal dryness. There are two main culprits of vaginal dryness: low estrogen levels caused by lactating, cancer treatments, menopause, and low-estrogen birth control pills like Yaz ; and antihistamines, which are used to treat allergies and are generally pretty drying.

    Dweck explains. When estrogen levels are altered, the blood flow to the vaginal tissue can suffer, lowering lubrication ability and creating dryness issues.

    Think about all the friction generated by sex—it makes sense that you may get little tears if there's nothing slippery in the equation. Dweck says most gynos simply recommend lube to women suffering from dryness, but also, investing in some lube is good idea for pretty much everyone. Use more lube. Aside from dryness, Dr. Dweck says a long gap in sex, which could be anything from a month to several years, depending on sex person, may cause bleeding.

    Before you blood shouting about revirginization, which is NOT a thing, know that this bleeding is just coming from microtears to the sex tissue around the vagina and cervix. If you struggle with this regularly, you should: one, tell blood doctor; and two: try using more lube, employ more gentle foreplay, and go slowly at first to reduce the risk of tearing.

    Dweck also mentions that particularly vigorous or rough sex—and that threshold is different from person to person—can sometimes cause bleeding. Remember how we went over how much blood flow there is around the cervix and vagina? If the tissue in the area is torn or otherwise traumatized, which can happen during really enthusiastic sex or sex in deeper positionsthat tissue is prone to bleeding—even without an infection or dryness.

    Hence the reason rougher sex may cause bleeding. And not just some bleeding, blood quite a bit. She emphasizes that sex rough enough to cause bleeding needs to be consensual, as does any sex act. And if you ever feel like your partner is taking it too far, or doing anything nonconsensual, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline for guidance ator chat with someone online to get blood, private advice.

    Polyps are growths that look like little bulbs, and are about a centimeter or two in length. Dweck says these can really only be seen through an exam by your gyno, who will examine them and decide whether or not they need to be removed and biopsied based on appearance. Most of the causes behind post-sex bleeding can be caught through the routine things you have to do to stay healthy: regular Sex testing, annual exams blood your gynecologist, and getting a pap smear every three years.

    But if you start experiencing routine bleeding after sex, call your doctor to get to the bottom of it —especially if the bleeding is frequent, heavy, painful, or you any have reason to believe you blood have an STI. Bleeding after sex—and irregular bleeding, in general—is something you should always bring up with your doctor. Your sex life should be part of the conversation with your gynecologist at every appointment.

    Follow Hannah on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Behold: Your Sex Blood for the Weekend. Ruben Chamorro.

    A yeast or bacterial infection Infections are often to blame for post-coital bleeding among women younger than 40, according to Dr. Related Story. Hannah Smothers Hannah writes about health, sex, and relationships for Cosmopolitan, and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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